Best Winter Golf Trousers 2024: Keep warm and dry during winter

What are the best golf trousers to keep your legs warm and dry on the course this winter?

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Millions of golfers across the globe gear themselves up for winter golf, and their regular golf trousers don’t suffice in the cold weather. Every golfer needs a pair of winter golf trousers in their wardrobe to help get them through the winter months (and potentially beyond).

The best winter golf trousers differ from regular golf trousers in multiple ways, the main ones being that winter golf trousers are purpose-built to keep you warm and dry. However, if you want ultimate protection from the rain, it’s always best to carry a pair of the best waterproof golf trousers.

The best winter golf trousers 2024 at a glance:

Best thermal winter golf trousers: FootJoy ThermoSeries Golf Trousers | BUY NOW – UK

Best stain-repellent winter golf trousers: Kjus Ike Warm Golf Trousers | BUY NOW – UK

Best lightweight winter golf trousers: Under Armour ColdGear Infrared Golf Trousers | BUY NOW – UK

Best fleeced winter golf trousers: Glenmuir Jade Thermal Winter Golf Trousers | BUY NOW – UK

Plenty of golfers every year gear up for winter golf by purchasing thermal jackets, winter gloves, winter golf shoes, and other pieces of apparel suitable for the cold weather. You won’t need me to tell you how different winter golf is from summer golf, but living in the North East of England, I’m well aware of how difficult it is to play winter golf when you’re unprepared for the weather.

If you live somewhere that’s constantly warm, you might be fortunate enough to be able to wear golf shorts all year round. However, it’s never a bad idea to have a quality pair of winter golf trousers just in case you travel to play golf or if bad weather hits.

Best Winter Golf Trousers 2024: Men’s

FootJoy's purpose-built golf trousers to handle the cold weather

Best thermal winter golf trousers
FootJoy are mainly known for their quality golf shoes and golf gloves. However, their apparel definitely shouldn't be overlooked. With winter looming, golfers all across the globe are searching for golf clothing that'll keep them warm and dry on the course.

FootJoy's ThermoSeries range is built exactly for golfers who play golf in all conditions. It has been made to adapt to the weather. FootJoy's ThermoSeries golf trousers are water-repellent and warm - perfect for winter golf.


  • Very stylish design
  • Amazing athletic fit
  • Incredibly warm and suitable for extremely cold and wet conditions


  • Narrow fit around your calves and ankles
Sizes 30S - 40L
Colour options Navy; Charcoal
Material 76% Rayon; 21% Nylon; 3% Spandex

Are these winter golf trousers worthy of replacing your waterproof trousers?

Best breathable winter golf trousers
Galvin Green are extremely well renowned for their quality waterproof golf apparel, but have their Lane winter trousers made it less necessary to own a waterproof pair of trousers? Galvin Green's Lane golf trousers are breathable, water-repellent, and windproof - what more could you ask for?

Made with a stretchy material they are more versatile, and flexible, than waterproof trousers - not to mention they are cheaper. Some golfers don't like wearing overtrousers, if you're one of those golfers Galvin Green's Lane winter trousers are a must-have.


  • Fantastic at ensuring you stay warm and dry
  • Breathable material stops your legs from ever getting uncomfortably warm
  • Quality is brilliant - as you'd expect from Galvin Green


  • When the material rubs together it does make a sound (like waterproof trousers)
Sizes 32S - 38L
Colour options Black; Navy
Material 100% Polyester

Kjus' easy-to-clean winter golf trousers

Best stain-repellent winter golf trousers
When playing winter golf it's incredibly unlikely you'll leave the course with your trousers in the same state as when you started. But with Kjus' Ike Warm golf trousers, it's easier to keep them clean without having to put them in the washing machine after every wear. Not only are these trousers stain-repellent, but they're also water-repellent, quick-drying, thermal, and stretchy.

Kjus are known for their ski apparel, as well as golf clothing, so you know you can trust these winter golf trousers to keep you warm and dry no matter how brutal the weather is. They offer the Ike Warm golf trousers in a regular and tapered fit depending on which style you prefer more.


