Golf World Top 100: Best Golf Courses in Continental Europe – 100-76

What are the best golf courses in continental Europe? The Golf World Top 100 ranking reveals all.

From Ryder Cup courses and European Tour hosts to layouts that many of you may never have heard off, this is the definitive and revered list of the finest golf courses continental Europe has to offer. 

You can find out who is on the panel that ranks the courses and the criteria we use to mark them, along with answers to the FAQs we receive around the Golf World Top 100s and the courses that were in the running for the continental Europe list by clicking here.

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But for now, let’s continue begin our countdown of continental Europe’s best golf courses.

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Golf World Top 100: Best Courses in Continental Europe – 100-76

100. Modry Las

Szcezin, Poland
Design 25 Setting 9 Memorability 9 Playability 7 Consistency 7 Presentation 7 Total 64

Modry Las has one of the best golf courses and best golf resorts in continental Europe.

The first of two Gary Player designs in the Top 100, although this offering in Polan is on a less obviously special site than his other entry (Thracian Cliffs). However, Player and his team did have some natural water hazards, rolling terrain and a variety of mature trees to use… and they do so with admirable restraint and skill. Quality track and hotel which also features in the Top 100 Resorts in continental Europe.

99. Infinitum (Hills)

Tarragona, Spain
Design 26 Setting 9 Memorability 9 Playability 7 Consistency 6 Presentation 7 Total 64

The Hills golf course at Infinitum is one of the best in continental Europe.

We said, eight years ago, that the Hills was the No.1 course here – when everyone else, including the club itself, believed the Lakes to be – and that it has potential to be in our list. After significant investment in the course to maximise its potential, it has finally made the leap into the elite of Europe. Clever design and routing to make the most of quarry green sites add bags of character to a fine modern course. 

98. Biella

Turin, Italy
Design 27 Setting 9 Memorability 9 Playability 7 Consistency 6 Presentation 6 Total 64

Biella is one of the best golf courses in continental Europe and has the potential to rise higher in the Golf World Top 100.

A fall for this classic John Morrison design in the mountains above Turin, and one we oversee reluctantly. The bones of a true great are there and it is still a treat to play it, but it needs notable woodland management to fulfil its potential. With the right input, this classic could be closer to 50 than 100.

97. Costa Navarino (Bay)

Kalamata, Greece
Design 21 Setting 13 Memorability 11 Playability 7 Consistency 6 Presentation 7 Total 65

The Bay Course at Costa Navarino is one of the best golf courses in continental Europe.

“I think it belongs somewhere in the lower end of the list, even though it is considered the ‘second’ course at Costa Navarino,” said one panellist. Although shorter and quirkier than the Dunes, some felt it had more interesting holes. And with views of the Bay from all but one hole, its setting is epic. With a beautiful hotel to complement the two courses, it’s also one of our Top 100 Resorts in continental Europe.

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96. Cornelia (Prince)

Belek, Turkey
Design 25 Setting 9 Memorability 9 Playability 7 Consistency 7 Presentation 8 Total 65

The Prince course at Cornelia is one of the best golf courses in continental Europe.

We’ve long been a fan of this Sir Nick Faldo design, where he has used the dense forest thoughtfully in a way that makes what is a comparatively short course a real test. Its sporty par 4s and funky greens add to the interest. Expect excellent conditioning, too, as is standard in Belek.

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95. Ullna

Stockholm, Sweden
Design 26 Setting 9 Memorability 9 Playability 7 Consistency 7 Presentation 7 Total 65

Ullna is one of the best golf courses in continental Europe.

Made its debut in 2019 and holds its place with ease. We’ve seen this course pre- and post-Nicklaus Design changes and while we didn’t necessarily love the overhaul, it’s still good enough to sneak into the list. A classy parkland – with several holes by the water – that rewards good ball-striking.

94. Linna

Hameenlinna, Finland
Design 25 Setting 10 Memorability 9 Playability 7 Consistency 7 Presentation 7 Total 65

Linna is one of the best golf courses and resorts in continental Europe.

Set among classic Scandinavian pine and birch forests, Linna offers a secluded experience and a wonderful ambiance. Routed on undulating terrain by Tim Lobb when he was with European Golf Design, it has just enough finesse to comfortably keep its place among the elite of the continent. It’s also among our Top 100 Resorts in continental Europe.

