Best Odyssey Putters 2024: Should you go for the AI-One, AI-One Milled, or Counter Balanced Cruiser family?

Which Odyssey putter is right for you? I analyze each model from the No.1 putter brand to find the best option for your game.

Callaway-owned Odyssey are never shy shouting about how they make the best putters in the world. And why shouldn’t they, when by every metric (tour wins, tour usage, and consumer sales) Odyssey dominates the market. But how do you know which is the best Odyssey putter for your game?

The company’s story began back in 1991 from very humble beginnings. Their initial USP was making polymer insert putters (which are now ubiquitous) that brought a new feel and sound to holing-out. They were so popular that within 5 years Nick Faldo had won a Masters title wielding the brand’s Rossie mallet.

In 1997 Callaway, who at the time were struggling to crack the putter market, spotted the brand’s potential and snapped them up as part of their portfolio. Their ambition was to create the best putters available. Since then the brand has dedicated itself to designing and making flatsticks that challenge boundaries and perceptions while bringing better performance to pros and amateurs alike.

For 2024 Odyssey has three major putter families that they feel satisfy the needs of golfers thanks to the brilliance of their AI-designed face insert.

The AI-One, AI-Milled and AI One Cruiser putter families

Historically Odyssey sticks to producing their most popular tour-proven head shapes and builds in whatever new insert, finish, or shaft technology story their engineers come up with. This means in 2024 the choice comes down to the AI-One (cast with a urethane and aluminum face insert), AI-One Milled (CNC Milled with a titanium face insert), and the AI-One Cruiser (Counter Balanced).

Just remember Odyssey like TaylorMade and Ping make lots of models not because they want you to like them all, but because they want you to love a single one. Below I’ll help you identify your perfect Odyssey putter.  

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How we tested the putters

To help you find the best Ping putter for your game, we’ve looked at all 17 of the company’s latest models. 

TG Equipment Editor Simon Daddow and Test Pro Neil Wain both putted to a hole 15 feet away and hit at least 20 putts with each model tested. We listened for sound, looked for how putts rolled across the surface of the green, and gauged the feel and feedback off the putter face. We considered the grip size, shape, and texture, whilst also paying attention to the shaft and the stability on off-center hits.

While we normally share all the data from our golf club tests, we don’t do that with putters. We do however use a Foresight GC Quad launch monitor in putting mode to measure and gauge the roll, topspin, and skid of every putt hit, but over the years we’ve learned that putting data is more player- and day-dependent than any other club in the bag. 

So, whilst we use this data for analysis, we don’t base big decisions or recommendations on it, as history shows data is very likely to be different on another day’s testing. Essentially, we’re not comfortable making huge claims that one putter rolls better than another, because we know that on another day’s testing, the roles could be reversed. 

You can read all about how TG tests golf equipment here.

What type of putter do you need?

All leading manufacturers – including TaylorMade, Odyssey, and Ping – offer a wide range of putters in different shapes, sizes, styles, and types, so how do you know where to start?

The biggest decision when choosing a new putter is whether you want a blade putter, a mallet putter, or a super-stable high MOI putter. 

Blade putters

Blades are the most traditional-looking putters. They are typically quite slim, with a narrow footprint and profile. Blade putters traditionally have had toe hang, which means they suit golfers with an arced putting stroke, although face-balanced blade putters are available for those with straight back-and-through strokes today.

There has been a trend towards wider-bodied blade putters recently, which sit between a mallet and a blade and offer a bit more forgiveness and reassurance than a very slim body putter. Blade putters are less forgiving than mallet and MOI models as they twist more on off-center hits, which leads to putts losing energy so they travel less far, which can of course up your 3-putt percentage. 

An image to show the body shape difference between an Odyssey Blade, Mallet and MOI putter

Mallet putters

Mallet putters tend to have a bigger footprint than blades, although the blade length from heel to toe is often shorter. 

The wider body offers greater distance consistency on off-center strikes than you get with a blade, which can really help as you’ll be surprised how often you miss the middle of the face, particularly on longer putts.

MOI putters

This area of the market has really taken off in the last decade as all types of golfers have realized the performance benefits of super-stable putters. 

Quite simply, you’re making the game harder by using a narrow-blade putter rather than an MOI Putter, especially on longer putts. 

If you can accept the somewhat unconventional looks of the best MOI models, you’re giving yourself maximum benefit. It’s important to love the look of your putter, though, as confidence is such a huge part of the game on the greens.

