Drill: Tee up with a wedge

Tee it up with a wedge: An easy way to stop chopping at your chip shots

No doubt you’ve read that when it comes to irons, you need to squeeze the ball for the perfect strike. While it’s true a downward attack is ideal for iron shots, that angle only needs to be fairly subtle.

A slight downward hit allows you to present the maker’s loft to the ball, and lets you use the forgiving sole bounce; but turn a slight squeeze into a steep chop and you deloft the club and invite a snagging impact with the club’s sharp leading edge. To find the correct attack angle, try this four-ball drill.

Fault: Poor strike and distance control, caused by a steep attack angle
Fix: Hit balls off a tee to shallow out your delivery

This tip comes from TG Top 50 coach and PGA Fellow Adrian Fryer. Fryer is based at True Fit Golf Centre, Warrington. See more at www.solid golf.com

High tee

Set up four balls in a row. Tee the first at driver height, the second fairway wood height, the third at iron height and leave the fourth on the turf. Take your wedge and strike each ball in turn.

Solid contact

With the teed balls, all you are looking to achieve is solid contact. If your attack angle is too steep you can’t deliver it; you’ll either go under the ball or catch it off the top of the club. Solid strikes will see you start to develop a flatter base as you work down the line.

Bruise the turf

By the time you reach the fourth ball – on the turf – your body and arms will be primed to create a shallower attack. Make that flatter- based action on this final ball and you’ll bruise the turf after impact, rather than taking a divot. You’ll create a nice, crisp strike.



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