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Eyeing up a new pair of shades this year? Today’s Golfer selects the best golf sunglasses to help protect your eyes and improve your game.

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Often overlooked as one of the best golf accessories is a quality pair of sunglasses, as many golfers tend to rely solely on headwear products, such as those shortlisted in our best caps 2024.

However, with our increasing understanding of the damage caused by ultraviolet (UV) light and the enhanced visual capabilities provided by developing lens technology, sunglasses should be involved more in the golf conversation. Overexposure to these bright rays not only causes strain and fatigue on your eye muscles over 18 holes but can also contribute to the deterioration of eye health long-term.

Ryder Cup legend Ian Poulter regularly wears sunglasses on the golf course.

Now, back to where you were!

Not only does a quality pair of sunglasses help protect from the dangers of UV light in the same way as one of the best golf polo shirts, but they provide considerable performance benefits. Polarized lenses enable golfers to see course features in vivid detail, enhancing color and contrast, while eliminating the challenges of the sun’s glare. That is why many of the World’s top players including Henrik Stenson, Adam Scott, and Rickie Fowler consider a pair of frames to be an essential in their bag. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with simply choosing a pair of shades to complete your look also, and why not try pairing your new shades with one of our best golf belts?

Best At A Glance

Best for contrast: Oakley Radar EV Path VIEW UK OFFERVIEW US OFFER

Best for golf performance: Henrik Stenson Stinger 3.0 VIEW UK OFFERVIEW US OFFER

Best for everyday style: Ray-Ban 4264 Chromance VIEW UK OFFERVIEW US OFFER

Best for reading greens: Julbo Renegade M VIEW UK OFFERVIEW US OFFER

Our guide to some of the best golf apparel demonstrates how golf brands constantly refine their products in line with the latest breakthroughs in science, technology, and engineering. The sports eyewear industry is no different, with cutting-edge design and lens innovation at the heart of every manufacturer included in our guide.

Now let’s head into our selection of the Best Golf Sunglasses…

Enhanced color and contrast with Prizm lens technology

Best for contrast
Price: $231.00
Alternative Retailers
Jenson USA
Oakley's Radar EV Path is a high-performance pair of sunglasses featuring all the technology you would expect from one of the world's most reputable sunglasses brands.

Evolving from the original Radar, the EV Path boasts a taller lens which enables an extended range of view in the upper peripheral region, which I found helpful for tracking ball flight.

The lightweight O Matter frame was flexible yet solid, and the unobtainium ear socks and nose pads kept the glasses firmly fixed throughout my swing.

Oakley's Prizm lens technology enhances color and contrast, making everything that much more defined on the course. The plutonite-constructed lenses are lightweight and block out harmful rays.

With an array of 16 Prizm lens color options, Oakley has covered style, comfort, and performance with these premium glasses.


  • Excellent fit
  • Taller lens for ball tracking
  • Loads of color options


  • Bold styling won't suit all tastes
Lens: Prizm
UV Filter Category: 3
Colors: 16
Gender: Unisex

A golf-specific pair of shades inspired by the tour

Best for golf performance
Price: £125.00 / $160.00 RRP
Sitting alongside version 3.0 of the Iceman and Torque, the Stinger 3.0 completes Henrik Stenson's line-up of functional sports frames that are growing in popularity across the World.

"Iceman" Stenson credits his nearly 20/20 eyesight to his commitment to eye protection throughout his career and has been fine-tuning his range of frames and lenses since launching the brand in 2017 to strike a balance between performance and style.

I found the Stinger 3.0 frames to be ultra-light, flexible, and stayed firmly in position with their three-point grip, enhanced by a soft-touch rubber formula.

The anti-scratch high-definition lens gave an exceptional visual experience, enhancing color and contrast that enabled easy ball tracking and helped with reading breaks on the green.

A great all-rounder, striking a balance between performance and style.