93. Costa Navarino (Dunes)

Kalamata, Greece
Design 26 Setting 10 Memorability 9 Playability 6 Consistency 7 Presentation 7 Total 65

The Dunes course at Costa Navarino is one of the best golf courses in continental Europe.

Designed by Bernhard Langer in association with Ross McMurray of European Golf Design, this is a stout parkland course at the Top 100 Resort that will soon be continental Europe’s No.1 (two new courses imminent). Langer’s input is evident, because this is definitely not ‘swipe away’ resort golf. 

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92. Royal Ostend

Ostend, Belgium
Design 24 Setting 11 Memorability 11 Playability 7 Consistency 5 Presentation 7 Total 65

Royal Ostend is one of the best golf courses in continental Europe.

This venerable course has a parkland start and finish and although they’ve been opened up through removal of bushes and trees, they’re its weaker phases. It has some annoying road crossings too, but here’s the good news… there is a section by the sea that is as good as anything in this list.

91. The National

Belek, Turkey
Design 24 Setting 9 Memorability 8 Playability 9 Consistency 7 Presentation 8 Total 65

The National in Belek is one of the best golf courses in continental Europe.

The original course in Belek finally made it into the Top 100 in 2017 after being oddly neglected for nearly two decades. The sister course of our Turkey No.1 Carya and part of the resort that ranks 4th in our Top 100, The National is a super-classy parkland with lots of nice architectural touches by former Tour player David Jones.

90. Kytaja (South East)

Hyvinkaa, Finland
Design 23 Setting 13 Memorability 10 Playability 7 Consistency 5 Presentation 7 Total 65

The South East course at Kytaja is one of the best golf courses in continental Europe.

This is definitely not a good walk spoiled. Anything but. Whether wandering between the pines and over the undulating ground that defines the early section, or alongside the water that dominates the finish, South East is an absolute delight. Nice routing by Canadian architect Thomas McBroom.

89. Bro Hof Slott (Castle)

Stockholm, Sweden
Design 25 Setting 10 Memorability 10 Playability 7 Consistency 6 Presentation 7 Total 65

The Castle at Bro Hof Slott is one of the best golf courses in continental Europe.

A debut for the course very much regarded as the No.2 at this Swedish club. We really like it though and while it is a lot more subtle than the Stadium, expect it to move closer to its sister in future lists. Interesting, fun holes in an interesting, rocky landscape with some excellent green complexes.

88. Les Aisses

Orleans, France
Design 26 Setting 9 Memorability 9 Playability 7 Consistency 7 Presentation 7 Total 65

Les Aisses is one of the best golf courses in continental Europe.

A debut in the Golf World Top 100 for a long-time contender, a course originally designed by Frenchman Olivier Brizon and then renovated by Martin Hawtree in 2010. The undulating fairways are relatively generous but protected by prominent drive bunkers and heather. The greens are also guarded by proper traps.

87. Chiberta

Biarritz, France
Design 27 Setting 10 Memorability 10 Playability 6 Consistency 6 Presentation 6 Total 65

Chiberta is one of the best golf courses in continental Europe.

Typical Tom Simpson interest around the greens and a nice mix of sea holes and forest at the end. Bunkering and width maintained the integrity of the classic design. The blind tee shot on the par-4 2nd reveals a view of the ocean and a typically intricate Simpson green complex.

86. Royal Obidos

Obidos, Portugal
Design 24 Setting 11 Memorability 9 Playability 7 Consistency 7 Presentation 7 Total 65

Royal Obidos is one of the best golf courses in continental Europe.

Shows the strength in depth of this Top 100 when Royal Obidos, 30th in our Top 100 Resorts and 13th in our Top 100 Portugal, is in the 80s. This Seve Ballesteros design overlooks the Atlantic Ocean from its more elevated fairways and one of the attractions of it is the phases it moves through, guaranteeing good variety to the experience and the holes.

85. Vasatorps (Tour)

Helsingborg, Sweden
Design 27 Setting 9 Memorability 9 Playability 6 Consistency 7 Presentation 8 Total 66

The Tour at Vasatorps is one of the best golf courses in continental Europe.

Not much to choose between the Swedish courses in the 80s – some panellists would have the Tour just behind Falsterbo and Bro Hof’s Stadium in fact. It’s that good. And if you like well-groomed, modern championship golf, you’ll love it here. A well-executed challenge by Hills & Forrest.

84. Verdura (East)

Sicily, Italy
Design 25 Setting 11 Memorability 11 Playability 7 Consistency 6 Presentation 6 Total 66

The East at Verdura is one of the best golf courses in continental Europe.

