Best Ladies’ Golf Hybrids 2024

Hybrids to the rescue! With hybrids taking up more and more space in players’ bags, Today’s Golfer reviews the best on offer in 2024.

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The best hybrid golf clubs, also referred to as utility or rescue clubs are one of the most invaluable clubs any golfer can carry in their bag. The very fact that this clever club is known by so many different names illustrates its versatility. From recovering from the rough to taking on a tight tee shot, sending a ball soaring high and landing softly into a long par three, or even as a handy tool to play a little chip-and-run around the greens, there’s no end to the shot-making creativity of the best ladies’ golf hybrids.

Hybrids are not just for beginner or intermediate golfers, either. They are a firm favorite on Tour used by some of the best players in the game, including Rose Zhang and Charley Hull, because of their incredibly forgiving nature and ease of use compared to some of the best ladies’ golf irons. Many of the World’s top female players opt to replace their longer irons with a hybrid – or potentially one of the best driving irons.

Best At A Glance

Best for distance with forgiveness: TaylorMade Stealth 2 HD Hybrid | Buy Now – US | Buy Now – UK

Best hybrid for mid-to-high-handicappers: Callaway Paradym X Hybrid | Buy Now – US | Buy Now – UK

Best hybrid for moderate swing speeds: Titleist TSR1 Hybrid | Buy Now – US | Buy Now – UK

Best hybrid for versatility: Cobra AeroJet Hybrid | Buy Now – US | Buy Now – UK

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The extremely versatile and forgiving hybrid appears visually similar to some of the best ladies’ fairway woods, albeit with smaller heads. One of the main strengths of the hybrids is their capability to get the ball airborne from almost any lie, making them incredibly appealing to anyone who has a tendency to miss the odd fairway, AKA everyone!

The secret to the success of the hybrid lies in the design, with manufacturers packing their state-of-the-art technology into their latest hybrids with just as much enthusiasm as the best ladies’ drivers. Here’s our pick of the best ladies’ golf hybrids you can play with in 2024.

Best Ladies’ Golf Hybrids 2024

Darkspeed is a fast, long, and confidence-inspiring hybrid with a superb shaft as standard

Best hybrid for versatility
Price: £229.00 / $279.00 RRP
We sat through a two-hour presentation learning about the PWR-Bridge technology in Cobra’s new Darkspeed woods and irons at the back end of 2023 and we’re now glad we did. After hitting all the companies’ 2024 products we understand (and have the data to show) the benefits front weighting (PWR-Bridge) brings to the party.

It’s a beautiful-looking shape, that made us feel we could rifle it through rough, hit it from a tee, play it from short grass or even clip it off the top of the sand in a fairway bunker.

The icing on the cake though is the KBS PGI (Players’ Graphite Iron) shaft that comes as standard. It’s a consistent, reliable, and stable shaft. As long as you have reasonable levels of speed you won’t need additional help flighting shots higher to maximize distance, making this a cracking hybrid option.

Read our full Cobra Darkspeed Women's hybrid review.


  • Performs well from sand, rough, fairway, and tee
  • Can produce very fast ball speeds
  • The KBS PGI shaft ensures the model is stable in the hands of decent players


  • There’s easier to flight hybrids for moderate-speed players
Lofts 21° (4), 24° (5), 28° (6), 31° (7)
Stock shaft KBS PGI 55 Graphite
Stock grip Lamkin Crossline Undersize
Adjustable hosel No

A great draw-biased choice for those looking to be aggressive with long approach shots

Best for distance with forgiveness
Price: £239.00 / $279.99 RRP
It’s taken a while but the new TaylorMade Stealth 2 HD hybrid and matching Stealth HD irons mean TaylorMade now has a complete draw-biased offering.

The Stealth 2 HD hybrid has a shallower profile and draw-biased weight set-up. It is specifically designed to allow more moderate-speed golfers to flight longer approaches with more stopping power and forgiveness. TaylorMade says their research shows 3° loft gaps don’t give enough of a distance gap between clubs for the HD’s target player, which explains perfectly why there’s 4° between the 4H, 5H, and 6H.

If you’re an average-speed player who wants to replace long and mid irons with hybrids, or someone who struggles to fly shots high enough to stop long approaches quickly, the Stealth 2 HD hybrid will be right up your street. 

