• Do you have the right amount of bounce on your wedges?

    Tuesday 17 April 2018

    Is your gear revealing you have too much bounce on your wedges? Here’s how to tell… The soles of your wedges are designed to stop the club digging into the turf. With the rear of the sole lower than the leading edge, the club resists biting downwards, making heavy contact less likely. This design is misleadingly termed bounce, and you can buy...

  • Hit the ball from the inside for more consistent wedge shots

    Wednesday 28 February 2018

    With help from 2016 PGA Championship winner Jimmy Walker, use these five keys to help you hit more consistent wedge shots #1: Never slice across the ball at impact with your wedges I really changed the way I go at short shots around the green a couple of years ago, especially out of sand. I used to really ‘slice’ at my pitches...

  • Tour Technique: Dustin Johnson

    Thursday 4 January 2018

    Dustin Johnson: How the world’s best golfer backs up prodigious power with a pinpoint wedge game  World No.1 Dustin Johnson is of course known for his immense power. But in 2016 he set about improving the one area of his game that really needed work; his wedge play. He bought a Trackman launch monitor, started taking it to events and, together...