Fault Fixer: Basic Set Up

TG Top 50 coach Kendal McWade is here to help you with the fundamentals of the golf set up – focusing all about instinct. McWade is an England Golf Coach was Bonnyton GC, Glasgow, and is the founder of Instinctive Golf Coaching. 



Use feel, not logic, to address the ball

How to fix it

When it comes to how to address the ball, golf technique proffers all kinds of rules involving ball position, posture and alignment.

While most of them are not ‘wrong’ as such, they promote a one- dimensional approach to a game that is constantly setting different challenges.

For your best chance of success, you need to adapt your address position to the task you’ve been set; and to do that, you need to tune in a little more to what that task is – and what kind of strike it demands.

Take a more flexible, feel-based approach to your set-up and you’ll instinctively find the most effective position. Here’s the concept at work, through the bag. 

fault fix explanation



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