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Danish shoe specialists Ecco entered the golf industry in 1994, quickly establishing themselves as major players in the market, and have been consistently making some of the best golf shoes ever since.

Ecco has a well-deserved reputation for excellence, having brought out many ground-breaking and hugely popular models. The likes of Henrik Stenson, Erik van Rooyen, Thomas Bjorn, and Lydia Ko have become well-known faces of the brand, along with Fred Couples who together with Ecco played a huge role in creating the spikeless golf shoe that is so common today.

Best At A Glance:

Best spikeless Ecco golf shoe: Ecco Biom H4 | BUY NOW – US | BUY NOW – UK

Best spiked Ecco golf shoe: Ecco Bio G5 | BUY NOW – US | BUY NOW – UK

The 2010 Masters was a landmark moment in Ecco’s history, when the then 50-year-old Couples became the first golfer to lead a Major while wearing spikeless shoes, leading to countless questions about his footwear in his post-round press conference.

The American went on to finish 6th but had gained some $55 million of unpaid publicity for the brand and made Ecco the 11th most Googled term in the world. It proved to be the turning point in spikeless shoes becoming a mainstream alternative to spiked golf shoes.

Fred Couples wearing Ecco's spikeless shoes at the 2010 Masters.

The brand has continued to grow since then, particularly as a result of making some of the best spikeless golf shoes available, so let’s take a look at the best Ecco golf shoes for 2024.

Best Ecco Golf Shoes

Perhaps one of the best golf shoes ever made

Best spikeless Ecco golf shoe
Price: £180.00 / $200.00 RRP (+£20 / $30 BOA)
The thing that makes Ecco's spikeless shoes stand out is their unrivaled grip and stability. It is genuinely hard to believe you are wearing spikeless shoes.

The grip and stability of the Ecco Biom H4 rival almost any spiked golf shoe, with the added comfort of a spikeless model. The Ecco Biom H4 really is a best-of-both-worlds situation.

The uppers are crafted from premium, durable, and thin leather, made in Ecco's own tanneries, providing natural protection from wind and water. This is enhanced with 100% waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX technology that keeps feet dry and comfortable in all conditions.

We've previously debated whether the Ecco Biom H4 is the best golf shoe ever made. It's certainly a firm favorite with TG Equipment Editor Simon Daddow, who wears Ecco Biom shoes on and off the golf course.


  • Outstanding grip and stability
  • 100% Gore-Tex waterproof protection
  • Sporty minimalist design


  • Sole picks up a fair amount of debris
Sizes (US/UK) 5-13.5 / 3.5-13
Sole Spikeless
Color options 6
BOA option Yes
Waterproof Yes

A blend of superior performance with a modern style

Best for comfort
Price: £180.00 / $220.00 RRP
Ecco really goes the extra mile when it comes to delivering comfort, and the S-Three's midsole features three different levels of softness in different parts of the foot.

The heel offers medium softness to ensure the right amount of cushioning and comfort, the central part of the midsole has higher levels of rigidity to deliver outstanding lateral stability throughout the swing, while the forefront of the midsole comes with the highest level of softness for exceptional walking comfort.

The transition is even featured as part of the sole design, which is a nice touch. A recent update has also seen the S-Three given a tongue that is thinner, lighter, and more fitted to the foot.


  • Fluidform technology offers excellent comfort
  • 100% Gore-Tex waterproof protection
  • Modern simple styling


  • Limited color options
Sizes (US/UK) 5-13.5 / 3.5-12.5
Sole Spikeless
Color options 13
BOA option No
Waterproof Yes

Breathable performance in a contemporary sneaker-style

Best for breathability
Price: $249.99
Regularly seen on the feet of popular YouTuber Rick Shiels, the Ecco Biom C4 offer a fantastic package of comfort, grip, and stability, in a trainer-style design we really like.

The Gore-Tex surround is combined with an Ecco "Exhuast Grid" that scoops fresh air towards the sole of your foot, making the Biom C4 one of the most breathable golf shoes you will find, and they're still 100% waterproof.


  • Highly breathable performance leather
  • 100% Gore-Tex waterproof protection
  • Good level of comfort


  • Mesh lining difficult to clean
Sizes (US/UK) 5-13.5 / 3.5-12.5
Sole Spikeless
Color options 7
BOA option No
Waterproof Yes

Timeless style meets innovative comfort

Best for classic style
Price: $220.00
Those preferring a more traditional-looking golf shoe will love the Ecco Classic Hybrid, a new model launched in 2023. The Classic Hybrid is undoubtedly the smartest-looking golf shoe Ecco makes.

