Maxfli Tour S 2023 Golf Balls Review

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  • TG Rating 4 out of 5
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  • Pros

    - Good distance in the long game 
    - Nice soft feel off every club in the bag
    - Spin and control around the greens better than expected 

  • Cons

    - Lower ball flight not desired by everyone

  • RRP £39.99

What we say...

The Maxfli Tour S golf balls offer premium performance and an incredibly soft feel.

There are three balls in Maxfli’s range of Tour golf balls: the Tour S, Tour and Tour X. Maxfli may not be a name you find on the tip of your tongue when discussing the best golf balls. However, this range of balls is a serious competitor.

With their Tour range of golf balls, Maxfli have improved the competition of the best premium golf balls. Every brand is striving to produce models of their premium golf balls better than the last in order to maintain popularity. Maxfli are offering a ball that competes with the best premium golf balls but at a lower price – what not to like?

Maxfli Tour S golf balls

Key Tech

Thanks to the technology within the Tour S this ball is more than capable of competing with the best golf balls on the market. While the technology may not be as innovative as some of those other brands the technology in the Tour S makes the ball perform exceptionally well. So, what technology have Maxfli put into the Tour S?

Center of Gravity Balanced

This is Maxfli’s patented balancing process, when combined with the new alignment aid improves consistency and accuracy.

Soft Cast Urethane

The soft cast urethane cover is what gives the Maxfli Tour its soft feel and additional greenside spin.

Tetrahedron Dimple Pattern

In order to optimize aerodynamics, the Tour golf balls sport a tetrahedron dimple pattern which improves ball flight by reducing drag allowing the ball to travel further.

Fast Core

This is Maxfli’s new core which has been designed to increase ball speeds giving explosive distance off the tee.

High-Speed Mantle

The new high-speed mantle delivers faster ball speed and helps to reduce spin on long distance shots.

Maxfli Tour ball range comparison

Which Maxfli Tour golf ball should I play?

Maxfli offers three different options in their range of Tour golf balls. All of which have slightly different properties intended to behave dissimilar to the others. Depending on what you want from your ball, where you play, and desired flight all impact which ball you should be playing with.

If you are looking for a ball which flies low and offers less spin than the other Tour range golf balls the Maxfli Tour S is the ball you most likely need. The Tour S is a 3-piece urethane cover construction golf ball which provides the softest feel of all the Maxfli Tour range golf balls. Also, this ball is ideal for links golf and windy conditions.

The Maxfli Tour is also a 3-piece urethane cover construction which is not as soft as the Tour S but softer than the Tour X. This ball sits in between the two other Tour golf ball options with regard to ball flight and iron spin – offering mid flight and mid spin.  

Last of the three Tour options is the Tour X which is a 4-piece urethane cover construction golf ball. It is still soft feeling, but it is the hardest of the three Tour range golf balls. The Tour X is designed to fly higher and generate more spin from iron shots.

Maxfli Tour S availability

The Tour S golf balls are available in white and yellow. The balls are traditionally numbered from 1 to 4.

The balls are available to purchase from numerous retailers in the US at an RRP of $39.99; a great competitor to the best golf balls and certainly worth playing. Maxfli golf balls aren’t as readily available in the UK but they can still be purchased.

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Product Information

Maxfli Tour S

RRP: £39.99 per dozen | VIEW UK OFFER | $39.99 per dozen | VIEW US OFFER 

Construction: Three-piece golf ball

Cover: 318-dimple urethane cover

Colors: White; Yellow

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