Best Premium Golf Balls 2024

What are the best premium golf balls available to golfers for 2024?

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Deciding the best golf balls for your game can be pretty overwhelming, especially with the extensive choice available. If you appreciate the finer things in life, then you may want to play with the best premium golf balls, which not only offer incredible feel and performance but also many of them come with the approval of Tour players.

It’s probably a given that most premium golf balls do come with a hefty price tag not everyone will want to pay (understandably). If you don’t want to sacrifice too much performance but do want to save some money check out the best amateur-level golf balls.

The advantage of premium golf balls is that every sensation is enhanced. Although, nothing will ever prepare you for that gut-retching feeling when you bomb one out of town.

The best premium golf balls 2024 at a glance:

Best premium golf balls on Tour: Titleist Pro V1 | BUY NOW – UK | BUY NOW – US

Best premium golf balls for alignment and visibility options: Callaway Chrome Soft X | BUY NOW – UK | BUY NOW – US

Best short game performance premium golf balls: PXG Xtreme | BUY NOW – UK | BUY NOW – US

Best firm feeling premium golf balls: Wilson Staff Model | BUY NOW – UK | BUY NOW – US

Not every golfer needs to play with the best premium golf balls, there will be average golfers out there who will benefit from playing the best golf balls for beginners and high handicappers until they reach the level to play with a more premium ball.

Within the premium category of golf balls, there is an option for every golfer. Whether you normally reach for TaylorMade golf balls or Wilson golf balls you’ll find a fantastic premium golf ball in their line-up.

One thing we want every golfer to find is the best value golf balls for their game. If it is that you need to play with premium golf balls hopefully there is an option in this list that offers good value for money for your golf game. Finding value in premium golf balls could prove to be more difficult in the coming years following the news of the golf ball rollback being approved, so in order to find good value now is the time to buy!

Best premium golf balls 2024

Most popular golf balls in professional golf

Best premium golf balls on Tour
Price: $54.97
Iterations of the Titleist Pro V1 have been in production since the early 2000s. These balls have continuously grown in popularity over the years - amongst amateurs and Tour professionals. With the most victories of any golf in the professional game, the Titleist is Pro V1 is regarded as the best golf ball on Tour. I could provide the extensive list of quality golfers who play these balls on Tour but I don't want to bore you!

Based on these balls being so popular I'm sure you are well aware of how well they perform. The Pro V1s are exceptional from tee to green, providing long distance and incredible spin and control around the greens. The flight of these golf balls is very stable and lower than other premium golf balls. Titleists' premium golf balls do come at a cost, although to many it's warranted.

If you prefer a golf ball with a firmer feel try Titleist's Pro V1x golf balls which are also extremely popular and successful on Tour. Check out the specs for a full comparison.

Read our full Titleist Pro V1 golf balls review


  • Tighter dispersion than the previous model
  • Brilliant distance for quicker swing speeds
  • Exceptional spin in the short game
  • Fantastic feel off the club face
  • Played by a host of the world's greatest golfers


  • Urethane cover isn't the most durable
Construction Pro V1 - 3-piece | Pro V1x - 4-piece
Cover Cast urethane elastomer
Compression Pro V1 - 87-90 | Pro V1x - 97-100
Dimples Pro V1 - 388 | Pro V1x - 348
Feel Pro V1 - soft | Pro V1x - firm
Flight Pro V1 - mid | Pro V1x - high
Long game spin Pro V1 - very low | Pro V1x - low
Short game spin High
Color options White; Yellow
Alternative models Pro V1x Left Dash
  • High gradient core design
  • Speed amplifying high-flex casing layer
  • Cast thermoset urethane cover
  • Spherically tiled tetrahedral dimple design

TaylorMade's five-piece Tour golf ball

Best five-piece premium golf balls

Rrp: $49.95

Price: $42.49
TaylorMade introduced the TP5x in 2017 along with the TP5, and since then, it has been a serious competitor to the Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1x - in both the professional and amateur game. These balls were the first to feature a five-piece construction, this helps to deliver a long consistent ball flight off the tee and optimal spin with every club in the bag.

Being premium golf balls, you are guaranteed fantastic performance from the TaylorMade TP5x. They behave very well from tee to green but you really get your money's worth off the tee - not just with distance but also dispersion. If you prefer a more vivid golf ball that assists with alignment, there is the Pix option in the TP5 and TP5x.

