Twice the price, but is it twice as good as the PRO L2? Shot Scope PRO ZR Rangefinder Review

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  • Pros
    • Excellent build quality
    • Huge range
    • Captures targets very quickly
  • Cons
    • Hard to justify the cost over the Shot Scope PRO L2
  • RRP £299.99

What we say...

I review the Shot Scope PRO ZR laser rangefinder to see if its performance justifies a price tag double that of the Shot Scope PRO L2…

Shot Scope are one of the leading golf accessories brands, having made their name in shot-tracking watches before branching out to handheld GPS devices and laser rangefinders in recent years.

Their Shot Scope PRO L2 laser rangefinder performed brilliantly in our review and earned a spot in our list of the best golf rangefinders.

The Shot Scope PRO L2 has an RRP of just £149.99/$149.99, making it considerably cheaper than most of the competition, including the PRO ZR I’m testing here. The new Shot Scope PRO ZR has an RRP of £299.99/$299.99 so I was keen to see what it offered for the extra investment.

Shot Scope PRO ZR rangefinder carry case

First impressions

Getting the PRO ZR out of the box, you can immediately tell that this is a more premium offering than the PRO L2.

The body is metal, rather than plastic, which makes it look sleeker and feel more robust, while the rubber grip feels secure in the hand.

The case feels premium and solid enough to withstand any knocks.

Testing the Shot Scope PRO ZR laser rangefinder


No matter how nice a rangefinder looks and feels, though, it’s only as good as its performance. Fortunately, the Shot Scope PRO ZR excels here.

The image you get through the rangefinder is the clearest I’ve seen in any rangefinder I’ve used, and the target lock is pretty much instant. The unit vibrates and a small flag icon appears on screen to let you know you’ve captured the flag.

Shot Scope claim a range of 1,500 yards which is very impressive, although I’m not sure how often even the biggest hitters would need that on a golf course. Even in wet and dreary conditions, I found it picked out the flag from over 400 yards away with ease.

This is what you see through the Shot Scope PRO ZR's viewfinder

The on-screen display is clear and simple, and there’s a choice of red or black font, which is changeable with a quick button press.

It’s easy to turn the slope feature on and off with a slider on the side of the rangefinder, which also makes it clear to any suspicious eyes that you’re not using slope in competitions that forbid it.

If you’re looking for a downside, the PRO ZR is slightly larger and heavier than some rangefinders. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not huge or ridiculously weighty – and it feels very solid in the hand – but if you carry your bag and want the smallest, lightest laser available, this isn’t it.

Overall, the Shot Scope PRO ZR is a fantastic rangefinder. For the budget-conscious, it’s hard to say it’s worth twice the price of Shot Scope’s PRO L2, but if you’re happy to pay the extra for premium materials and build quality, you won’t go wrong.

Slope can be turned off and on quickly and easily with the Shot Scope PRO ZR

Also consider

These are the models I would consider as good alternatives to the Shot Scope PRO ZR.

  • Shot Scope PRO L2 – Strong performer at half the cost of the PRO ZR
  • Shot Scope PRO LX – A laser rangefinder, GPS, and shot-tracking device in one
  • Garmin Approach Z82 – Perhaps the best golf rangefinder money can buy

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Product Information

Shot Scope PRO ZR Laser Rangefinder

RRP: £299.99 – BUY NOW - UK | $329.99 | BUY NOW - US

Launched: 2024

Range: 1,500 yards

Slope function? Yes

Color: Blue, Grey, Silver

Warranty: Two years

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