How to hit under low branches

When you find yourself in the trees needing to hit a low shot under some branches, use these key tips to execute it every time.

In this scenario we need the ball to come out low. Keeping the ball down is all about using your set-up and delivery of the club to keep loft off the clubface, but it’s also vital to grasp one simple rule – the harder you hit the ball, the higher it wants to climb. So make these changes in the context of a shorter, quieter action that keeps aggression out of your strike. 

Set-up: Deloft the club

Play the ball back of centre in a narrow stance to encourage a delofting, downward strike. Check the back of your trail hand is over the front of the ball and anchor yourself with extra weight on your lead side.

Backswing: Keep it short

Swing back till your lead arm is no further than horizontal. This shorter action promotes the softer strike that keeps spin and launch out of the shot. The narrow stance encourages a steeper arc and a downward strike.

Impact: Butt past pocket

We’ve set the swing up to keep the handle ahead of the clubhead throughout the swing, keeping loft off the face. But as a helping swing thought, feel yourself moving the butt forward, past your lead pocket.

Follow-through: Cut it off

Keep your through-swing controlled, hands nishing no higher than your chin. This thought works as a safety net against your hands and wrists releasing the club aggressively, which adds face loft and raises launch.


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