Read our full TaylorMade Stealth 2 HD hybrid review.


  • Powerful and long
  • Draw bias helps those prone to a slice
  • Easy to launch


  • No adjustable hosel
Lofts 20° (3), 23° (4), 27° (5), 31° (6)
Stock shaft Aldila Ascent Ladies 45 Graphite
Stock grip Lamkin Ladies Sonar 38g
Adjustable hosel No

An extremely friendly and forgiving hybrid with solid distance to boot

Best hybrid for mid-to-high handicappers
Price: £299.00 / $299.99 RRP
The Paradym X model is for golfers looking for an oversized, wood-shaped hybrid that’s long with excellent versatility and forgiveness.

It launches higher than the standard model and has a semi-draw bias to help golfers who may be prone to hitting the ball to the right.

More golfers are putting extra hybrids in the bag and the Paradym X allows you to replace everything up to your 7-iron with adjustability throughout the range to ensure a perfectly balanced bag. The X is printed with its iron equivalent as opposed to the lofts, which Callaway believes will simplify the hybrid process for amateurs.

Read our full Callaway Paradym X hybrid review.


  • Forgiving with good distance
  • Easy to hit off from tricky lies
  • Appealing navy and gold colorway


  • The head profile is quite large for those used to longer irons
Lofts <meta charset
Stock shaft Aldila Ascent Blue 40
Stock grip Callaway Universal Grip
Adjustable hosel Yes

A brilliant all-round hybrid that will suit a range of abilities

Best hybrid for all-round performance
Price: £229.00 / $249.99 RRP
The popularity of the SIM 2 Max hybrid on the Ladies’ European Tour speaks volumes for the quality of this superb rescue club. It has a sleeker appearance than its predecessor, catering to the lady golfer who wants a club that will offer a seamless transition from their irons through to their woods.

The compact clubhead shape will particularly appeal to the stronger player who likes to shape shots with iron-like workability, while the lower center of gravity position ensures added forgiveness even when you don’t hit the center of the face, with an effortless high launch producing the ideal ‘rainbow shape’ distance-enhancing ball flight.

Read our full TaylorMade SIM2 Max hybrid review.


  • Strong all-round performance
  • Workable for the better player
  • Good range of lofts on offer


  • No adjustability
Lofts <meta charset
Stock shaft <meta charset
Stock grip <meta charset
Adjustable hosel No

Cleveland's most forgiving and high-launching hybrid yet

Best hybrid for high-launching forgiveness
Price: £189.00 / $199.99 RRP
Cleveland believes the club will inspire confidence and become the go-to club for players seeking distance and control on their second shots into long par 4s and par 5s.

The new hybrids are Cleveland’s most forgiving ever with an MOI of 2,961 g-cm², while the three rails along the sole help keep the face straight through impact from any lie.

From an 18° loft, the Halo spun and flighted shots higher, than our test average, shots also descended onto the green at bang on the test average. This is just the sort of data that spells out how easy launch the model is in the hands of everyday golfers, and how once shots hit the green they will stop quicker than a long iron.

Read our full Cleveland Launcher XL Halo hybrid review.


  • High-launching
  • Easy to hit from tricky lies
  • Good level of forgiveness for off-center strikes


  • Will suit slower to average swing speeds more
Lofts 18° (3), 21° (4), 24°, (5), 27° (6)
Stock shaft Project X Cypher Hyb Ladies
Stock grip Winn Dri-Tac Ladies
Adjustable hosel No

Effortless speed, distance, and launch without sacrificing forgiveness

Best hybrid for moderate swing speeds
Price: £259.00 / $299.99 RRP
Titleist makes some of the best hybrids in the game (they’re the most played on the PGA Tour), and the new TSR1 has been built for golfers seeking distance and stability. TSR1 hybrids achieve more speed and higher MOI thanks to an enhanced profile and ultra-lightweight construction.

The larger wood-type clubhead allows for a deeper center of gravity placement and a more confidence-inspiring look at address. Despite the larger profile, the TSR1 hybrid’s design achieves performance gains without increasing swing weight.

The TSR1 hybrid has been stripped of all non-essential weight to ensure the lightest possible build without damaging performance. Titleist has used Mitsubishi MMT SpeedMesh shafts in the full range. They are designed for players looking for an ultra-lightweight setup with maximum speed and stability.