The TP5x is slightly firmer than the TP5 (but they are still soft), and the TP5 is slightly more responsive in the short game so if this is your preference the TP5 may be a better option. For a full comparison of both balls' features check the specifications.

Read our full TaylorMade TP5x golf balls review


  • More penetrating flight than the previous model
  • Long distance for quicker swing speeds
  • Exceptional spin and control in the short game
  • Premium feel off every club
  • Most popular TaylorMade ball on Tour


  • Urethane cover does mark quite easily
Construction 5-piece
Cover Cast urethane
Compression TP5 - 87 | TP5x - 97
Dimples 322
Feel TP5 - very soft | TP5x - soft
Flight TP5 - mid-high | TP5x - high
Long game spin Low
Short game spin TP5 - very high | TP5x - high
Color options White; Yellow
Alternative models TP5 Pix; TP5x Pix
  • New seamless tour flight dimple pattern
  • Speed-layer system
  • High-flex material

The Tour golf ball with multiple models to assist with alignment and visibility

Best premium golf balls for alignment and visibility options

Rrp: $49.99

Price: $44.99
The Callaway Chrome Soft was first released in 2015, and in the years that have followed, Callaway have added the Chrome Soft X to the line-up (and the Chrome Soft X LS). All three balls perform slightly differently, however, the performance of the Chrome Soft X is most favored and successful on Tour having won three major championships in the men's game and many more in the ladies' game.

Depending on your swing speed will influence whether you should play with the Chrome Soft X or if the Chrome Soft would benefit your game more. The Chrome Soft X is best suited to those with quicker swing speeds. Whereas the X options are tailored to those with quicker swing speeds. If you do have a quick swing speed and choose to game this ball you will notice exceptional distance and ball flight off the tee. Around the greens, the Chrome Soft X is incredibly receptive, with a slightly firmer feel than the original Chrome Soft (but not firm by any stretch).

Recently introduced to the Chrome Soft range are the alignment and visibility options which can help to enhance your performance and help you lower scores. My personal favorite is the 360° Triple Track because it makes lining up putts slightly easier (not that I hole them).

If you think the Chrome Soft X might not be the best premium Callaway golf ball for you, have a look at the comparisons of specifications to determine which ball will work best for you.

Read our full Chrome Soft X golf balls review


  • Impressive distance in the long game
  • Incredible spin and feel
  • Outstanding feedback from the club face
  • Range of alignment aids and visibility assistance


  • Soft feel won't be to everyone's liking
Construction Chrome Soft - 3-piece | Chrome Soft X; Chrome Soft X LS - 4-piece
Cover Chrome Soft - ultra-soft-urethane | Chrome Soft X; Chrome Soft X LS - soft urethane
Compression Chrome Soft - 75 | Chrome Soft X; Chrome Soft X LS - 100
Dimples 332
Feel Chrome Soft - soft | Chrome Soft X; Chrome Soft X LS - medium
Flight Chrome Soft - highest | Chrome Soft X - high | Chrome Soft X LS - higher
Long game spin Chrome Soft; Chrome Soft X LS - low | Chrome Soft X - low-mid
Short game spin Chrome Soft - high | Chrome Soft X - highest | Chrome Soft X LS - higher
Color options White; Yellow
Alternative models 360° Triple Track; Triple Track; Truvis
  • Precision technology
  • Construction optimization
  • Hyper elastic softfast core
  • New tour aero

An exceptionally durable Tour golf ball

Best premium golf balls for durability

Rrp: $49.99

Price: $39.95
Srixon manufactures a whole range of quality golf equipment, but it is perhaps their golf balls that give them the most notoriety. More specifically, their amateur-level golf balls. Although, their premium range of golf balls should not be overlooked. The Z-Star range definitely rivals the best premium golf balls. Not only is the Z-Star range represented on Tour, but it also has three major championships to boot (Shane Lowry 2019 Open - Z-Star XV, Hideki Matsyuma 2021 Masters - Z-Star XV, and Brooke Koepka 2023 PGA Championship - Z-Star Diamond)

Every golf ball in the Z-Star range is suited most to golfers with quicker swing speeds - because of the higher compression. Perhaps the best in this range is the Z-Star XV because of its all-round versatile performance. These balls are incredibly durable for a premium golf ball, which is something you don't always find. Playing with a durable golf ball could save you money and shots.