  • Designed by golfers for golfers
  • Excellent on course visuals
  • Iceman and Torque are equally good options


  • Limited color options
Lens: High-definition
UV Filter Category: 3
Colors: 4
Gender: Unisex

High-performing shades for high-performing athletes

Best for high-level sports
Price: £185.00 / $192.00 RRP
This looked every bit the part of a high-performance pair of sunglasses worn by professional athletes and is symbolic of Bolle's reputation for advanced design and creativity.

The light and comfortable half-rim frame felt performance-focused, providing an exceptional peripheral and horizontal field of vision, particularly useful when reading greens.

The Micro Edge is eco-designed with a 100% bio-based frame, adjustable nose piece, and temple grips made with renewable castor oil, demonstrating their commitment to sustainable manufacturing.

The Classic UV protection lenses provide a more affordable compared to Bolle's premium Phantom photochromic lenses that offer optimal clarity in all situations, or the Volt+ lenses with 30% color enhancement and increased depth perception.

The Micro Edge series is an impressive addition to the winter sports specialist's growing golf offering.


  • Exceptional color enhancement
  • Performance focussed
  • Eco-design


  • Not designed with casual wear in mind
Lens: Phantom
UV Filter Category: 3
Colors: 6
Gender: Unisex

British-made frames providing vivid color contrast

Best for use under a cap
Price: £52.49 / $60
The British-made, newly improved Waterloo frames are the latest innovation and most comprehensive sunglasses from Sunwise.

The polycarbonate frames are lightweight and durable, complete with rubber nose pads and sleeves, which provided a comfortable and secure fit. They felt comfortable under a cap which is particularly useful if you like to wear both.

I found the panoramic Chromafusion lens to provide vivid color contrast between various course features and can adapt to weather conditions due to the inbuilt anti-glare and anti-fog technology, useful for golfing in all seasons.

The wraparound design looks slick, and for a fraction of the cost of other household names, the Waterloo is a high-performing model worth considering if you do not require a choice of color options.


  • Comfortable fit under the cap
  • Good adaptability in all conditions


  • Others perform better in strong sunlight
Lens: Chromafusion
UV Filter Category: 2-3
Colors: Black
Gender: Unisex

Bold and rebellious polarized power

Best for vivid detail

Rrp: $199.00

Price: $119.97
Alternative Retailers
DICK'S Sporting Goods
Golf Galaxy
The American powerhouse describes the Mavericks as a "rebel on the outside and pure performance on the inside", and I found it hard to disagree. The Maverick is stylish and confident, offering a choice of seven different frame and lens color combinations.

The nylon frame is durable and lightweight, featuring a ventilated rubber nose bridge and temple arms that provided a soft yet firm grip.

On the performance side, the Maverick's polarized lenses were effective at reducing glare, and the Max Optics technology enabled me to view course features in exceptional detail, free from any distortion.

The Maverick certainly hits the mark if you are looking for a pair of sunglasses that perform and look the part both on and off the course.


  • A stylish look on and off the course
  • Vivid optics


  • Not the most athletic looking
Lens: Polarized
UV Filter Category: 3
Colors: 7
Gender: Unisex

Light-adjusting shades for active lifestyles

Best for multi-sport use
Price: £80.00 / $80.00 RRP
The Crit incorporates Tifosi's highest level of light-adjusting lens technology, transitioning from medium grey in low light when I started the round to dark grey as the sun became brighter throughout the day.

The Grilamid TR-90 nylon frame is light and tough, backing up Tifosi's "virtually indestructible" claims. The frames are complete with a slip-resistant hydrophilic rubber nose piece and arms, ensuring a custom and secure fit throughout the strike.

The polycarbonate lenses are impact resistant and include ventilation holes allowing you to prevent the risk of fogging when trying to hole that elusive birdie putt.

The wrapped lenses suit a large adult fit and guard perfectly from the sun, wind, sand, flies, and most importantly, provide 100% protection from harmful rays.

If a range of color options is not important to you, then the Tifosi Crit is a great choice, particularly if you have an active lifestyle.