Despite its classic looks, Ecco's Classic Hybrid offers a lightweight and flexible feel thanks to a soft leather lining and leather-covered OrthoLite insole.


  • Premium classic look
  • Lightweight
  • Surprisingly comfortable


  • Less ankle support than other models
Sizes (US/UK) 5-13.5 / 6-12.5
Sole Spikeless
Color options 2
BOA option No
Waterproof Yes

Outstanding traction and stability with a progressive design

Best spiked Ecco golf shoe
Price: £210.00 / $240.00 RRP (+£20 / $30 BOA)
The sporty-looking Ecco Biom G5 will appeal to golfers who insist on spiked golf shoes but don't want the traditional style of the Classic Hybrid.

The Biom G5 is an extremely lightweight golf shoe and generates excellent grip thanks to six cleats positioned on the very perimeter of the sole.

It's a great winter golf shoe, particularly in the BOA option, which saves messing around with dirty laces and cold hands.


  • One of the best-spiked golf shoes on the market
  • Excellent traction and stability
  • 100% Gore-Tex waterproof protection


  • Some will prefer a softer feel
Sizes (US/UK) 5.13.5 / 6.5-12.5
Sole Spiked
Color options 8
BOA option Yes
Waterproof Yes

A fresh, clean, lightweight, and contemporary style golf shoe

Best for casual style
Price: £140.00 / $200.00 RRP
The Ecco Biom Hybrid is the most casual-looking golf shoe Ecco makes, which is ideal if you're someone who likes to wear shoes on and off the course.

Despite the relaxed looks, it still offers excellent grip during the swing, and a water-repellant finish makes it a great shoe for most conditions.


  • Minimalist casual styling for on-and-off-course
  • Highly comfortable
  • Decent level of grip


  • The retro street style won't be for everyone
Sizes (US/UK) 5-14.5 / 3.5-12.5
Sole Spikeless
Color options 4
BOA option No
Waterproof No
We test the best Ecco golf shoes

Golf Shoes Buying Guide

How do we test golf shoes?

Here at Today’s Golfer, our team of carefully selected reviewers tests and assesses each product over an extended period of time. Having tested tens of thousands of products over the years, we know exactly what to look for. We will ask every possible question about each product that we review. With a range of everyday golfers testing products, you can rest assured that if it’s a situation that could arise for you on the golf course, we’ve already put the product through that scenario before recommending it.

With golf shoes, testing means wearing them for multiple rounds so we can determine the out-of-the-box performance in a variety of conditions. The overall performance of a product will depend on variables such as grip, durability, versatility, comfort, and fit.

We are lucky enough to attend product launches and meet the manufacturers to understand why they release a new product and its benefit to the consumer. The TG team pride ourselves on the fact that we understand and test all of our products to give you our honest and in-depth opinion on whether it is worth buying or not. The reviews and recommendations are there with you the readers as our highest priority, so we can recommend products that will help you improve your game.

See a full guide to how we test golf equipment.

How to choose a golf shoe

There are a number of different variables to consider when picking what’s going to be on your feet out on the course. To assist you along your shoe-buying journey we have put together what we think are key points to consider when buying your next pair.


The first thing we advise when buying any golf product is to set yourself a realistic budget and stick to it. You can spend anything from £50 to £300 on golf shoes, depending on the brand, style, tech, and materials.

With hundreds of different models available, setting a budget for your next golf shoes will help to narrow down your search.

If the brand isn’t important to you then you’re more likely to be able to spend less money than if your heart is set on a pair of current FootJoy or Ecco shoes for example.

If you’re just starting out in golf and this is your first pair of golf shoes, or you only play occasionally, we’d recommend setting a lower budget. Firstly, there’s no point in blowing a fortune on the shoes if you’re going to discover you don’t actually like the game as much as you hoped or only get on the course a couple of times a year. Secondly, the money you save on shoes can be spent adding other equipment, paying for some rounds, or getting yourself some lessons.

Spiked or spikeless

Many of the best golf shoes seen above and across the best brands now are split evenly between spiked and spikeless which both have their advantages and disadvantages.


Golf shoes with spikes tend to give better grip/traction out on the golf course with them having soft spikes placed around the outsole. Spiked shoes are the more durable option as they have replaceable spikes, meaning if you look after and replace them there should be no reason they won’t last a long time.

