How to save par from an upslope

Your approach comes up just short of the target, rolls off the front of the green and down a slope. Now you’re left with a tough up-and-down and club choice is vital. When you’re assessing it think about what your aim is. Is it to get the ball really close, or just to be on the green? If you’ve got to get it really close you might risk a wedge, but there’s a chance of getting the strike wrong and missing the green altogether.

A putter is a safer option, but the fact it requires a really firm hit increases the likelihood of coming up short, particularly if you face a really steep incline. Then there’s the hybrid. It is something that lots of you wouldn’t try, but it’s a very useful club. It gives more speed as it’s hotter off the face and runs well along the floor giving you good consistency and a great chance of a putt for par. 

A risk. From 10 shots you might get four close but six will miss the green. Use less loft and more bounce. Take a wide stance, stay low and keep your hands back to stop the leading edge digging into the slope.  

The safest play. The long shaft increases the mishit risk, so grip down and stand close, like a putt. Press your hands forward slightly, weight favouring the left side and focus on swinging your shoulders. 

A safe play. The only danger is leaving it short as people often hit long putts into the ground, killing the pace. To counter this move the ball up in your stance, lean back a little and allow wrist hinge. 

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