For a full comparison of the Srixon Z-Star range of golf balls have a look at the specifications. If you struggle to see your ball or lining it up on the greens the Z-Star Divide is available in half yellow, half white.

Read our full Srixon Z-Star XV golf balls review


  • High-durability golf balls
  • Good distance in the long game
  • Impressive spin and control around the greens
  • Very soft feel and nice feedback


  • Soft feel isn't everyone's preference
Construction 3-piece
Cover Urethane
Compression Z-Star - 92 | Z-Star XV; Z-Star Diamond - 102
Dimples 338
Feel Z-Star - softer | Z-Star XV; Z-Star Diamond - soft
Flight Z-Star - mid | Z-Star XV; Z-Star Diamond - mid-high
Long game spin Z-Star; Z-StarXV - low | Z-Star Diamond - mid
Short game spin Z-Star - highest | Z-Star XV - high | Z-Star Diamond - higher
Color options White; Yellow (Z-Star Diamond - white only)
Alternative models Z-Star Divide
  • Speed dimple pattern
  • Thin premium cover
  • Spin skin+ coating
  • Fastlayer DG core

The most cost-effective premium balls available to golfers

Best value premium golf balls

Rrp: $49.99

Price: $37.50
Bridgestone have a brilliant range of premium golf balls - the Tour B family - the best of which is the Tour B X. This is the most found Bridgestone golf ball in the professional game, used most notably by Jason Day and Matt Kuchar. Being the highest compression golf ball in the Tour B range (94) it's perhaps unsurprising this is the popular option among Tour players. Designed to help maximize distance, the Tour B X is very impressive off the tee and also just as astonishing around the greens, displaying high spin and control.

At such a reasonable price point it's clear to see why these balls are becoming more common in the bags of club golfers as well as the bags of esteemed Tour players. Designed for golfers with quicker swing speeds, every other golf ball in the Tour B range has a lower compression rating - so if you haven't got a swing like Jason Day, there are alternatives. To see which Bridgestone Tour B ball is best for you, head to the specifications.

Read our full Bridgestone Tour B X golf balls review


  • Soft golf balls which offer good control around the greens
  • Impressive spin with each golf ball
  • Good distance due to less drag during flight
  • Tour standard golf balls for a range of golfers


  • Aren't the most durable golf balls
Construction 3-piece
Cover Urethane
Compression Tour B X - 94 | Tour B XS - 84 | Tour B RX - 79 | Tour B RXS - 65
Dimples 338
Feel Tour B X; Tour B RX - soft | Tour B XS; Tour B RXS - softer
Flight Tour B X - lowest | Tour B XS - low | Tour B RX - low-mid | Tour B RXS - mid
Long game spin Tour B X; Tour B RX - lower | Tour B XS; Tour B RXS - low
Short game spin Tour B X; Tour B RX - high | Tour B XS; Tour BRXS - higher
Color options White; Yellow
  • REACTIV iQ urethane cover
  • Gradational compression core
  • Dual dimple technology
  • Seamless cover technology

A golf ball fit for Tour golf, especially around the greens

Best short game performance premium golf balls
Price: $39.99
PXG is very often synonymous with expensive, however, that is not the case with their Xtreme golf balls. They are incredibly reasonably priced, especially considering how well they perform around the greens. Quite often, it's in the short game where premium golf balls really shine compared to other golf balls, and the Xtreme's majorly impress.

They may not be a ball found in the bags of Tour pros, but that doesn't mean they don't perform as well as those golf balls. Being best suited to golfers with quicker swing speeds, they will most likely befit the best amateur golfers. The branding stamp on the ball is a very good alignment aid while putting and will hopefully help you roll in more putts.

