Can high-end visual technology really work in a rangefinder? Zoom OLED Pro Rangefinder Review

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  • Pros
    • Crisp OLED display
    • Superb build quality
    • Easy to use
    • Compact design
  • Cons
    • Decimal yardages are unneeded and vary between uses
  • RRP £299.99

What we say...

Join me as I look through the lens at some of the most innovative technology in a rangefinder to date

It may not be the most well-known brand amongst golf measuring devices, but Zoom are well on their way to the top of the tree thanks to some of their most recent product launches. The latest and greatest Zoom rangefinder, the OLED Pro, promises unrivaled optics with not only 5x sharper zoom but 3x brighter optics than any of their previous Focus models.

Zoom OLED Pro rangefinder on the golf bag

First Impressions

A rangefinder is like unboxing your new phone, as the top comes off you’re presented with the product straight away and the Zoom certainly didn’t disappoint. The case looked and felt durable which is a big thing for me. If it’s going to hang off of your bag for the foreseeable with the sun, wind, and rain on it all round long you need it to last and protect your expensive rangefinder inside.

As for the OLED Pro itself, I loved it! Its lightweight and ergonomic design meant that it fit easily into my hand and thanks to the compactness of the product it was easy to hold when zapping the flag. The quality of the metal and leather body is something you expect from one of the best rangefinders and it was not only beautifully stylish but practical and durable too. Sometimes the premium look and feel of a product such as a rangefinder can hide the fact it isn’t as good at doing the job it’s built to do. But the OLED Pro certainly doesn’t hide anything, apart from one slight niggle which we will get onto.

Zoom OLED Pro rangefinder in hand


The overall performance was excellent, through the lens you could see the green and pin in Ultra HD, and you could even make out the contours of the green from the middle of the fairway.

The transparent view made target locking even easier and thanks to the almost instant vibration feedback you knew when you were locked onto the pin. Some crisp red crosshairs made zapping the pin rather easy and flashed green when locked on. The OLED Pro claims a range of 1200 yards which is amazing but I’m not sure even the biggest hitters quite need anything that good! Whilst you’ll honestly only be locking onto a pin that is less than 300 yards away if you must know I managed to lock onto a pin at 500 yards without any fuss.

Zoom OLED Pro rangefinder down the lense

There were a couple of things I noticed during the few rounds I’ve had it on the bag. Before you use it make sure you know how to change the brightness setting as the stock setting will give you a poor view through the screen in glaring sunlight. The decimal points, for me, are not needed. It overcomplicates everything and for most golfers who will be using this only need to the nearest yard and rounding up or down would be enough. This leads me to my other point that when zapping a flag the rangefinder would give you slightly different decimal readings each time which for an amateur shouldn’t matter but if they weren’t there it’s something you’d never think about.

These are some minor niggles and nothing to turn you away from the product as the all-around performance of the product was very good! It’s super easy to use and everything can be done at the flick of a button whether that be changing settings, turning the slope on and off, or switching between flagpole scanning.

The OLED Pro is also packed with all the features you would expect from a top-of-the-line rangefinder, with a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery that lasts over 5000 measurements. I’ve been using this for several rounds now and have not managed to reach the 5000, I’d be worried if I did! I like the fact the battery is chargeable and when the time comes, a low battery indicator will appear, and it is as simple as charging your phone.

Zoom OLED Pro on course

Another first for Zoom is the introduction of a Mag Lock system which for any of you who use a cart is great as it simply attaches to the vehicle and is to hand every time you park up.

Overall, the OLED Pro is a superb rangefinder. There are cheaper rangefinders out there that will do a great job but for golfers after a high-quality premium product then the OLED Pro is great value for money. For me, it ticks all the right boxes and offers everything a golfer would want from a rangefinder at this price point.

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Product Information

Zoom OLED Pro Laser Rangefinder

RRP: £299.99 – BUY NOW - UK 

Launched: 2024

Range: 1,200 yards

Slope function? Yes

Color: Black/Red/Silver

Warranty: Two years

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