  • Ideal for playing a variety of sports
  • Robust frame
  • Secure wraparound fit


  • Limited color options
Lens: Fototec Smoke
UV Filter Category: 2-3
Colors: Gunmetal
Gender: Unisex

Superior optics and protection from an iconic brand

Best for everyday style
Price: £204.00 / $239.00 RRP
Whilst not golf, or even sport-specific sunglasses, Ray-Ban's should not be overlooked as a potential option for the more fashion-conscious golfer who seeks a high-performing pair of sunglasses.

The RB4264 with Chromance lenses simply looks awesome, nothing less than you would expect from the iconic sunglasses brand, renowned for boasting superior optics and UV protection throughout its rich history.

The flexible nylon frame is bold and powerful and has a high-bridge fit which works well for those whose nose bridge is above the level of their pupils.

Make no mistake, the RB4264 is more than just a classic-looking pair of Ray-Bans. The Chromance lens technology maximizes contrast and enhances color, which provided a perfectly clear vision out on the course.  


  • Look fantastic off the course
  • Iconic brand
  • Great color and contrast


  • Bold non-active styling won't suit every taste
Lens: Chromance
UV Filter Category: 2-3
Colors: 6
Gender: Unisex

The most chilled sunglasses on the course

Best for intense sunlight
Price: £233.00 / $279.00
Giving off tropical Hawaiian vibes since 1987, Mauri Jim exists to bring brilliant colors to life while protecting eyes from intense glare and harmful UV light.

Not only do the Equator frames look as chilled as you would expect from something designed on a tropical island, they provided amazing color enhancement and clarity, helping course features stand out in direct sunlight.

The Equator has a generous-sized nylon constructed frame which was comfortable and provided full protective coverage with its wraparound design.

The SuperThin glass lens with Polarized Plus2 technology provided outstanding clarity and crisp optics when the sun was directly overhead.

Mauri Jim has several styles that look and perform equally well, however, the Equator is one of their more active-looking models and makes a statement on the course.


  • Designed for intense sun
  • Active styling
  • Enhanced protection


  • Over-sized frames may not suit all face sizes
Lens: Polarized Plus2
UV Filter Category: 3
Colors: 4
Gender: Unisex

Affordable quality for everyday wear

Best for active lifestyles
Price: £65.00 / $80.00 RRP
If you are looking to keep the cost down, Dirty Dog provides a range of sunglasses designed with comfort and performance in mind, including the slick-looking Hyper.

The Grilamid TR90 frames were durable and lightweight, with rubber nose pads and temple tips providing a non-slip fit, securing them in place throughout my swing.

The Hyper is equipped with Dirty Dog's latest Polarized impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses that are ideal for many sports, particularly where blocking out horizontal glare is key.

At the low end of the cost spectrum, but still provide durability, comfort and, importantly, stands up well to other premium models when comparing levels of UV protection.


  • Secure fit during the swing
  • Well suited to active lifestyles
  • Attractive price-point


  • Vision not as enhanced as other options
Lens: Polarized Polyfilter
UV Filter Category: 3
Colors: Black
Gender: Unisex

High-performance sunglasses for the outdoor enthusiast

Best for reading greens
Price: £100.00 / $120.00 RRP
Drawing their inspiration from the great outdoors, Julbo is a brand committed to bringing the best vision and protection to elite sportspeople and active amateurs alike.

The Renegade M has a slick, urban look whilst containing all the performance features you need in changing light levels.

The wraparound profile with flexible shock-absorbing grips on the temples and nose bridge kept the glasses firmly in place across multiple swings.

More cost-effective lenses are available, although I found the Spectron Polarized lens technology to be particularly effective when it came to reading breaks on and around the green.

The Renegade M looks fantastic and is a great cross-over option if you are looking for a multi-purpose pair of sunglasses that don't look out of place on any terrain.