  • Easy to keep clean
  • Eco-friendly
  • Extremely warm
  • Available in both regular and tapered fit


  • Chino style might not be everyone's preference
Sizes 30R - 42L
Colour options Black; Navy; Gray; Green
Material 87% Polyester; 13% Elastane

With a wide range of sizes, everyone can find a pair of these winter golf trousers to fit them

Best winter golf trousers for sizing options
There's nothing worse than finding a pair of trousers you love, and then finding out they aren't available in your size - or they don't even offer them! It's unlikely you'll ever experience this if you want Ping's SensoreWarm winter golf trousers. Ping offers these thermal, water-resistant, and wind-resistant in waist sizes from 30" - 44" and leg lengths from short to extra-large (29" - 35").

It's preferable to have winter golf trousers in darker colours, hence why most brands only offer their winter golf trousers in black, navy, or sometimes gray. However, Ping have pushed the boat out, and they offer their SensorWarm winter golf trousers in blue (stormcloud) and maroon (fig) colour, as well as black and navy. Not only are you spoiled for choices with sizing, but colour too.


  • Thermal properties keep you warm in extremely cold weather
  • Water and wind-resistant
  • Stretchy material allows for easy movement
  • Extensive sizes available


  • Leg lengths differ from other brands
Sizes 30S - 44XL
Colour options Black; Navy; Blue; Maroon
Material 92% Polyester; 8% Elastane

Under Armour's amazing lightweight winter golf trousers

Best lightweight winter golf trousers
Winter golf trousers do tend to weigh more than regular golf trousers because of the added technology to help keep you warm and dry. However, Under Armour's ColdGear Infrared winter golf trousers keep you warm and dry without adding any extra weight.

The stretchy fabric used in these winter golf trousers allows for a full range of movement - even if your body won't in the cold weather! How these winter golf trousers help retain body heat is through the use of UnderArmour's very own ColdGear Infrared technology which works exceptionally well in even the coldest of climates.


  • Traps body heat to keep you warm throughout your round
  • Lightweight and stretchy material
  • Water-resistant


  • Tapered fit isn't as tapered as other brands
Sizes 30S - 42L
Colour options Black; Gray; Navy
Material 91% Polyester; 9% Elastane

A youthful pair of golf joggers to battle the cold weather

Best jogger winter golf trousers
Joggers won't be everyone's go-to attire for the golf course, but for those of you who do wear golf joggers, these are amazing for the winter months. The fleece-lined inner is super warm and cozy. Having cuffed ankles is amazing, especially when the ground is wet in the colder months because you're less likely to get your trousers caked in mud while trapping all of your body heat in.

The elasticated waist is a godsend in winter because it means you can tuck as many layers as you like into the waist of your jogger trousers without worrying about how much strain it will have on the waistline of the trousers. The COLD.RDY golf joggers are slim-fitting which only helps to keep you warm. As part of Adidas' quest to help end plastic waste, the main product used to make these joggers is recycled polyester.


  • Extremely warm fleece inner
  • Elastic cuffs prevent the bottom from trailing in the mud
  • Made with at least 70% recycled material


  • Style won't be to everyone's liking
Sizes XS - XXL
Colour options Black; Navy
Material 95% Recycled Polyester; 5% Elastane French Terry

Why not dress like Viktor Hovland... he seems to be winning.

Bets luxury winter golf trousers
J.Lindeberg have been manufacturing golf apparel for close to 30 years and thanks to Viktor Hovland, their reputation and recognition for incredible golf clothing is constantly improving. This winter if you're looking for a fantastic luxury pair of winter golf trousers, you have to consider J.Lindeberg's Axil Fleece Twill golf pants.

The brand's winter golf trousers are great to wear on those cold days on the course thanks to the soft and warm fleece lining which is Bluesign®-certified. Another selling point for these trousers is that they're water-resistant as well as fleece-lined. Even if your trousers do get wet, the quick-drying material means it's unlikely you'll be sat in wet trousers at the bar after your rounds (unless you get caught in a monsoon!).


