Fix your set-up

TG Top 50 Coach Scott Cranfield teaches you how to fix your set up with a simple drill that will change the way you set-up to the ball and optimise your ability to hit your best shots.

In this simple video drill, Cranfield shows you that placing a club on the ground the get the feeling of driving the ball along the ground will help you forget about the loft in the club and getting the ball in the air, and will instead let the club do the work for you. 

He says: “Loft and how that could be affecting your set up and stops you from being in the optimal place to hit your best shots.’

‘We know we want to get the ball in the air, and sometimes we set-up thinking about that in the back of our minds. If you’re trying to lift something in the air, you might end up setting up leaning a little bit backwards.’

‘If all your job was to drive the ball along the ground, you might set up differently. Place a club on the ground like so, and set up to it with your club directly behind it, and just have in your mind your only job is to drive that club along the ground.’

‘In doing so, I think you’ll start to realise that actually you want to set up to it differently. If all my job was to do was drive it along the ground, it would create a different and more dynamic set up.’

‘You’ll feel as though the shaft wants to go forward a bit and you’ll get behind the ball a bit more, and you’ll engage against the ground more. From there, you can be a lot more positive with your shots.”

Watch the video below to see it in action! 

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