  • Specialist outdoor sports sunglasses brand
  • Shock-absorbing features
  • Great readability on greens


  • Large feel on the face
Lens: Spectron Polarized
UV Filter Category: 2-3
Colors: 10
Gender: Unisex

Interchangeable lenses with a minimalist active vibe

Best for adjustability
Price: £135.00 / $169.00 RRP
This is a classic-looking pair of active sunglasses from Smith with a minimalist feel, wraparound fit, and plenty of airflow to suit the demand of strenuous activity.

The Evolve bio-based frame was lightweight and durable, with strategically placed venting to increase airflow to reduce fogging. The auto-lock hinges were particularly useful, allowing easy one-hand on-and-off operation.

The ChromaPop lens enhanced contrast out on the course, providing high-quality vision throughout the round, making vivid colors like bunkers pop.

The installed bright light lens can be interchanged with a clear lens, and the Megol nose pad can be adjusted for a customized fit.

All in all, a high-performing, mid-priced pair of sunglasses is suitable for an active lifestyle.


  • High-quality vision
  • Interchangeable lenses
  • Eco-design


  • Lack the flare of other models
Lens: ChromaPop
UV Filter Category: 3
Colors: 4
Gender: Unisex

Sheer class and quality with an unbeatable warranty

Best for warranty
Price: £140.00 / $145.00 RRP
Perhaps a slightly left-field option, but could not be left off this list. Vincero produces exceptional quality handcrafted frames with a trademark Italian marble inlay that made me feel a million bucks.

A word to sum up the Villa... Classy.

There is a clear emphasis on quality of fit and durability with the Villa using five-barrel hinges and temples constructed with malleable acetate with a stainless-steel core which enables an adjustable fit.

The scratch-resistant, polarized lenses helped to make the ball appear sharper, and the anti-reflective coating provided the necessary UV light protection.

A five-year warranty demonstrates Vincero's confidence in the quality of these glasses, and you will certainly look the part, especially matched with a classic-looking pair of shorts from our best golf shorts.


  • Premium style
  • Super-high quality
  • Statement sunglasses


  • Not designed with golf in mind
Lens: Polarised CR-39
UV Filter Category: 3
Colors: 7
Gender: Men

Aviator-style cutting-edge Japanese innovation

Best for innovation
Price: £200.00 / $250.00 RRP
No 'Best Sunglasses' list would be complete without featuring at least one nod to the US military's iconic aviator style of sunglasses.

District Vision's performance eyewear systems are a product of Japanese research, engineering, and testing, maintaining the native methodology of Kaizen (continuous improvement).

The unique-looking sports frame is extremely comfortable and light due to its titanium components. It even hosts an adjustable hypoallergenic nose pad.

The pioneering D+ lens technology protected and kept my eye muscles relaxed throughout the 18 holes, which I was lucky enough to have bright sunlight for.

If budget is less of an issue and you value cutting-edge research and engineering, then the Nagata Speed Blade is a smart choice for both golf and other forms of exercise.


  • Research-driven for health and performance
  • Unique aviator style


  • Bold design and price point won't be appealing to all
Lens: D+ G15
UV Filter Category: 3
Colors: Black, Yellow
Gender: Men

Sustainable ultra-light shades in multiple colors

Best for sustainability
Price: £100.00 / $125.00 RRP
The Renegades are an active everyday pair of sunglasses that deliver style and performance, which I found to have two unique selling points.

Firstly, you have a multitude of frame and color combinations to mix and match, and secondly, SunGod places sustainability at the heart of its manufacturing with 100% recycled frames.

The frames are ultra-light, coming in at just 29 grams. I found them to be barely noticeable and sat perfectly when walking the course.

The 8KO polarized scratch-resistant lenses provided great clarity and contrast whilst fulling their key function of UV protection.

While less ideal for high-impact sports, the Renegades are a top all-rounder, and with SunGod's lifetime guarantee, there's not a lot to fault.