  • Quick-drying and water-repellent
  • Fleece-lining is incredibly warm and hugs your legs
  • Very flexible material that moves with you


  • They are quite narrow where they taper towards the bottom
Sizes 29S - 40L
Colour options Black; Navy
Material 85% Polyamide/Nylon; 15% Elastane/Spandex

A brilliant pair of trousers to keep your legs warm this winter

Best windproof winter golf trousers
Sometimes playing in the wind can be worse than playing in the rain, especially if the wind is cold. Depending on where you play your winter golf, the wind can be much more punishing on your body as well as on your golf game. Therefore, having a pair of trousers such as Puma's Warm Men's golf pants to battle the wind can be extremely important.

Puma's windCELL technology is what keeps the wind out and ensures your legs remain warm throughout your round. They are made with a double cloth fabric which is stretchy. These trousers are incredibly comfortable and definitely one to consider for the colder months, and those nippy days in the summer.


  • Extremely good at keeping the wind out
  • Very soft and stretchy material
  • Performance fit is super comfortable


  • They won't keep you dry if you're caught in a shower
Sizes 30S - 38L
Colour options Black; Navy
Material 68% Nylon; 22% Polyester; 10% Elastane

Nike's utility-style golf trousers are perfect to wear over winter

Best winter golf trousers for keeping your possessions safe
Utility trousers might not be the most popular attire for the golf course, but if you're going to purchase any, make sure it's Nike's Repel golf utility trousers. They're amazing for the winter because they are thick, warm, and water-repellent. These golf trousers are purposefully designed to be worn on those wet winter days when waterproof trousers just aren't required.

The tapered fit of these golf trousers makes them much more versatile, so much so, that they don't look out of place away from the golf course. With very secure pockets you can store your essentials on your person safe in the knowledge they won't get damaged.


  • Soft and stretchy material
  • Back pockets are very secure
  • Heavy material is suitable for cold weather


  • Not your stereotypical-looking golf trousers
Sizes 28S - 42L
Colour options Black
Material 95% Polyester; 5% Elastane

A brilliant classic-styled pair of winter golf trousers

Best traditional winter golf trousers
The vast majority of brands are creating their golf trousers with a tapered fit, but not everyone wants that. Glenmuir's Ashurst Thermal winter golf trousers are perfect for golfers who aren't looking for that tapered fit with their golf trousers.

The inner fleece helps to recirculate body heat, keep wind chills out, and wick away any moisture. If you do get slightly muddy during your round, you can simply wipe clean the Teflon DWR finish. Being slightly more spacious on your legs, the movement in these winter golf trousers isn't compromised at all.


  • Incredibly warm and water-repellent
  • Highly durable
  • Quality design with premium finish


  • They can look quite baggy on skinnier legs
Sizes 32S - 42L
Colour options Black; Navy
Material 96% Performance Polyester; 4% Elastane

Best Winter Golf Trousers 2024: Ladies

Adidas' modern golf trousers will keep you warm all winter

Best tracksuit winter golf trousers
Tracksuit bottoms are not often considered to be golf apparel. However, these Adidas Primegreen COLD.RDY Tracksuit bottoms are absolutely fantastic to wear throughout winter. They're lightweight but pack in all of the necessary technology to keep you warm throughout your round.

They are described as tracksuit bottoms but they look more like golf leggings that should be accepted at the vast majority of golf courses - you'd have to be extremely unfortunate to be turned away for wearing these on the course!


  • Very modern design that can be work away from the course
  • Fleeced inner protects you from the coldest conditions
  • Decent pocket space considering they are leggings


  • Might not be acceptable attire at all golf courses
Sizes 2 - 20
Colour options Black; Navy
Material 92% Recycled Polyester; 8% Elastane Dobby

A classic design to suit the vast majority of female golfers

Best shaped winter golf trousers
Rohnisch are known for their quality women's clothing that is loved by droves of female golfers worldwide. Prepare yourself for winter with the Rohnisch Ladies Insulate golf trousers that will keep you warm and dry for all 18 holes.

These trousers are extremely comfortable and despite being thicker than standard golf trousers they won't restrict your movement on the course.


  • Timeless design and shape that'll suit most women
  • Warm and comfortable
  • Wind and water-resistant


  • Legs aren't tapered as much as other alternatives
Sizes 8 - 16
Colour options Black; Navy
Material 92% Polyester; 8% Elastane

Callaway's brilliant fleece-lined winter golf trousers

Best winter golf trousers for varying leg lengths
Obviously, Callaway are best known for their golf equipment, but their apparel shouldn't go unnoticed because of that. Callaway's golf clothing is incredibly underrated but there aren't many better pairs of winter golf trousers than their Ladies Thermal trousers for winterwear.

