Best Windproof Golf Jackets 2024

So which are the best windproof golf jackets? From full-zip to quarter-zip, we’ve got windbreaker options from all of the big-name brands.

For most golfers, playing in the wind provides the greatest challenge. A chilly and persistent breeze can wear you down over the course of 18 holes. And if your home course is a links then you’ll rarely play a round that isn’t wind-affected.

Apart from a rock-solid mind, the greatest defence we have in such conditions is a quality golf jacket that will shield you from the strongest gusts, so we have selected the best windproof golf jackets.

Our selection includes lightweight models and insulated options from the likes of Galvin Green, TravisMathew, Callaway, Castore, and Ralph Lauren and starts at just £59.99.

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The Galvin Green Armstrong Jacket is one of the best windproof jackets

Galvin Green Armstrong Jacket

Sizes (UK): S-XXL | Colours: Black + White + Sharkskin; Navy + White + Red; Cool grey + White + Sharkskin; Navy + White + Lime; Navy + White + Blue bell

Like all Galvin Green jackets, the Armstrong is packed with innovations and is the complete package.

It is 100% waterproof and windproof with GG’s Gore-Tex Paclite technology delivering market-leading breathability and protection while remaining incredibly lightweight.

The jacket is also very stretchy, just what you need to ensure freedom of movement isn’t an issue.  The chest, cuffs and hem are also adjustable while the materials are made with sustainable fabrics.

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The JLindeberg Lux Printed Bomber Jacket is one of the best windproof jackets

J Lindeberg Lux Printed Bomber Jacket

Sizes (UK): S-XXL | Colours: White + Green

Obviously it’s not a jacket for everybody but despite the bold pattern, the core of what J Lindeberg has created is pretty impressive.

It is Bluesign certified so no awful chemicals used in the production of the windproof jacket. It is also PFC-free.

To be fair it does look and feel like a baseball jacket but J Lindeberg is clearly targeting the U-30s with this jacket that is as lightweight as it is eye-catching and will do a decent job protecting you in the rain as well as the wind.

The Oscar Jacobson Phoenix Zip jacket is one of the best windproof jackets

Oscar Jacobson Phoenix Zip Neck Windproof

RRP £109.99 | VIEW OFFER
Sizes (UK): S-XXL | Colours: Grey + White; Navy + White; Teal + Lunar Grey

Oscar Jacobson’s jackets tend to be quite roomy and this is no exception. Gives you plenty of scope for layering underneath.

However the neck, sleeve and waist binding provide plenty of security fit wise and the styling will have widespread appeal. 

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The Callaway Heatherd Quarter Zip Jacket is one of the best windproof jackets

Callaway Heathered ¼ Zip Wind Jacket

Sizes (UK): S-XXL | Colours: Moody Heather; Quarry Heather

A cosy-looking windproof jacket from Callaway and the golfing powerhouse has put a lot of store by its Swing Tech technology which is designed to maximise the range of motion.

Callaway also tends to be pretty competitive on price while getting most of what its rivals can offer. 

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The Travis Mathew Star Gazing Jacket is one of the best windproof jackets

TravisMathew Star Gazing Full Zip Windproof Jacket

RRP £109.99 | VIEW OFFER
Sizes (UK): S-2XL | Colours: Insignia

The combination of polyester and spandex ensures freedom of movement is never going to be an issue in this excellent windproof jacket.

I’m not sure where the Star Gazing comes from but fans of TravisMathew equipment will really like it anyway. It looks sporty and looks and feels like a proper piece of golfing kit. And it has all been achieved with the minimum of fuss.

The Mizuno Windlite jacket is one of the best windproof jackets

Mizuno Windlite Jacket

Sizes (UK): S-XXL | Colours: Black, Bluebell, Deep Navy

No frills from Mizuno here but that itself will appeal in itself. It does what it says on the tin and the Japanese company’s wind protection technology is most welcome.

All modern windproof jackets are lightweight. But this one is especially so.

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Benross Hybrid Jacket

Sizes (UK): S-XXL | Colours: Black + Light Grey

The quilted polyester panels make this stand out from the crowd and that extra warmth, which stretches across the shoulders and down the back, is always welcome on this windproof jacket.

Benross tends to punch above its weight in terms of value for money and the makers of this outer layer have been careful to incorporate stretch elements just where you need them.

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The Ralph Lauren RLX Golf jacket is one of the best windproof jackets

Ralph Lauren RLX Par Full Zip Windbreaker Jacket

Sizes (UK): S-XL | Colours: Heritage Royal Multi

It looks like a tough cookie and on this occasion, looks are not deceiving. Ralph Lauren has created a windproof golf jacket that is visually striking but also very practical and comfortable to wear.

It comes with a detachable hood and the four-way stretch ensures you can enjoy a snug fit without worrying about swings being restricted.

It is also made from recycled polyester so hats off for trying to improve in the sustainability stakes.

The Castore Quarter Zip Jacket is one of the best windproof jackets

Castore Golf Vita ¼ Zip Jacket

Sizes (UK): XS-2XL | Colours: Peacoat; Azure; Mist

You could almost imagine Phil Daniels wearing this in Quadrophenia but that retro styling is pretty timeless. 

The rounded collar is very 2020s and that hybrid of urban and sport is very much part of its appeal. The fabric is designed to provides ample give while water resistant finish is much appreciated. 

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The Ellesse Lonzi Hybrid Jacket is one of the best windproof jackets

Ellesse Lonzi Hybrid Jacket

Sizes (UK): S-XXL | Colours: Black + Grey

Just a hint of orange from Ellesse on this windproof golf jacket, which benefits from the thermal padding.

You also get a lot of protection around the neck and the full-zip opening is quite a feature of this competitively-priced garment.

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The Lyle & Scott Back Stretch Quilted jacket is one of the best windproof jackets

Lyle & Scott Side & Back Stretch Quilted Jacket

RRP £139.99 | VIEW OFFER
Sizes (UK): S-XL | Colours: True Black

Lyle & Scott has gone full Michelin Man with its windproof golf jacket and the quilted fleece protection on every part of the jacket will certainly appeal to many.

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