Is this the best remote electric golf cart? MGI Zip Navigator All Terrain Electric Trolley Review

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  • TG Rating 4.8 out of 5
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  • Pros

    - Simple to set-up and collapse
    - Great battery connection system
    - Remote is chargeable from the trolley
    - 36-hole battery
    - Robust unit which is very stable out on the course

  • Cons

    - Doesn't stand up to store
    - On the heavier side

  • RRP £1,600.00

What we say...

Whilst MGI aren’t a new name in the world of electric golf trolleys, this was the first time I had used one of their models, and it was so good I guarantee it won’t be the last.

MGI make some of the best golf trolleys that money can buy, and the MGI Zip Navigator AT is definitely a model you should consider when looking to purchase an electric golf trolley.

The all-terrain model comes with a 36-hole lithium battery, four wheels for extra stability on the golf course, a phone holder, and two accessory attachment locations for additional items such as an umbrella holder or a drinks holder. 

I first took the MGI Zip Navigator AT out for a round on the Hotchkin course at Woodhall Spa, which is ranked one of the best golf courses in England.

MGI's top-of-the-range all terrain model


  • Easy to set-up and collapse
  • Simple battery connection system
  • Remote is chargeable from the trolley
  • 36-hole battery
  • Robust unit which is very stable out on the course


  • Doesn't stand up to store
Weight: Without battery: 14.06kg | With battery: 16.78kg
Dimensions: Folded: 71.12cm x 48.26cm x 43.18cm
Warranty: 3 years if registered within 30 days of purchase

When I took the MGI Zip Navigator AT out of the box, I could immediately tell that it’s a really high-quality product. I felt it had a very sleek look to it, and was incredibly robust and well-built. The trolley is on the heavy side, as it’s an all-terrain model and is slightly bulkier than the smaller options in MGI’s range, but it’s by no means the heaviest trolley I’ve used. It was fairly easy to carry to the car, and to lift it in and out of the boot. 

The MGI Zip Navigator AT comes with four wheels, which I found simple to attach to the trolley body. The two rear all-terrain wheels clip into place on the axle, and can be placed on either side – there’s no specific left and right wheel for this model of trolley. The two front wheels attach upwards into the front of the trolley, again with no specific left or right wheel. I did feel that the two front wheels have a slight plastic look to them, which was slightly different to the rest of the trolley and the rear wheels. 

I was excited to take the MGI Zip Navigator AT electric trolley out on the golf course. 

The MGI Zip Navigator AT has a 36-hole batter with a simple charging and connection system

Battery and Charger

Whilst the battery is a little on the heavy side, like most lithium models, I found the design and connection to the trolley very simple, and a style I hadn’t seen before. The battery simply hooks onto the back of the trolley unit, and the handle is pressed down to secure it in place. When removing the battery, I simply unhooked the handle and lifted it free. No fiddly wires needed on the trolley, ideal! 

The charger provided with the MGI Zip Navigator AT trolley simply plugs into the underneath of the handle when raised, and a green light on the charger unit itself signifies the battery having a full charge.  

The battery level can be viewed at any time on the main trolley screen. The MGI Zip Navigator AT electric trolley comes with a 36-hole battery, but mine was still showing a full charge after playing 18 holes at Woodhall Spa.  

The MGI Zip Navigator AT trolley folds up fairly compact

Setup and Collapse

Upon arriving at the golf course, I found the MGI Zip Navigator AT trolley really simple to set up. It’s not as heavy as other electric trolleys I’ve used in the past, so I found it easy to lift out of the boot of the car. There were only two handles that I needed to pull to get the trolley up from its folded position, one at the top of the battery, and one at the side of the top bag rest. Once I had the trolley set to the position I wanted (the higher of the two handles can be used to adjust the height of the handles), I placed my golf bag on to the trolley. The base of the trolley is sturdy, supportive, and seems like it would fit any cart bag very well. 

I favor a stand bag most of the time, as I find it easier than swapping between stand bag and trolley bag depending on whether I’m just popping to the driving range or heading out for 18 holes. Like most electric trolleys, the MGI Zip Navigator AT isn’t really built for stand bags, but I managed to find a way of placing the bag that ensured it wasn’t going to tilt or slide off during my round. The trolley is fitted with two elasticated straps, one that looped over the bottom of my bag, and one that clips together at the top. This one can be adjusted to be looser or tighter depending on the width of the golf bag. 