  • Great array of colors
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Eco-conscious


  • Others have better features for golf
Lens: 8KO Polarized
UV Filter Category; 2
Colors: Multiple
Gender: Unisex

Ideal for golf with enhanced green color optics

Best for green landscapes
Price: £140.00 / $180.00 RRP
The WX Aspect looked the part of a high-performance pair of sports sunglasses and provided a comfortable fit on various head sizes.

The frame was durable, with rubberized nose pads and temple tips that kept the glasses firmly in place throughout my swing.

The polarized green mirror lenses were ideal for golf, with green colors appearing more vivid, enabling me to distinguish between fairway and rough easily.

The Captaivte lens technology provides the second-best level of protection from the five UV protection bands and performed well in changing lights.

Additionally, performing well during general day driving, the Aspect is a solid choice of sunglasses unlikely to disappoint.


  • Enhanced optics on green landscapes
  • Look great on and off the course


  • Suit a small to medium fit best
Lens: Captivate
UV Filter Category: 3
Colors: Smoke Grey, Green Mirror
Gender: Unisex

Best Golf Sunglasses: Buying Guide

Here are some of the key things to consider when buying a pair of golf sunglasses.


The right pair of sunglasses will provide you with enhanced visual clarity, helping you to see the ball and course more clearly, irrespective of challenging light conditions. In real terms, this means they can save you shots. Improved contrast and color will ensure hidden traps on the course pop, breaks on the greens look more defined, and, dare we say it…wayward tee shots become easier to track!


Sunglasses are ranked by their ability to filter out the three types of UV radiation (UVA, UVB, and UVC). Categories range from providing less than 20% protection (Category 0), to over 92% protection (Category 4), with the majority of sunglasses in our list sitting in Category 3 (83-92% protection), making them highly suitable for sport in strong sunlight.


The key technology behind these benefits is polarization, tiny vertically aligned stripes that help eliminate glare by preventing horizontal light waves from reaching your eyes. Many manufacturers now offer a choice of lenses ranging from their basic level of polarization to their latest high-performance lens technology.


Our Best Sunglasses list covers a wide spectrum of styles, including models that would not look out of place on a Paris catwalk through to those seen in the Tour de France peloton and everything in-between. With so many styles to choose from, the choice is down to you and how you want to express yourself both on and off the course!


Durability is an important consideration, especially as sunglasses are not something you want to replace every year. It’s worth ensuring your new glasses are scratch resistant and the frames have suitable hinges that will not weaken over time, leaving you will an ill-equipped fit that moves throughout your swing.


The selected sunglasses in this guide cover a range of budgets, and it’s important to remember that many models can vary in price depending on your choice of lens. Also, if you require a prescription, make sure you check that this can be catered for by the manufacturer before making your purchase!

Henrik Stenson always wears sunglasses when playing golf.

Best Golf Sunglasses: FAQs

What type of sunglass lenses are best for golf?

The best sunglass lens for golf are ones that are polarized, meaning they help filter out excessive UV light rays that can be damaging to eye health. Darker tints of brown, red, and green will heighten contrast allowing you to read greens more effectively and follow your ball in flight.

What makes golf sunglasses different?

Golf sunglasses are different because not only do they block out harmful UV light, but they can help improve your game by sharpening your vision by reducing glare from the sun. This enables you to read breaks on the green more effectively and track your ball in-flight.

How do I choose golf sunglasses?

When choosing golf sunglasses, you should ensure they provide adequate protection from UV light as a priority. A quality pair of sunglasses will also have polarized lens technology that enhances color and contrast to improve your vision. Golf sunglasses are available in a variety of styles allowing you to pick the look that suits you best.

Which professional golf players wear sunglasses?

Many professional golf players opt to wear sunglasses due to the protection they receive from the sun glare, which prevents their eyes from tiring. Ian Polter, Phil Mickelson, Rickie Fowler, Adam Scott, and Michelle Wie are just a few of the names who wear sunglasses. Henrik Stenson even owns a line of golf sunglasses.

– Best golf umbrellas

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