Approaches: Get out of jail

Fault: Being too greedy after hitting into trouble and compounding the error.

Fix: Whether it’s a short par 4 that you’ve taken on with the driver or a long par 5 that you’ve tried to hit in two, we all misjudge things and put ourselves in trouble. With your head spinning, the most important thing is not to do the same thing with your next shot. From this type of position, under the trees, your only thought should be ‘how can I get this into the hole in the fewest shots?’. Look at the lie and consider the strengths of your game and club selection. Can you really pull the miracle shot off? If not, think where you want to play the next shot from.

Club choice

Pick the shot you are confident of pulling off and then choose the best club for the job. You could play anything from hybrid to lob wedge here. The lie should influence this decision, too. 




Approach Shots

Green zone

The safest option as you’re guaranteed to get the ball back onto the fairway. You’ll have the bunker to carry with your next shot, but the further down the fairway you go, the better angle you’ll have in. 


Approach Shots

Amber zone

This carries a risk. Firstly, you have more rough to clear and secondly it could run into the bunker if you get it wrong. Get it right, though, and you’ll have plenty of green to work with next time. 


Approach Shots

Red zone

The miracle shot. The branches are just high enough to let you get the ball in the air, fly the bunker and find the green. However, a poor connection will see you back in trouble. 

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