Sharpen up your short game with Shane Lowry

The Open Champion Shane Lowry’s 4 keys to improving your short-game

“Unfortunately, there is no one-size-suits-all approach to the short game,” says 2019 Open Champion, Lowry. “I grew up on a course with tricky raised greens and so I would spend hours and hours on the course and on the range messing about by myself learning the best ways to get the ball close, experimenting with different releases, swings and ball positions. Here’s what I learned.”

1. Assess the lie before you commit

When I first started working with Pete Cowen we looked at all the different lies you get around the greens. How the ball sits will affect how you play a shot. You’ll need to experiment with ball position and technique to deal with different types of rough.

2. Play the ball forward

Many players like the ball middle-to-back in their stance, but I prefer it opposite my left heel. Playing the ball forward promotes a shallower attack angle and helps me better use the bounce of the club. I want the club to ‘skim’ not ‘dig’ through the turf.

3. Keep the clubhead outside the hands

Around the greens I play with a certain degree of wrist action. You need to be able to ‘feel’ the clubhead through your hands. Do this correctly with a light grip and you’ll find the clubhead stays ‘outside’ your hands on the backswing and helps you use the bounce. 

4. Finish by turning through

When you give the club the freedom to sweep through the ball, you have no option but to finish with a full release. Turning to face the target with your arms extended is part of a positive approach. Allow the speed to carry you into a good turn and release.


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