How to draw it around an obstacle

Learn how to hit a sweeping draw around an obstacle to the green

With some 85% of club golfers playing with some sort of cut, the need to draw the ball around a tree or other obstacle (right-to-left curve for right-handers) is an often uncomfortable option. But with some key set-up changes and a stronger concept of how to apply draw spin, this becomes a very playable shot. Follow this process.

Two keys to remember

Keep a straight face

Both draw and fade spin are easier to apply when you use a straighter-faced club. So use a stronger club, for example a 6-iron instead of a 7-iron, and prioritise control over power

Understand the draw

The draw’s main ingredient is that the swing path must be from in-to-out, relative to face aim. A successful shot relies on a careful aim of the face, then ensuring you deliver the club from the inside.

Four things to do to hit a sweeing draw around an obstacle

Control the starting line

The ball’s starting direction falls between the face aim and impact swing path. So pick your starting line, and aim the face just slightly left of it (right-handers). The in-to-out path will start the ball a little right of the club’s aim, sending it out on your ideal starting line. 


Move the ball back

Address the ball with your feet square to the clubface, but play the ball behind centre in your stance. This shifts impact earlier in the swing arc encouraging an in-to-out delivery. Keep your weight 50-50 and your grip pressure normal.

Flatter plane

To create an in-to-out attack, simply feel your arms are swinging lower, around your body. This creates a more rotational action, ideal for delivering the club from the inside. A great thought is to feel your trail elbow stays close to your side all the way back

Swing away

There is no need to roll the clubface through impact, a move that typically closes the face and sends the ball into the tree you’re trying to avoid. Instead, commit to swinging the club away from your body and trust that swinging from inside the face-aim line will create that right-to-left spin. 


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