Bridgestone Tour B X Golf Balls Review

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  • TG Rating 4.5 out of 5
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  • Pros

    - Good distance off the tee 
    - Strong performance from long distances 
    - Impressive spin and control despite high compression
    - Nice feeling off the putter face

  • Cons

    - Low spin may harm slower swing speeds

  • RRP £44.99

What we say...

The Bridgestone Tour B X golf ball delivers maximum distance with impressive spin performance when approaching the green.

Bridgestone has been producing Tour standard golf balls for decades, and their Tour B X is no exception. This ball is a serious competitor to the best golf balls on the market.

These balls are an excellent option for those looking to maximize distance with a driver swing speed quicker than 105mph. Delivering remarkable distance and a soft feel, the Tour B X is amongst the best premium golf balls.

Bridgestone Tour B X golf balls.

Key Tech

Tour B X golf balls are packed with technology designed to work well for Tour players and amateurs alike. Technology has majorly progressed since Bridgestone’s first golf ball was introduced in 1935; Bridgestone continuously strive to produce better golf balls, but what exactly does the technology in the Tour B X provide?


Designed specifically for the Tour B family of Bridgestone golf balls, the REACTIV iQ is a smart urethane cover technology which reacts to the force of impact by rebounding quickly on tee shots, delivering explosive and long distance. While on approach shots and around the green it offers more control and spin.

Gradational Compression Core

The gradational compression core is a great addition to these balls because it helps to tame the explosive nature of the Tour B X by decreasing side spin while increasing ball speed – a recipe for success.

Dual Dimple Technology

Bridgestone has found great success with its golf balls in recent years by featuring dual dimple technology. This technology provides extra distance and enhances aerodynamics by reducing drag while the ball is in the air.

Seamless Cover Technology

Consistent ball flight is delivered by the seamless cover technology, which also enhances overall performance. This technology creates a perfectly balanced dimple pattern manufactured to optimize aerodynamic balance.


Who uses Bridgestone Tour B X golf balls?

Bridgestone does not have a plethora of Tour players who play with their balls. However, the few golfers they do have sport impressive CVs. The Tour B X is not as popular a ball on Tour as the Titleist Pro V1x or TaylorMade TP5x but that does not make it just as good.

Most notably, 2015 PGA Champion Jason Day is using the Tour B X and was using it when he won the 2023 AT&T Byron Nelson. Another formidable Tour player plays the Tour B X, Matt Kuchar, the 9-time PGA tour winner has been using Bridgestone balls since he was signed as a staffer in 2005. 

Bridgestone Tour B range of golf balls

Which Bridgestone Tour B golf ball should I play?

Bridgestone are the No.1 ball fitter in golf, and they provide four different options in the Tour B range to suit as many golfers as possible who want more distance, accuracy, and feel. The Tour B X golf balls suit those wanting to maximize distance while still wanting feel and control.

Intended for golfers who swing a driver quicker than 105mph the Tour B X may not be for everyone, but it is definitely one to consider. If it works for serial Tour winners and club golfers what’s to say the Tour B X won’t work for you?

If you swing a driver north of 105mph and want a ball that will give you distance off the tee but with a higher flight, and increased spin on approach shots, the Tour B XS may be for you – it works for 15-time Major Champion Tiger Woods.

Bridgestone also offers two balls in the Tour B family intended for golfers with a driver swing speed slower than 105mph. The Tour B RX which is built to maximize distance of the tee.

Second of those balls for golfers with a driver swing speed slower than 105mph is the Tour B RXS which delivers more greenside control and spin, something 1992 Masters Champion Fred Couples clearly appreciates.

Bridgestone Tour B X availability

The Tour B X is available in white and yellow. The balls are traditionally numbered, 1 through 4, situated to the top right of the Bridgestone logo in red.

The balls are available to purchase from numerous retailers at an RRP of £44.99/$49.99 per dozen; a very reasonable price for a quality golf ball.

The Bridgestone Tour B X is a three-piece golf ball.

Bridgestone Tour B X review: Robot golf balls test verdict

Driver 85mph SwingBridgestone Tour B X
Ball speed (mph) / Launch angle (º)123.3 / 13 
Backspin (rpm)2,895
Carry (yards)191.1
Driver 100mph Swing
Ball speed (mph) / Launch angle (º)145.1 / 12.1
Backspin (rpm)2,686
Carry (yards)240.8
Driver 115mph Swing
Ball speed (mph) / Launch angle (º)166.8 / 10.8
Backspin (rpm)2,108
Carry (yards)293.8
Ball speed (mph) / Launch angle (º)106 / 21.2
Backspin (rpm)5,702
Height (feet)87.5
Descent angle (º)46.3
Carry (yards)146.7
Backspin (rpm)7,679
Shot area (sq yds)5.7
Carry (yards)105.3
Average Shot Area
Averaged over driver, 7-iron and PW30.4yds sq

The Tour B X is for swing speeds over 105mph so analyzing its performance at 85mph and 100mph with the driver is a little unfair. The Tour B X comes highly recommended, but our test data shows the ball floating around average for lots of metrics.

It was tied for the sixth-longest at 115mph driver speed (three yards behind Maxfli Tour X) with a shot area 26% greater than our test average. Backspin was above average with a 7-iron (260rpm), carry distance was a fraction short, but it did produce a 34% tighter than average shot area.

With decent wedge spin, and a shot area half that of our test average, it feels like the Tour B X is a good bet for high-speed golfers who want additional accuracy rather than max power. See how it compared to the other 27 models in our robot golf balls test

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Product Information

Bridgestone Tour B X

RRP: £44.99 per dozen | VIEW UK OFFER | $49.99 per dozen | VIEW US OFFER

Construction: Three-piece golf ball

Cover: 338-dimple REACTIV iQ injection-molded urethane cover

Colors: White; Yellow

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