• Scoreable short game

    Saturday 9 August 2014

    Using a target for your landing zone can help improve your chipping around the greens and improve your scores. Take a look at this drill Gareth Johnston shows us using a golf towel to increase your short game focus and control to get you chipping close.

  • Scoreable practice

    Friday 8 August 2014

    Doing some scoreable practice and recording your results can help improve your short game as you try to beat your previous bests. Gareth Johnston shows us a simple drill to help improve your chipping around the greens using an adjustable circle as a target around the hole. Take a look at the video for more.

  • Score better in the wind Bump and Run

    Tuesday 20 May 2014

    Having trouble pitching in the wind? In this video, former European Tour player Oliver Whiteley, based at Bramall Park GC, Stockport, explains how to use the Bump and Run method.  The bump and run is a fantastic shot from inside 50 yards because the wind shouldn’t affect the shot at all. It can also be very effective even when it isn’t...