Read our full PXG Xtreme golf balls review


  • Impressive greenside and short game spin
  • Good value for money
  • Durable urethane cover


  • Only available in white
Construction 3-piece
Cover Urethane
Compression 97
Dimples 338
Feel Soft
Flight Mid-high
Long game spin Low
Short game spin High
Color options White
  • High C.O.R polybutadiene core created for high-speed performance
  • Firm ionomer mantle layer engineered to increase speed and distance off the tee
  • Soft urethane bright white outer cover
  • 338 dimple pattern engineered to deliver aerodynamic characteristics

The longest premium golf ball

Best distance premium golf balls
Maxfli may not be a brand you would instantly consider when thinking of premium. However, the performance of their Tour range golf balls shatters any potential negative preconceptions. It's unlikely you will ever find a Maxfli Tour, Tour S, or Tour X being played on Tour, but that doesn't mean they aren't as good as the most represented balls in professional golf. The ball in this range which impressed us most is the Maxfli Tour X, which is capable of outdriving any premium golf ball.

The Tour X offers a soft feel from every club in the bag and exceptional short game performance to rival any of the other best premium golf balls - a winning combination when factoring in the impressive long game performance. Maxfli's Tour X golf balls may not be everyone's preference, to find which one will suit your game the most have a look at the specification for a comparison of all three balls in the Tour range.

Read our full Maxfli Tour X golf balls review


  • Incredible value for money
  • Premium performance at an affordable price
  • Soft feel and long distance
  • One of the more durable premium golf balls


  • Alignment isn't very clear, which won't suit everyone
Construction Tour; Tour S - 3-piece | Tour X - 4-piece
Cover Urethane
Compression Tour - 85 | Tour S - 80 | Tour X - 100
Dimples 318
Feel Tour - softer | Tour S - softest | Tour X - soft
Flight Tour - mid | Tour S | low-mid | Tour X - mid-high
Long game spin Low
Short game spin High
Color options White; Yellow
  • Center of gravity balanced
  • Soft cast urethane
  • Tetrahedron dimple pattern
  • Fast core
  • High-speed mantle

Titleist's lowest flight premium golf ball

Best low-flight premium golf balls
Alternative Retailers
DICK'S Sporting Goods
The AVX was first released in 2018 as their lowest flying, lowest spinning (off the tee), and softest feeling premium golf ball. Now in its third iteration, the AVX continues to deliver in all intended areas. There is often a false preconception this ball is inferior to the Pro V1 and Pro V1x but this isn't the case, it just suits a different type of golfer.

The golfer who will benefit from this ball is one with a slower swing speed than those who use either the Pro V1 or Pro V1x, someone who struggles with too much ball flight and spin or someone who wants a very soft feel. Titleist offers this ball in both white and yellow - and for those wanting extra alignment assistance, there is the AVX Enhanced Alignment.

Read our full Titleist AVX golf balls review


  • Very responsive in the short game
  • Incredibly soft premium golf ball
  • Really good long game performance
  • Low and penetrating ball flight perfect for windy conditions


  • Low ball flight won't suit everyone
Construction 3-piece
Cover Urethane
Compression 77
Dimples 348
Feel Very soft
Flight Low
Log game spin Low
Short game spin High
Color options White; Yellow
Alternative models AVX Enhanced Alignment
  • High speed core formulation
  • High flex casing layer
  • Softer cast urethane elastomer cover system
  • Spherically-tiled 348 catenary dimple design

A firm feeling premium golf ball offering impressive responsivity

Best firm feeling premium golf balls
Price: $49.99
When discussing golf balls, the word firm isn't often attributed to premium balls, but it is with the Wilson Staff Model. The vast majority of golfers prefer softer-feeling golf balls, so this may not be one many of you will instantly consider - but maybe you should. The performance of this ball is a worthy challenger to the other best premium golf balls.

The Staff Model golf balls were designed with players' influence in order to produce a premium golf ball worthy of being played in professional golf. The Wilson Staff Model golf balls perform incredibly well off the tee with good distance and spin numbers. While around the greens, the balls behave very well with admirable spin and control. The response from these balls is very strong thanks to the firm feel - this may not suit everyone.

There is also an unpainted version of this ball (Staff Model R) which is designed to travel better, with less drag, and produce more spin and control than the painted version (it's hard to see any difference).