Best Odyssey Putter 2024

Best Odyssey Blade putter: Odyssey AI-One Double Wide / View US Offer / View UK Offer

Best Odyssey CNC Milled Blade putter: Odyssey AI-One Milled Two T / View US Offer / View UK Offer

Best Odyssey Mallet putter: Odyssey AI-One Rossie / View US Offer / View UK Offer

Best Odyssey CNC Milled Mallet putter: Odyssey AI-One Milled Three T / View US Offer / View UK Offer

Best Odyssey Counter Balanced putter: Odyssey AI-One Jailbird Cruiser / View US Offer / View UK Offer

Best Odyssey putter for MOI performance: Odyssey AI-One Jailbird Mini / View US Offer / View UK Offer

Best Odyssey fang style putter: Odyssey AI-One Seven / View US Offer / View UK Offer

Best Odyssey CNC Milled putter for MOI performance: Odyssey AI-One Milled Eleven T / View US Offer / View UK Offer

Everything you need to know about Odyssey AI-One putters

Odyssey’s whole story for 2024 evolves around the AI-designed insert that they legally claim is 21% more accurate than a traditional putter. When tested against a regular putter the ridged-shaped back of the AI-One insert speeds up off-center putts making the sweet spot effectively larger.

An image to show the difference in shape between the family of Odyssey AI-One blade and mallet putters in the play position

The idea means off-center putts travel just as far as on-center strikes, which over time will help reduce your three-putt percentage. Expect the type of soft insert feel you’d normally get from an Odyssey White Hot OG putter as even though the face is milled from aluminum there’s a soft urethane backer to tone down impact sound and vibration.

An image to show the difference in shape between the Odyssey AI-One MOI putters in the play position

Jon Rahm was so impressed with the concept he stuck the AI-One Rossie in his bag the week of the high-pressure 2023 Ryder Cup, the wand has stayed put ever since. There’s seven tour-proven head shapes to choose from, here’s my pick for 2024.           

The best Odyssey blade putter
‘Forgiving’ and ‘blade’ used to be two words never uttered in the same sentence. But putter trends have changed so much over recent years wide body blades are now a popular trend. The market has developed so much today that forgiving blades could be a separate category, a concept that would never have been entertained just a few years ago.
Last year Odyssey’s Tri-Hot 5K Triple Wide featured among our award-winning blade putters whereas this year thanks to the AI insert tech helping to ensure on and off-center putts travel the same distance the AI-One Double Wide has taken up the baton.

I love this head shape with a face-balanced double bend shaft as I’ve always liked the look of blades but thanks to swinging the putter straight down the line the toe hang often fights rather than helps my dancefloor game.     
I’d love to say Odyssey’s Ai family has the capacity to ensure you never three-putt again but obviously, that’s just not true, even though the company can legally claim their insert will on average hit off-center impacts 21% closer to the hole.

I’ve used the Double Wide for three months and have been impressed with my distance judgment, I’ve also holed several pressure putts which might ordinarily have got away. I can’t specifically put that down to the AI tech but what the Double Wide head and AI face insert have given me is bundles of confidence which isn’t always the case on the greens.
I’ve seen enough from the AI-One family during our 2024 test sessions to say if you’re looking at premium new putters in 2024, irrespective of whether they’re blade, mallet, or MOI models and you don’t at least trial an Odyssey AI model then you’re not doing your game justice.

Odyssey AI-One Double Wide DB (Double Bend)
Head Weight: 360g Toe Hang: 20°
View Offer US / View Offer UK

Odyssey AI-One Double Wide CH (Cranked Hosel)
Head Weight: 360g Toe Hang: 37°
View Offer US / View Offer UK

Read our full Odyssey AI-One Double Wide putter review.


  • The wider head is more forgiving than a traditional narrow body blade
  • The blue PVD finish is super sleek and elegant
  • The AI face tech will help cut your 3-putt percentage


  • A very difficult putter to fault
Stock shaft: Odyssey AI-One Steel
Stock grip: Odyssey AI-One Pistol
The best Odyssey mallet putter
The modern-day Rossie mid-mallet is much bigger than Odyssey’s original (that Nick Faldo used to win the Masters in 1996), but it remains a really good-looking putter and is one of the best mallet putters available. Expect a much more classic flowing curves mallet than the straight-back AI-One Milled Three T, so I feel this will fit the bill for slightly more traditional putter fans.

Two different toe-hang setups mean this model can suit very different stroke shapes. Select the DB (Double Bend) for a face-balanced head that will suit straighter stroke players, where the S (Slant Neck) which comes with 36° of toe hang, tends to be a better fit for more arcing strokes.

By choosing this model you’ll be playing the same putter as World #7 Jon Rahm.

