Shot Scope X5 GPS Watch Review

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  • TG Rating 4.5 out of 5
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  • Pros

    – Easy to set-up
    – Tons of data to help you improve
    – Accurate yardages
    – Looks great on and off the course

  • Cons

    – Post-round tweaks to round info can be fiddly

  • RRP £279.99

What we say...

Shot Scope X5 GPS watch has been designed to wear on and off the golf course, combining stylish design with shot distances and AI-powered performance tracking.

The multi-function X5 GPS Golf Watch is the next generation in the Company’s award-winning performance-tracking and distance-measuring smartwatch technology. This is one of the best golf accessories to help you improve your ability and lower your scores.

At less than $300 the X5 is a fantastic value compared to some competitors and continues Shot Scope’s reputation for low-cost, high-tech GPS products with no subscription fees. The X5 is designed to be worn both on and off the course, the stylish X5 offers AI-powered performance tracking of over 100 statistics.

The watch has a built-in step counter and accurate, real-time front, middle, and back distances to all greens, hazards, and doglegs all on over 36,000 preloaded golf courses worldwide.

Shot Scope X5 GPS watch face.

The X5 is completely customizable and allows golfers to choose from 5 different watch face designs, as well as interchange the color of their strap. This watch has a clear and bright full-color 1.2” touchscreen and multi-function crown that enables quick and easy navigation of menus, with a glare-resistant display of large and clear distance numbers (yards or meters) and other data points.

The release of the X5 is timed perfectly with the launch of the state-of-the-art Shot Scope Academy. A place where coaches can help their students using products such as the X5 GPS watch and PRO LX+ rangefinder for post-round analysis and highlight what areas of their game need improvement.

The Shot Scope X5 watch includes all of the tags you need for your clubs.

The X5 automatically records every shot hit on the course thanks to Shot Scope’s new and improved, lightweight 2nd generation plug-n-play RFID tracking tags that are embedded with smart GPS chips and easily screw into the butt-end of every club. The 16 tracking tags with the X5 capture detailed data that provides a breakdown of a golfer’s game and style from over 100 performance statistics including Club Distances, Approaches, Short Game, Putting, Strokes Gained, and Handicap Benchmarking.

Swing after swing and round after round the X5 gets smarter, thanks to the AI technology becoming more enhanced to your game and refining settings that are personal to yourself.

Following a round, you can instantly sync the X5 device via Bluetooth with the app. The app will give a great insight into performance and data captured throughout the round showing what parts of your game can be improved.

Shot Scope X5 GPS watch with green view.

Shot Scope products have been a massive hit for us and have provided data for many of our instruction-based features. Once the X5 GPS lands with us we’ll be testing it and letting you know more in-depth, what we think.

What Shot Scope say about the X5 GPS

David Hunter, Chief Executive Officer, Shot Scope.

“The X5 GPS Watch is an evolution from the award-winning V3 model, as it takes AI technology to a new level in offering precise distance measuring with unmatched shot tracking that captures accurate data on every shot hit from tee to green, including over 100 statistics for golfers and coaches to analyze every aspect of game performance.

“Equally impressive, X5 features a step counter that provides golfers with an added level of fitness tracking, as well as the ability to personalize X5 with a range of custom watch faces and color straps that truly establishes a multi-function smart golf watch.

“The X5 has no equal in terms of features and benefits, from GPS distances to performance tracking, as well as the step counter and customizable features. Add to this the direct connectivity with a coach or PGA Professional through Shot Scope Academy for post-round performance analysis, and golfers have a truly game-changing piece of equipment for just $299.99.”

The tags screw into the relevant clubs and then you input your club information on the app.

Who are Shot Scope?

Shot Scope Technologies was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland. From its inception, the one simple aim of the company has been to improve the way in which both amateur and professional golfers collect and analyze statistics from their game.

The Shot Scope team, which consists of technology experts and golfers, including a former Walker Cup player, set out to develop smart wearable technology that was more intuitive and comprehensive than any current market offering.

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Shot Scope X5 GPS Watch


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