I did take the MGI Zip Navigator AT out with a cart bag on a separate occasion, and it was a much simpler process to load onto the trolley. It fit snug onto both the bottom and top bag supports. 

Collapsing the trolley is just as easy as setting it up. I simply had to release the same two handles to allow it to fold into position, and ensure the top bag rest arm was folded over the body of the trolley before pushing the main handle back down to lock everything into place.

The MGI Zip Navigator AT electric trolley is designed for all-terrain use

On Course

I found the trolley incredibly easy to use on the golf course, with the simple dial controlling the speed. The digital screen showed me the speed level, along with additional information such as distance walked, and battery levels for both the trolley and the remote.

The MGI Zip Navigator AT has a range of speeds, which increased and decreased when I turned the dial on the handle. Pressing down on the dial paused the trolley, and this is a function I used a lot out on the course, every time I stopped to hit a shot.

The MGI Zip Navigator AT features a digital screen with speed and battery level information

I did feel that the speed dial was occasionally slow to respond in comparison to other trolleys I have used. This caused me to walk into the trolley on a couple of occasions, as I had pressed the button and was expecting it to move off ever so slightly quicker than it did. 

The four wheels provided a very sturdy experience around the undulating course, with the two front wheels moving independently for increased stability. I found the addition of the smaller fifth safety wheel (which pops out from underneath the trolley) ensured it didn’t tip backwards when I walked up a couple of steep approaches around the greens.  

The phone holder on the MGI Zip Navigator AT is a useful feature

The MGI Zip Navigator AT electric trolley also comes with a phone holder, which I found really useful as I’ve recently started using golf apps during my round, to compliment the physical distances I measure using my rangefinder. The one thing I did find here was that the phone holder was very stiff to take off at the end of my round, but this would likely ease with continuous use. 


I found the MGI Zip Navigator AT folds up compact, allowing it to fit easily in the car for transport to and from the course. However, it doesn’t stand upright like many other electric trolley models, which made it difficult to store in my garage. Unless I hang it on the wall with some heavy duty hooks, it takes up a lot of floor space lying on the ground. Not too much of an issue if you have a large double garage, but if you store your golf equipment in a shed, or even in the house, it can take up quite a bit of room. 

The MGI Zip Navigator AT comes with a remote control


The palm-sized remote that comes with the MGI Zip Navigator AT electric trolley is simple yet functional. 

When I first set up the trolley, I couldn’t find the remote (as they usually come in their own packaging along with batteries), and wondered if it had been missed from the box. Upon reading the instruction booklet, I located it neatly stored on the underside of the trolley handle, clipped securely into place. It blends in with the trolley so well, I hadn’t noticed it. 

The remote features a handy lock button, which prevents any accidental movement from other buttons until it’s unlocked. This offered me peace of mind when it was in my pocket during my round. 

The buttons are easy to press and allowed me to move the trolley forwards, backwards, left, and right. It also has a ‘stop’ button, ensuring I didn’t have to slow it down with the directional buttons when I needed it to come to a halt quickly.

The handset is rechargeable via a cable that comes with the trolley, and it can be plugged into the trolley unit itself. A fantastic feature if the battery is running low mid-round. 


Overall, I found the MGI Zip Navigator AT really simple to set up, more so than some push trolley models I’ve been using recently. It handled well on the golf course, navigating the bumpy fairways and around bunkers with ease. It took me a few rounds to get used to the speed dial, and the very slight delay I experienced between pressing the button and the trolley starting to move. I was impressed by the build quality and design, and this is definitely an electric trolley I will continue to use. 

If your course is undulating and you feel the need for an all-terrain model, the MGI Zip Navigator AT is the trolley for you. If you’re after a lighter model for more sedate fairways, then the MGI Zip X1 would be the better option.

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Product Information

MGI Zip Navigator AT Electric Trolley 


Weight: Without battery: 14.06kg | With battery: 16.78kg 

Folded dimensions: 71.12cm x 48.26cm x 43.18cm

Warranty: 3 year if registered within 30 days of purchase. 

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