Odyssey AI-One Rossie DB (Double Bend)
Head Weight: 360g Toe Hang: 0° Face Balanced
View Offer US / View Offer UK

Odyssey AI-One Rossie S (Slant Neck)
Head Weight: 360g Toe Hang: 46°
View Offer US / View Offer UK

Read our full Odyssey AI-One Rossie putter review.


  • A very cute and traditionally shaped mallet
  • There are two hosel options
  • There are three stock shaft lengths


  • This model is not that forgiving on off-center hits
Stock shaft: Odyssey AI-One Steel
Stock grip: Odyssey AI-One Pistol
The best Odyssey putter for MOI performance
The popularity of the Jailbird head shape has sky-rocketed since Wyndham Clark and Rickie Fowler put the model back on the map in 2023. So much so you won't find a hotter putter profile in 2024.

I love the combination of the head size, the black, white, black cosmetics, the face tech story, and the high stability of this model. It's a putter I'd want in my own bag as it offers a true belt and bracers approach to putting.

If your dancefloor game suffers from a lack of confidence or you just want maximum alignment help the Jailbird Mini holds all the keys to unlocking additional putting performance irrespective of your ability. Two hosel setups mean the model can suit straighter and slight arc putting strokes.

Odyssey AI-One Jailbird Mini DB (Double Bend)
Head Weight: 360g Toe Hang: 0° Face Balanced
View Offer US / View Offer UK

Odyssey AI-One Jailbird Mini CH (Cranked Hosel)
Head Weight: 360g Toe Hang: 15°
View Offer US / View Offer UK


  • The black, white, black color scheme is great for alignment
  • A brilliant model for boosting confidence on the dancefloor
  • Expect super head stability


  • Genuinely this is a putter that can't be faulted
Stock shaft: Odyssey AI-One Steel
Stock grip: Odyssey AI-One Pistol
The best Odyssey fang style putter
Odyssey Seven putters have been used by everyone from Open Champions to average hackers, which means this modern fang-shaped model comes with a huge pedigree. The head is a great combination of stability and feel, with golf ball width alignment cues and a sightline to highlight impact position perfectly.
With three different hosel set-ups to choose from, you don't need to be Einstein to spot this is a hugely popular head shape for Odyssey. It means no matter what your stroke shape there's a Seven model to suit you.

If you're in the market for a proven great modern putter and don't want to spend ages getting fitted or trialing different designs this is the perfect place to start.

Odyssey AI-One Seven DB (Double Bend)
Head Weight: 360g Toe Hang: 0° Face Balanced
View Offer US / View Offer UK

Odyssey AI-One Seven CH (Cranked Hosel)
Head Weight: 360g Toe Hang: 10°
View Offer US / View Offer UK

Odyssey AI-One Seven S (Slant Neck)
Head Weight: 360g Toe Hang: 40°
View Offer US / View Offer UK


  • The Seven is Odyssey's most tour validated head shape
  • The fang-shaped back is great for highlighting the putter's path
  • A brilliant putter for 'framing' the ball at address


  • This head shape is more than a decade old
Stock shaft: Odyssey AI-One Steel
Stock grip: Odyssey AI-One Pistol

Everything you need to know about Odyssey AI-One Milled putters

Odyssey would love to create just one putter family and sell them to everyone, but they’re well aware different types of golfers want different things from their favorite flatsticks. With lots of golfers putting a premium on the accuracy, consistency, and feel of CNC Milled putters it’s inevitable the company has also made a Milled AI family to.

To get the right sound and impact feel the Milled family comes with their own unique titanium face inserts, as the material needs to be tuned differently to offer the same performance as the AI One aluminum and urethane models.

With seven different Milled head shapes to choose from it’s possible to get your hands on a great blade, mallet, or MOI model within this family. Thanks to the CNC milling process being more costly and time-consuming expect the Milled family to set you back £160 more than the AI-One.              

The best Odyssey CNC Milled blade putter
See the #2 as Odyssey’s alternative to a Scotty Cameron Newport 2 profile (which of course was the putter shape favoured by Tiger Woods for 14 of his 15 major wins) and you’ll be thinking exactly along the right lines. This 355g model comes with 45° of toe hang so realistically it will best suit slight arc players and those with plenty of rotation in their stroke.     
Odyssey doesn't have a massive pedigree for making brilliant CNC-milled blade putters but I'd suggest thanks to the AI face tech the #2 is probably a fraction more forgiving than most, which this year I feel makes this model a viable and worthwhile option.           

