Top 10 golf swing tips videos

At TG we are committed to helping you improve your game, whether that’s through choosing the best golf courses, picking the right golf equipment, or with expert golf instruction. Here are our top 10 golf swing videos, with tuition tips from the TG Elite Pro team designed to get you started with golf swing basics, to ensure your skills are the best they can be. Soon you’ll be winning matchplay tournaments with your friends every weekend, thanks to TG’s golf swing tips!

Top 10 Swing Videos Top 10 Swing Videos

1. Gain more power

Adrian Fryer’s advice in this video will help you to up the power in your golf swing.


2. Fix your slice

If you’re one of the 80% of golfers who hit the ball with a slice, this video will help you.


Top 10 Swing Videos Top 10 Swing Videos

3. Feel and control your clubface

It’s vital to be able to control your clubface in order to improve your golf swing, this drill will help you feel your clubface.


4. Sequence the body parts

Get more power into your golf swing with this video, showing you how to sequence all of your body movements into impact.


Top 10 Swing Videos Top 10 Swing Videos

5. Improve your backswing

In this video, Gareth Benson will help you promote your hip turn, which will improve your golf swing and help you hit better shots.


6. Stand tall to hit a draw

Posture is all important for a good golf swing, so watch Gareth Johnston explain why you should stand a bit taller to the ball.


Top 10 Swing Videos Top 10 Swing Videos

7. Be Less Static at the Tee

Do you freeze over the ball at the tee? If so, this video is for you! Watch for expert advice on the swing trigger the pros use.


8. Change your path…

…and cure your slice for good! This video will help you attack the ball from the inside – watch it, then watch your golf swing improve.


Top 10 Swing Videos Top 10 Swing Videos

9. Is that a slice or a push fade?

That is the question! Get a better golf swing by watching Adrian Fryer’s tips for hitting the straight and narrow.


10. No more slices!

Want to know how to shallow your swing plane? Kevin Flynn’s advice in this video is packed with golf swing tips to help you hit straight drives.



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