With spikes on the outsole, the shoe has added pressure points on the foot which can result in a slightly less comfortable fit. Spiked golf shoes are less versatile as they aren’t designed to be worn both on and off the golf course.


The Spikeless option may not give golfers as much traction as spiked golf shoes but they have come a long way in recent years. Spikeless golf shoes tend to feature small rubber molds on the outsole to aid grip, however, with technological advancements, companies are finding new ways to improve spikeless traction.

The use of compounds such as TPU has allowed brands like Under Armour and Ecco to produce a spikeless shoe that, when partnered with rubber molds, gives arguably as much traction as a spiked shoe. Spikeless shoes are becoming more and more durable, and modern styling makes them more attractive as an everyday shoe. With brands using tech from their running shoes in golf shoes, they are often uber-comfortable too.

Spikeless shoes are lighter and much more versatile. They’re a shoe that you can drive in and hit drives in.


Some of you may live in an area of the world that gets a lot of rain, making a waterproof shoe a must. Or you may be a golfer that likes to prepare for any outcome on the course and doesn’t want to be left with soggy feet from an unexpected shower.

In the UK, waterproof shoes can be a sensible option when picking out what to wear on the course. Many golfers buy a waterproof pair for winter, and a more breathable lightweight shoe for summer.

Buying a pair of shoes that are guaranteed waterproof can cost a little more so if you live in a part of the world where rain rarely falls then you can save yourself a bit of cash with a non-waterproof model.

Correct fit

Arguably the most important part of picking out a new golf shoe is getting something that fits your feet correctly. This will help prevent blisters and stop your feet from moving around, which can limit your control during the swing.

When putting on a shoe for the first time always make sure there is no pinching or movement. When your foot slides in you always check your toes fit at the end of the shoe and have a walk around in them to make sure they feel comfortable. We’d even recommend making a few golf swing motions to ensure they are fit for purpose.

Under Armour use ‘normal’ laces throughout their range of shoes. But most brands including FootJoy, adidas, Nike, and Ecco use a system called BOA. This lets you twist a dial to tighten the specially formulated laces and can provide a better fit that doesn’t loosen when playing. While BOA often creates a more secure fit, the look and feel aren’t for everyone and BOA models tend to be more expensive.


With your average round of golf being more than four hours, comfort is king when buying golf shoes. If your shoes are uncomfortable and hard-wearing on your feet, your mind will be distracted from playing good golf.

Try to find a shoe with good cushioning for the bottom of your foot and around the heel. Good heel and ankle support will keep your foot secure and will help with your golf swing.

You want to make sure that the shoe isn’t too soft as that may also hinder you in the long run as it won’t be as supportive. Finding a balance of support and comfort is what you should be looking for to make the most out of your new golf shoes.


Modern golf shoes come in many styles. It’s not all about the traditional look on the golf course anymore. A classic-looking shoe can now be seen next to the latest pair of sneakers on the tee box.

There are golf shoes out there for everyone, from brogues to lightweight, knitted models. You need to consider what shoes you wear and like wearing off the course and then you should have no trouble getting a style that suits you on the course.

We’d always recommend you thoroughly research all of the options and create a shortlist to try.

Testing the best Ecco golf shoes on the course

Best Golf Shoes: FAQs

What are considered to be the best golf shoes?

There is no real rhyme or reason as to what are the best golf shoes for playing in. All of the shoes on our list and many others on the market will provide a comfortable and supportive fit for you out on the golf course. The main thing you need to focus on when picking a new pair of golf shoes is something that fits well, is supportive, suits your style, and is ideal for the conditions you play golf in. If you are somewhere cold and wet it would be better to pick a spiked waterproof pair than someone who lives somewhere hot and dry they may need a spikeless breathable shoe.

Do any pro golfers wear spikeless golf shoes?

Most of the golfers on tour will and do wear spikeless golf shoes due to the fact each event chases the sun and rarely do they have adverse weather conditions. All of the courses at tour events around the world will offer up some of the best conditions to play golf in so spikeless shoes will offer pros enough grip to play at their best. Spiked shoes will make an appearance on tour if the weather takes a turn for the worst.

Do golf shoes really make a difference?

Golf shoes are one of the most essential things you need before taking to the course. Yes, many of the shoes above look like the sneakers you buy for day-to-day life but they’re purpose-built to deal with what golfers face during a 18 holes. Golf shoes are made to be walked in all day over different terrains and provide grip and traction during the golf swing to help you swing at your best. Regular shoes are not able to support your feet as much and may slide around.

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