The trousers are 100% fleece-lined providing all the comfort and warmth you'll need to endure those cold days on the course. With different leg lengths to choose from (27", 29", and 32") there should be a size for every female golfer to enjoy these fantastic winter golf trousers.


  • Warm and comfortable
  • Available in multiple sizes and leg lengths
  • Dark and light colourways to choose from


  • Callaway logo on the belt loop is unnecessary
Sizes 6 - 20
Colour options Black; Navy; Ivory
Material 91% Polyester; 9% Spandex | 100% Fleece Backing

A quality pair of thermal winter golf trousers to keep you warm through winter

Best fleeced winter golf trousers
For a pair of golf trousers to be suitable for winter, it's almost a given they need to be thermal to some extent. There aren't many better manufacturers of thermal golf trousers than Glenmuir. Their Jade Thermal Winter golf trousers are perfect to have in your arsenal in preparation for those chilly days on the course.

The fleeced inner on these trousers is incredibly soft, while the outer of these trousers is extremely durable and hard-wearing - the ideal combination for a pair of winter golf trousers.


  • Very warm and soft fleece-lining
  • Traditional style is brilliant for a wide range of golfers
  • Extremely durable material


  • They are quite heavy
Sizes 8 - 18
Colour options Black; Navy
Material 96% Performance Polyester; 4% Elastane

Best winter golf trousers: Buying Guide

How to find the best winter golf trousers to get you through the cold weather

Having a quality pair of winter golf trousers is a must when the weather takes a turn for the worst. Winter golf has already started for many golfers, so finding the best pair of winter golf trousers is quickly becoming a necessity if you don’t already own a pair. Choosing the right pair for you can be tough because of the extensive options. Although, in order to narrow down your options, here are a few factors to take into consideration to help you buy better.


If you’re daring enough to wear light-coloured trousers in the summer months, I very much doubt you’ll continue to wear them in winter – they aren’t the easiest colours to keep clean. The majority of winter golf trousers are available only in dark colours (for obvious reasons) so if you do want to continue wearing light colours, you might struggle to find a purpose-built winter pair of golf trousers.


Having a budget when purchasing any piece of golf equipment or apparel is never bad. Whether you have a budget because you only want to spend a certain figure, or whether you want to narrow down your options, it’s always a good idea to have a top price in mind.


Winter golf trousers fit the same way as normal golf trousers so whatever size you are stick to it and you’ll find a pair to suit. Finding a pair of winter golf trousers to fit you is incredibly easy and very important. Having a pair that are the wrong size could mean you don’t fully benefit from the technology.


The majority of the best winter golf trousers are made using polyester and elastane. These two materials are extremely popular because of the stretch and durability they offer. It’s also easier to implement the technology into synthetic fibers rather than natural fibers.


Winter golf trousers are amazing to wear in the winter, but they’re also fantastic options for those colder days in summer. The last thing you want is a pair of winter golf trousers that look out of place whenever they’re worn t any other time of year. You want to make sure you buy a pair of winter golf trousers that can be paired with any of your golf clothing.

Best winter golf trousers: FAQs

Are winter golf trousers necessary?

This all depends on where you live. If you live somewhere that’s constantly warm then it isn’t a hard no, it’s probably not, but there’s no harm in having a pair just in case. However, if you live in a part of the world where it does get cold during winter, you should have at least one pair of winter golf trousers for those chilly days on the course.

Do winter golf trousers keep you warm and dry?

The best winter golf trousers will most certainly keep you warm on even the coldest of days on the course. Many of them will keep you dry (to an extent) but if you want ultimate protection from the wet weather it’s definitely worth purchasing a pair of waterproof golf trousers.

When is it time to start wearing winter golf trousers?

When your legs are too cold to wear normal golf trousers! For many golfers, this will have been the case for a few weeks now as we seem to have moved into winter a lot earlier than expected. Depending on your tolerance of cold weather you might only need winter golf trousers when it’s freezing outside or you might reach for them year-round. Whichever camp you’re in, having a pair of winter golf trousers is always handy.

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