Read our full Wilson Staff Model golf balls review


  • Very strong feel from every club in the bag
  • Impressive stopping power when approaching greens
  • Good long game distance and penetrating ball flight
  • Raw finish is exceptionally durable


  • Firm feeling won't suit everyone
Construction 4-piece
Cover Urethane
Compression 100
Dimples 362
Feel Firmer
Flight Mid
Long game spin Low
Short game spin High
Color options White
Alternative options Staff Model R
  • V-COR advanced performance
  • 4-Layer spin and control
  • 3SIX2 seamless urethane cover

Fantastic range of premium direct-to-consumer golf balls to suit multiple golfers

Best direct-to-consumer range of premium golf balls
Price: £25/$29 (From)
Seed first introduced themselves to the golf ball market eight years ago, and since then, their reputation has grown massively thanks to their excellent performance premium golf balls. Their premium balls are so well respected that their SD-01 was the official ball of the PGA EuroPro Tour (before it ended in 2022) - a major achievement for a company that has only existed since 2015.

This range of premium golf balls won't suit every golfer, they are tailored more to those with quicker swing speeds. Each one of these balls produces optimum spin in the long and short game, providing impressive performance from tee to green. Seed are a direct-to-consumer (DTC) company and you can benefit from a discount if you subscribe to receive a delivery of your favorite balls every one, two, or three months.


  • SD-01 was the official ball of the PGA EauroPro Tour before it ended in 2022
  • Really good subscription service at a very affordable price
  • Incredible performance to battle the major brands' premium golf balls


  • Logo on the ball may be off-putting for some golfers
Construction <meta charset
Cover Urethane
Compression Tour
Dimples SD-01; SD-02 - 336 | SD-X1 - 332
Feel SD-01; SD-X1 - soft | SD-02 - medium
Flight SD-01 - high | SD-02 - low | SD-X1 - mid
Long game spin SD-01 - very low | SD-02; SD-X1 - low
Short game spin SD-01; SD-X1 - high | SD-02 - max
Color options SD-01 - White; Yellow | SD-02; SD-X1 - White
Alternative models SD-01 - The Jack
  • High energy rubber core
  • Ultra thin DuPont HPF mantle
  • Larger SpeedSpeed core

Brilliant option premium golf balls for those who like to bulk buy

Best multibuy range of premium golf balls
Alternative Retailers
Vice are perhaps the most well-known direct-to-consumer (DTC) golf ball manufacturer. They began across the Atlantic in 2012 before expanding to the US market in 2015. Their range of golf balls has grown during their existence, and they now produce three premium golf balls to accommodate the needs of multiple golfers.

DTC golf balls tend to be cheaper than balls manufactured by the major brands, and Vice's premium golf balls become cheaper the ball dozens you add to your basket - perfect for those who like to buy in bulk. Every ball in Vice's premium range is available in multiple colors and patterns if you enjoy playing with a more vibrant golf ball. If you want to decrease how much you spend on premium golf balls without sacrificing performance, Vice is a fantastic brand to switch to.


  • Premium golf balls to rival the biggest golf ball manufacturers
  • Incredible savings when you purchase multiple boxes
  • Amazing value for money


  • Not the most durable premium golf balls
Construction Pro Plus - 4-piece | Pro; Pro Soft - 3-piece
Cover Urethane
Compression Pro Plus - 95 | Pro - 85 | Pro Soft - 70
Dimples Pro Plus - 336 | Pro; Pro Soft - 318
Feel Pro Plus - soft | Pro - softer | Pro Soft - softest
Flight Pro Plus - high | Pro - mid | Pro Soft - low-mid
Long game spin Pro Plus - high | Pro - mid | Pro Soft - low
Short game spin Pro Plus - higher | Pro - highest | Pro Soft - high
Color options White; Red; Lime | Pro - Ice blue | Pro Soft - Coral; Peach; Blue
Alternative models Drip | Pro Plus; Pro - Shade
  • Keep in line putt-line
  • Energy speed core

Cut's extremely affordable premium golf balls

Best value direct-to-consumer premium golf balls

Rrp: $29.95

Price: $24.88
You may not be familiar with Cut, a direct-to-consumer (DTC) golf ball manufacturer that prides themselves on delivering quality golf balls with a no-nonsense approach. Cut's four-piece premium golf ball is incredibly good value for money, considering the performance rivals the premium golf balls of golf's heavyweights. Cut was founded in 2017 and they have flourished in the years that have followed.

