Best Golf Tees 2024

We’ve picked out the best golf tees you should be pegging up. 

Whether you are Tiger Woods, a scratch golfer, or a 28-handicapper, we all use them, but what are the best golf tees for you?

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From wooden and plastic tees to the more sustainable bamboo tees, we pick out the best golf tees available to buy. Also, if you are looking to upgrade more of your golfing accessories in 2024, make sure you check out our features on the best golf gps devices, best golf gloves, best golf belts, best golf sunglasses, and best golf towels

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Green Swing

Green Swing Bamboo Golf Tees

Material: Bamboo | Sizes: 25mm; 32mm 38mm; 45mm; 50mm; 60mm; 70mm | Number of tees per pack: 20-30

One of the growing number of sustainable golf tee options, Green Swing’s range of tees are tough and great for the environment.

Bamboo is one the best weapons we have in the fight against growing CO2 levels; the fact it will completely break down means the days of buying plastic tees could soon be gone.

Green Swing have also ensured that there will be a tee size that suits you.

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Brand Fusion

Brand Fusion Graduated Biodegradable Wooden Golf Tees 

Material: Wood | Sizes: 27mm; 31mm; 37mm 43mm; 51mm; 53mm; 67mm | Number of tees per pack: 15-20

Nobody wants to fill up the world with plastic tees so the shift towards sustainability is more evident in this offering from Brand Fusion. Even the packaging is biodegradable.

The tees are made of a wood that will degrade back into the soil and you have plenty of size options (five) so there’s a tee to suit every tee shot.

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Pride Pro

Pride Professional Tee System

Material: Wood | Sizes: 1.5”; 2.25”; 2.75”; 3.25”; 4” | Number of tees per pack: 75-120

Pride Professional Golf Tees are designed to help you set up the right way. Each tee peg is white with a colour-coded bar to ensure it’s easy to identify the right option and achieve the correct height for your chosen club.

They are the most used golf tees on the PGA Tour thanks to their simple design and are available in five different height and colour options: Orange Minitee 1.5”, Red Shortee 2.25”, Yellow ProLength 2.75”, Blue ProLength-Plus 3.25”, Green ProLength-Max Green 4”.

The number of tees in the £5.99 ‘bumper’ packs varies from 75 to 120 depending on tee height, making them exceptional value at less than 8p per tee.

Golfers Club

The Golfers Club Collection Graduated Golf Tees

Material: Plastic | Sizes: 25mm; 32mm; 38mm; 45mm; 51mm; 57mm; 70mm | Number of tees per pack: 25

Found in most golf club pro shops, the The Golfers Club Collection golf tees come in seven different heights to ensure you have the perfect height tee for every club, making them ideal for consistency.

They also come in a range of easy-to-spot colours to ensure you won’t be losing them after every tee shot.

With plastic considered more durable than a wooden peg and a cost of less than 14p per tee, these are a great value option.

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Ocean Tee

Ocean Tee Bamboo Golf Tees

Material: Bamboo | Sizes: 54mm; 59mm; 70mm | Number of tees per pack: 40

Ocean Tee burst onto the scene in 2019 with their strong and sustainable premium golf tees. Made from highly durable and flexible bamboo, the tees are far less prone to snapping than traditional hardwood.

At up to 20p per tee they are slightly more expensive than your standard plastic or hardwood options, but they’re more likely to last and 25% of Ocean Tee’s profits go to charities tackling plastic pollution, promoting the health of marine environments and promoting sustainability in golf. Very impressive.


Lignum Tees 

Material: Microwood | Sizes: 1.5”; 2.125”; 2.5”; 2.75”; 3.125” | Number of tees per pack: 12

A golf tee that does it all – adds distance, has durability, aids set up, and is sustainable. Lindum tees are constructed from a new Microwood material, created using wood fibre and natural adhesives to create a more stable, flexible, and sustainable peg that creates a reduced backspin rate for longer drives.

A height control ring system enables you to tee it up at the right height every time to aid consistency, while the biodegradable ‘Smart Bag’ allows one golf tee to be removed at a time without the need to tear apart the packaging.

The tees are available in nine different colours, from white to punchy pink. At £4.99 a bag the tees cost from up to 42p each but it’s a small price to pay for all its benefits.

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4 yards more

4 Yards More Golf Tee 

Material: Polymer | Sizes: 1.75”; 2.75”; 3.25”; 4” | Number of tees per pack: 4

A golf tee that also gives you more yards… yes, please! The 4 Yards More Tee has been developed through robot testing to improve distance with its six-prong tip designed to reduce resistance and create a better contact between the clubface and the ball.

While these polymer tees are on the expensive side (just under £1.50 per peg) they are durable, with each lasting for more than 100 drives.

Champ MyHites

Champ MyHite Fly Golf Tees

Material: Plastic | Sizes: 2.75”; 3.25” | Number of tees per pack: 25-30

The makers claim they are five times stronger than comparable tees and that is not the only stand-out feature of this product.

The rings on the stem of the tee are designed to aid you with the age-old problem of getting your tees the same height every time. The six-prong head also assists with teeing up. 

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