Read our full Titleist TSR1 hybrid review.


  • Ultra-lightweight setup
  • Easy to launch and accurate
  • Adjustable hosel


  • Not ideal for those with fast swing speeds
Lofts 20° (4), 23°, (5), 26° (6), 29° (7)
Stock shaft Mitsubishi MMT SpeedMesh 40 HY Graphite
Stock grip Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360
Adjustable hosel Yes

Solid distance and improved accuracy for mid-to-high handicappers

Best lightweight hybrid
Price: £149.00 / $189.00 RRP
This is the fourth generation of the Yonex EZONE Elite hybrid and now features fancy Octaforce Neo technology in the club face that makes the sweet spot 10% larger, offering improved launch, spin, and forgiveness on each strike.

The Ezone Elite 4 is versatile from a variety of lies as you would expect from the best hybrids, allowing you to recover from the rough, or sweep away the ball from the fairway with consistent crisp strikes.

Priced below that of some of its more popular competitors, the Ezone Elite 4 is well worth considering due to its versatility and ability to stand up in terms of performance to anything thrown at it.


  • Enhanced sweet spot for forgiveness
  • Shallow face helps promote launch
  • Highly versatile


  • The pink colorway might not appeal to some
Lofts <meta charset
Stock shaft Yonex EX-E04
Stock grip Ezone Elite 4.0 Ladies
Adjustable hosel No

A lightweight, confidence-inspiring hybrid with good all-round credentials

Best hybrid for inspiring confidnce
Price: £179.00 / $229.00 RRP
Ping's G Le3 hybrids have been designed to inspire confidence while still delivering solid distance and high launch capability, as per the G Le fairway wood family.

Ping has been able to achieve this by engineering an ultra-lightweight club, enabling faster swing speeds and in turn ball speed and carry distance. Like the fairway woods, they rely on a distance-delivering maraging-steel face, flexing faster to ensure high launch and longer carries.

We prefer the sophisticated navy, gold, and silver accents compared to the pink of the G Le2 which creates a premium and high-performance appeal for women serious about having fun on the course.


  • Confidence-inspiring shape
  • Easy to swing and lightweight
  • A shallow face helps to get the ball airborne off tight lies


  • Pink aesthetics may not suit everyone
Lofts <meta charset
Stock shaft PING ULT 250 Graphite
Stock grip Lighter Lamkin ST Soft Grip
Adjustable hosel No

"Unlock your inner distance," says Callaway about their Reva hybrid

Best hybrid for distance
Price: £229.00 / $249.99 RRP
Callaway claim to be able to "unlock your inner distance" no matter what standard of player you are, thanks to the innovative design of the Big Bertha Reva hybrid.

Starting at 24 degrees (4H) and increasing to 36 degrees (8H) in three-degree increments, the Big Bertha follows REVA’s theme of eliminating that damaging big miss and increasing your distance. Callaway says this is their easiest-to-launch hybrid, helped by Dual Metal-Injected Molding (MIM) Tungsten weighting in the sole and a significantly lighter T2C Carbon Crown further which further boosts forgiveness.

The larger head and increased offset are designed to help you get it square at impact for a longer, straighter, and more consistent flight, while the AI Designed Flash Face SS21 and Jailbreak technology continue into the B21 hybrid. Ease of launch is further aided by the Active Tip Flag section of the specially-designed RCH shaft.


  • Strong performance in the distance department
  • Easy to launch and forgiving
  • Part of the iconic, high-performing Big Bertha family


  • Not hugely different from the B21 range
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Stock shaft <meta charset
Stock grip <meta charset
Adjustable hosel No

A cracking little mid-width hybrid that's adjustable and versatile

Best hybrid for adjustability
Price: £249.00 / $250.00 RRP
With a selection of 5 lofts, each adjustable by 4 degrees, the Mizuno CLK is truly a hybrid that will fill the yardage gaps in your bag and help you transition between any combination of irons, hybrids, and woods within your set. 

Its cheeky little head drew us into attempting lots of different types of shots which says it’s a really versatile option, and our test pro was really impressed at how shots pinged off the face like a fairway wood.

An ultra-thin maraging 1770 steel face is fast and forgiving and Mizuno says the CLKs versatile profile sits right between a long iron and fairway wood. An eight-position hosel and 4 loft options offer 32 setup options, which should mean everyone can find a solution in the CLK family. 