We have changed our minds about the East and West in the last four years as more panellists have played both. The East, with a fabulous finish along the coast, started as the favourite. But while the West may be the No.1 now, this Kyle Phillips design is still worthy of the Top 100. So well put together and part of a superb venue that is No.7 in our Top 100 Resorts.

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83. Barseback (Masters)

Lund, Sweden
Design 25 Setting 11 Memorability 11 Playability 7 Consistency 5 Presentation 7 Total 66

The Masters at Barseback is one of the best golf courses in continental Europe.

Another Swedish former Solheim Cup venue, and we find it hard to split the Masters course at Barseback with Halmstad. This one flits between holes routed among tall pines – à la Woburn – and others on open land close to the sea.  A bit more strategic merit and it would be in the top 60.

82. Halmstad (North)

Halmstad, Sweden
Design 26 Setting 10 Memorability 9 Playability 7 Consistency 7 Presentation 7 Total 66

The North course at Halmstad is one of the best golf courses in continental Europe.

This former Solheim Cup host is one of Sweden’s grand old courses. Unspectacular at times but a thoughtful design – courtesy of Sundblom, Skold & Pennink – with ditches and trees making you strike the ball well to score as you’d wish. This is a traditional parkland course, it just lacks some fizz to rank much higher in the best golf courses in continental Europe.

81. Domaine Imperial

Geneva, Switzerland
Design 24 Setting 12 Memorability 11 Playability 7 Consistency 6 Presentation 6 Total 66

Domaine Imperial is one of the best golf courses in continental Europe.

“Great location right on the lake shore with a Castle as a clubhouse,” says one panellist, “Switzerland’s No.1”. Designed by Pete Dye and incorporating large bunkers and tricky greens in a typically eye-catching design to complement a super location. A game here among Geneva’s well-heeled is one to savour. 

80. Visby

Visby, Sweden
Design 25 Setting 11 Memorability 11 Playability 7 Consistency 6 Presentation 6 Total 66

Visby is one of the best golf courses in continental Europe.

Pine, birch and heather give this island course off mainland Sweden a real links feel – as do large, fescue-topped bunkers. Expertly reworked by former Ryder Cup player Pierre Fulke with Adam Mednick, it has that delightful mix of escapism and adventure to it. And it’s rising in our list.

79. San Lorenzo

Almancil, Portugal
Design 25 Setting 12 Memorability 11 Playability 7 Consistency 5 Presentation 6 Total 66

San Lorenzo is one of the best golf courses in continental Europe.

Located in the nature reserve of Rio Formosa, this Algarve course has one of the most sensational visual stretches in the list in the middle of its back nine. It has previously been as many as 50 places higher but needs investment to return it to those lofty heights. The potential is there and it remains a top 15 course in our Top 100 Portugal.

78. Brautarholt

Reykjavik, Iceland
Design 22 Setting 14 Memorability 13 Playability 6 Consistency 5 Presentation 6 Total 66

Brautarholt is one of the best golf courses in continental Europe.

Our first Icelandic entry to the Top 100 keeps its place in this 2021 list. Yes, its setting is key to its allure, but there is also a fine golf course in addition to the epic location. We’ve had several panellists play here and they all rave about it and Icelandic golf in general.

77. Aroeira (No.1)

Lisbon, Portugal
Design 27 Setting 10 Memorability 9 Playability 6 Consistency 7 Presentation 7 Total 66

Aroeira's No.1 is one of the best golf courses in Portugal and continental Europe, as well as being one of the continent's best resorts.

A strong position for No.1, which is the better of two courses at this resort on the outskirts of Lisbon (it’s 11th in our Top 100 Portugal). It winds between avenues of tall pines and there is a wonderful tranquillity to a game here. Small targets and the odd water hazard keep you focused. Often underrated. It shouldn’t be. A great destination for a golf break – it’s 42nd in our Top 100 Resorts.

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76. Great Northern

Kerteminde, Denmark
Design 28 Setting 9 Memorability 9 Playability 6 Consistency 7 Presentation 8 Total 67

Great Northern Aroeira's No.1 is one of the best golf courses in continental Europe.

This Nicklaus Design entered the Top 100 two years ago and we would have had more panellists to assess it by the time of this ranking, but for you-know-what. We’ve had enough experience to know it’s a very strong modern course built to a high spec and with plenty of dramatic holes, though.

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