Danny Willett: Build your swing around your physique

As my coach Mike Walker says, every swing needs a blend of rotational and up-and-down movement. The rotational element typically comes from body coil, but the restriction I have in my right hip limits mine. Because of this, my arms would try to create the rotation themselves, swinging in behind me on the way back. I’d then have to cock the wrists aggressively to give the swing its upward motion, meaning I would unusually be both inside and steep on the way back. This narrow position creates plane and path problems, losing consistency.

My solution is a wider, more neutral takeaway allowing me to create a more co-ordinated action that moves the club more up and down the line. I feel the club now works more in front or to the side – never behind. This limited rotation means my power comes from my arms and shoulders.

Danny Willett

I like to feel my weight slightly favouring my left foot at set-up. It gives me a more braced, athletic feel, and helps my weight shift feel more dynamic.

I combat my tendency for my right elbow to get inside and narrow with this ‘extended’ position, which sets the club on a better path. The move feels passive, and a lot simpler.

I feel central at the top, weight on the inside of my right foot. My arms feel in front and to the side, just as they do when standing upright. As a concept, ‘inside’ gets exaggerated. 

Danny Willett 

Because my hips are tight at the top, they can fire too aggressively and pull my arms behind me. My thought is to keep the hips quiet and let my arms fall into position.

I keep my right heel low for as long as possible through impact. This helps ensure my weight moves down the target line, as opposed to my lower body working right of target.

This finish results from my right hip, arm and knee moving down the line. My old takeaway would cause everything to go in opposing directions, almost like a lorry jackknifing.

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