Odyssey AI-One Milled #2
Head Weight: 355g Toe Hang: 45°
View Offer US / View Offer UK


  • Blade putter shapes don't come any more classic
  • The finishing is top-notch
  • There's a fraction more forgiveness than most blade putters


  • The price is eye-watering
Stock shaft: Odyssey AI-One Steel
Stock grip: Odyssey AI-One Milled Pistol
The best Odyssey CNC milled mallet putter
Odyssey are brilliant at sticking with tour and consumer-proven putter head shapes and building in whatever new tech they come up with into them. The Three T shape has been an award winner here at TG before and I still love the idea of the flat/square back running parallel to the face which makes this model super attractive within the best mallet category. Where mallet putters have traditionally had more flowing and rounded head shapes, especially to the rear, the Three T is blunt and straight which to me helps highlight where the face is pointing.
You will need to love and appreciate the beauty of CNC Milled putters to buy into the Three T as at £449 they really don’t come cheap. But having been to the global launch of the whole AI family at PGA Frisco in Texas, I can confidently say putter designs don’t come any more complex.

The work and effort Odyssey has put into developing their AI face story is second to none and while lots of clubs golfers will likely struggle to know if the face tech helps putts finish 21% closer to the hole as the brand claims, over the course of a season I’d happily wager a months mortgage payment that most golfers will see an improvement in their 3-putt percentage using the tech.
With significant amounts of toe hang the Three T isn’t a model for all strokes, you will need a decent amount of arc, rotation, or like feeling the putter release through impact to deploy this model at maximum efficiency.

Personally, I really like the slightly firmer feel and faster ball speed off the titanium insert of the AI-One Milled series as I typically use a softer, lower-compression golf ball. To me, the feel and roll are better for all year-round performance in the UK but I completely appreciate golfers who play on seriously quick greens in the USA might like teaming the softer White Hot insert of the standard (non-CNC-milled) AI One putter family, with a firmer compression golf ball.             
All in if a beautifully made mallet putter is on your shopping list in 2024 I’d seriously recommend having the Three T right near the top of the models to try.
Odyssey AI-One Milled Three T
Head Weight: 355g Toe Hang: 45°
View Offer US / View Offer UK

Read our full Odyssey AI-One Milled Three T putter review


  • The straight-back shape helps aid alignment
  • The cavity back size creates a subtle golf ball width alignment feature
  • The finish quality and detailing are second to none


  • Only available with lots of toe hang
Stock shaft: Odyssey AI-One Steel
Stock grip: Odyssey AI-One Milled Pistol
The best Odyssey CNC Milled putter for MOI performance
The Eleven was the putter head shape that Odyssey originally designed to take on the TaylorMade Spider Tour when it first started bossing tour counts back in 2017/18. Consequently, it was the brand's first stab at making a high MOI putter.

Odyssey says the Eleven is designed to attack a forward center of gravity (CG), so golfers get a blade-like launch and feel, as the CG is ¼ of an inch further forward (closer to the face) than lots of other leading MOI models.

The forward CG gives a tighter dispersion ellipse as the putter rotates around a smaller arc than most MOI putter models, so this is an excellent choice for golfers who like premium CNC Milled putters but also want MOI performance. Personally I also really like the straight edges and angular shape of the head which I find is easy to setup square to my target as I like to try and swing the putter straight up and down my target line.

There are not huge amounts of brilliant CNC-milled MOI putters on the market, in my book the AI-One Milled Eleven is one of the very few I'd use my own cash to buy.

Odyssey AI-One Milled Eleven T
Head Weight: 360g Toe Hang: 0° Face Balanced
View Offer US / View Offer UK


  • A very stable putter on off-center hits
  • The head's straight edges make alignment really easy
  • The bold sightline looks great sat behind an alignment stripe golf ball


  • There's only one hosel option
Stock shaft: Odyssey AI-One Steel
Stock grip: Odyssey AI-One Milled Pistol

Everything you need to know about the Odyssey AI-One Cruiser putters

It’s taken an age for counter-balanced putters to get their chance in the spotlight but boy did they perform front and center stage in 2023. Wyndham Clark used a counter-balanced putter to bag last year’s US Open, as did Brian Harman at the Open Championship. Rickie Fowler’s resurgence to make the Ryder Cup team was in part down to his counter-balanced putter too. With so much talk about counter-balanced putters and with the concept bagging the game’s biggest trophies putter makers were always going to cash in for 2024.    

The three model Odyssey AI-One Cruiser family of putters in the play position

Where typically putters have shaft lengths of 34” or 35” the three-model Cruiser family runs to 38”. At this length Odyssey up the headweight (by 20g on the popular #7 shape) which forces golfers to use the bigger shoulder muscles to swing the putter rather than flicking at putts with the wrists.