The DC golf balls are intended to compete with the best premium golf balls, and they definitely deliver. The balls travel very well from the tee box, they are incredibly receptive in the short game, and the soft feel is high quality. The DCs are best suited to golfers with quicker swing speeds because of the higher compression rating (105). So, if you're a better golf with a quick swing speed and saving money without sacrificing performance sounds good to you then give the Cut DCs a try.


  • Incredible value for money
  • Impressive tee-to-green performance
  • Clear line for alignment purposes


  • Only available in the US
Construction 4-piece
Cover Urethane
Compression 105
Dimples 360
Feel Soft
Flight High
Long game spin Low
Short game spin High
Color options White; Yellow
  • USGA conforming
  • Comparable to well-established golf ball manufacturers

Best premium golf balls: Buying guide

How to choose the best premium golf balls

Ensuring you’re playing with the best golf balls for your game cannot be overstated. Playing with the right ball can help you play your best golf, lowering your scores and making you have more fun on the course. When choosing which balls are best for you there are many components to factor in. The following considerations may help you to find the ultimate golf ball for your game.


You may be a little bit skeptical as to how budget can be a factor when purchasing premium golf balls – but it can. Not all premium golf balls have to be expensive, you can save some money by choosing direct-to-consumer (DTC) golf balls. Alternatively, if you know you want a specific ball but it’s more than you want to spend, you could budget elsewhere in order to get the balls you desperately want.


Many of the best premium golf balls have a high compression rating, meaning they are best suited to golfers with quicker swing speeds. However, not every golf ball in this category follows suit, there are some options with a lower compression rating. Also, swing speed may not be the only determining factor if you are a better player with a more moderate swing speed because your strike may enable you to play with a higher compression golf ball.


As you can probably guess, every single one of these golf balls performs extremely well – in the correct hands. Golf balls perform differently based on the person using them. Therefore, it is massively important to ensure you are playing with the best balls for you in order to get the optimum performance from your golf balls. In turn, this should help you play more consistent golf to a better standard.


The majority of golfers will know what feel they prefer, but for those who don’t the best way to find out is by trying different golf balls to find out if you favor a softer or firmer feeling golf ball. There is no right or wrong with feel – unless it impacts on your performance.


Every ball comes with an alignment aid (often in the way of branding) but there are certain brands releasing models of their premium golf balls with enhanced alignment aids. These are brilliant if (like me) you struggle to line putts up, or even if you are an amazing putter they may help you too. I would suggest trying a ball with enhanced alignment just to discover if it has any benefit on your game.


More often than not golf balls are available in multiple colors, even if it is just white and yellow. Although there are numerous golf balls on the market which come in all sorts of quirky and vibrant colorways. Playing with a vibrant golf ball may help you and your playing partners locate the ball during flight and in the tall grass – which could help you not to lose as many balls, and lower your scores.

Best Premium Golf Balls 2024: FAQs

Why are premium golf balls more expensive?

Premium golf balls tend to be more expensive than any other golf balls because of the technology and materials used to make the balls. Also, because many of the brands’ premium golf balls are those used by Tour players extensive R&D goes into producing quality golf balls which demand a higher price.

How do I choose the right premium golf balls?

Most players playing with a premium golf ball, or looking to, will be playing golf to a good standard and may know what features they favor in a golf ball. If this is the case find a premium golf ball which you like and as long as it suits your game continue to play with it. If you don’t know what to look for, seek expert advice or book a ball fitting.

Are Titleist Pro V1’s the best golf balls?

Titleist’s Pro V1’s and Pro V1x’s are arguably the best produced golf balls because of their representation on Tour and the accolades they have achieved. They are potentially the most popular balls in golf too. Although they are so popular among pros and amateurs it doesn’t mean they are the best golf balls for everyone.

What golf ball does Rory McIlroy use?

Rory McIlroy plays with the TaylorMade TP5x.

How we test the best premium golf balls

The best premium golf balls have all been rigorously tested over a period of time for us to discover every golf ball’s performance, feel, sound, durability, distance, and spin – along with any other individual aspects of each golf ball. The majority of the best premium golf balls have been thoroughly tested in our second golf balls robot test.

Some of the best premium golf balls we test were provided by the brands, whereas others we had to acquire ourselves. We ensure we test as many options as possible to deliver as much information and insight as possible. Not only do we do this with golf balls, but also with each piece of golf equipment we test. For more information on how we test golf equipment read on here.

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