  • Highly versatile for a number of shots
  • Fast and forgiving off the face
  • Adjustable hosel


  • Compact head might be intimidating for some
Lofts <meta charset
Stock shaft Fujikura Speeder Evolution HB
Adjustable hosel Yes

Best Ladies’ Golf Hybrids: Buying Guide

With hybrids, it’s not always easy to get a full-fitting swapping in and out of shafts, as they’re not all adjustable at the head. However, I know we keep saying it but simply getting yourself down to the driving range and trying some out can be good enough. If you can’t secure a fitting most shops and clubs will let you hit a demo or tape up a hybrid for you so you can get an idea of how it feels, the weight of the club, and if the shaft is right for you.


With hybrids, measuring performance value largely comes down to versatility on the course and whether it has helped to keep your score on track, in spite of any trouble you may have found yourself in. A hybrid is a club that can be used in all matters of different situations on the golf course, so trying it in them situations first would be ideal.

To find the right hybrid for you, if you can hit some shots off of the tee, out of the rough, on the fairway, and even around the green, you will gauge if it’s right for your game. Most golf clubs and shops will host a demo day or most of the time if you ask politely you can often borrow a club to take out for a round.


You won’t have a clue how the hybrid feels until you’ve hit it, the feel of a golf club is subjective to the golfer, with everyone demanding something slightly different from their clubs. Some hybrids will be heavier more like an iron and have a solid feel off the face and others will be more like a wood and feel softer and faster off the face.


As mentioned, not all hybrid clubs will offer the ability to dial up or down the loft to suit your specific requirements. therefore it’s important to have a fairly accurate idea of how far each club in your bag carries so that you can work out where the gaps exist. For example, there would be little point pursuing a hybrid 7 at 30° if you are happy hitting your 6-iron that has the same loft. Essentially, just try to ensure you are not duplicating lofts within your bag.


Not every hybrid looks the same there is so much variation, some have higher toes, are rounder in shape, have shorter faces, and adjustable heads. You have to like how a club looks behind the ball at address it’s that simple, if you don’t it can be off-putting and distracting which has a negative impact on your game.

Finding a club that suits your eye and suits your bag may seem a weird way to judge a product but confidence is Queen in golf and if you step onto the course confident in your equipment then that can help improve your game hugely. Some manufacturers still insist on pink and purple colorways which can look great popping against a black crown, however, most of you will be pleased to see ladies’ hybrid clubs appearing in non-gender-specific colors too.


With such a vast choice of hybrids available, there is a good quality club at every price point. As is the case with most equipment these days, golfers have a great selection of premium brands or more value-for-money choices. Whether you’re after a tour spec hybrid at over £200 or want a hybrid for less than £100 to save some money that’s not an issue.

Nelly Korda uses a Titleist TSi1 and PXG Gen2 0317X hybrid.

Best Ladies’ Golf Hybrids: FAQs

What is a hybrid golf club?

In simple terms, a hybrid golf club is a mix of fairway wood and iron. They sit at the top of your bag after your woods, replacing the longer irons. If you have a 3 or 4 hybrid then you should replace your 3 or 4-iron as the hybrid is easier to hit thanks to the shorter shaft and offset clubhead that leads to straighter shots.

Do I need both a 3 and 4 hybrid?

In terms of your whole bag setup, it may be more beneficial to carry an extra wedge rather than the extra hybrid as the 3 and 4 hybrids are so close in lofts. We’d recommend carrying one or the other, if you don’t have a 5 wood or a 4 iron then a 3 hybrid would work, on the other hand, if you don’t have a 7 wood or a 5 iron then a 4 hybrid would be the better choice.

When should you use a hybrid club?

As they often replace your longer irons this is the time you would usually pick one out of the bag. Hybrids can be hit from most places on the hole, from the fairway, the tee, and the rough. Hitting longer irons can be tough for many golfers and especially beginners so having a club that promotes a more natural sweeping swing helps make a more consistent strike with the ball.

How far should a woman hit a hybrid club?

With the technical and strength characteristics of every individual being different, the distance that each woman hits a hybrid club will obviously vary. A rough ball-park distance for the average club golfer however would be in the region of 140 yards for a 5 hybrid and 120 yards for a 7 hybrid, although these yardages will vary considerably from player to player.

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