It’s a lovely concept so long as you’re happy wielding a longer shaft length and feel you can confidently control the pace of putts from distance, which can be more challenging with heavier head putters. All three Cruiser head shapes come with the same AI-designed aluminium and urethane face insert as the AI One family.         

The best Odyssey Counter Balanced putter
The Jailbird has re-emerged as a firm tour favorite over the last 12 months thanks primarily to Rickie Fowler regaining form using the model, and Wyndham Clark wielding a Versa Jailbird when lifting the US Open in June 2023. 

This and the smaller Jailbird Mini, within the standard Ai-One family are the only two models to feature the black, white, black Versa color scheme that is great for highlighting aim.

If you're looking to explore counter-balanced putters you absolutely have to look at this cracking model alongside the TaylorMade Spider Tour S. The combination of the Jailbird's alignment tech, a super stable wide body, and the new AI face tech set it apart as one of the top two counter-balanced putters on the market. Just be aware if you're under average height its long length does have a tendency to get snagged in clothing.

Odyssey AI-One Jailbird Cruiser
Head Weight: 380g Toe Hang: 0° Face Balanced
View Offer US / View Offer UK

Read our full Odyssey AI-One Cruiser putter review


  • The overall stability is excellent
  • The black and white cosmetics are great for highlighting alignment of the blade
  • The big head size is so reassuring


  • Only available at a 38" length
Stock shaft: Odyssey AI-One Cruiser Steel 38"
Stock grip: Odyssey AI-One Cruiser 17"

Buying advice & FAQs

Jon Rahm using an Odyssey Ai-One Rossie S putter at the Ryder Cup

Which putters do Jon Rahm, Xander Schauffele and Sam Burns use?

There’s lots more pros out on tour who put their trust in Odyssey putters than just these three, but these headline players choose the AI-One Rossie (Jon Rahm), a red-coloured Odyssey Toulon Design Las Vegas Prototype (Xander Schauffele) and the AI-One #7S (Sam Burns).

Do I get a grip choice when buying an Odyssey putter?

In the UK even though you can order directly from the Odyssey EU website there isn’t currently the ability to chop and change shaft and grip models like you can with some brands.

A close up of the stock Odyssey Ai-One Stroke Lab putter shaft and grip

However, in the USA by ordering directly through the company’s website there is a ‘Club Configurator’ which offers a small selection of grip and shaft options. Most options come with an upcharge but it’s a great way to design your ultimate putter.  

Which Odyssey putter is most forgiving?

Odyssey like most putter brands don’t like giving out MOI details for their putters which makes it tough to identify exactly which is the most forgiving. There’s little doubt the MOI of the Cruiser family will be higher (that’s for the entire club and head alone) as they are significantly heavier which makes them harder to rotate.

If you’re looking for a standard-length putter with a high MOI head I’d be looking at the Odyssey AI-One Milled Eleven, plus the Jailbird and #7 from the AI-One lineup as the most forgiving options within each family.   

Do Odyssey AI-designed face inserts really hole more putts?

That’s a really tough question to answer in the real world, as just because a putter holes more putts on one day doesn’t mean to say it will do the same on any following occasionally.

Odyssey doesn’t actually say their AI face will hole you more putts. Instead, they can legally claim it will hit off-center putts 21% closer to the hole, which will over time help cut your three-putt percentage. Over the course of a season, I believe the tech will be of use to golfers, and if we all cut just one three-putt from every round we’d reduce our handicaps, which is serious food for thought.

A graphic showing the difference in sweetspot size from the Ai-One putter to a traditional model

Interestingly lots of other putter brands are now talking about speeding up off-center putts and slowing down centered impacts to normalize distance control, which is essentially exactly what Odyssey claims as the AI tech increases the size of the sweetspot.    

Can I customize my Odyssey putter?

Currently, apart from a small array of shaft and grip options, it’s not possible to completely personalize your new Odyssey putter in the same way you can with TaylorMade’s MySpider platform. However if you’re after something special Odyssey does create smaller batch limited editions and line extensions like the current Tour Bag Collection, which are set up with the same features regularly requested by tour players.    

The contoured back of both the Ai-One and Ai-One Milled putter face inserts

Which Odyssey face insert is best?

Over the years Odyssey have tried and tested multiple different face insert materials and roll-improving tech like the MicroHinge. However, the company got more requests from tour players for their famous White Hot urethane insert than any other which led to the reintroduction of the White Hot in 2021.

The White Hot offers an excellent blend of short putt feel with longer putt firmness and control so most would argue it’s Odyssey’s finest ever putter face insert.  

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