Best Electric Golf Trolleys 2024: Tech-packed, efficient, and extremely relaxing

We review the best electric golf trolleys to help wheel into action the right model for your needs and budget in 2024.

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The best golf trolley for you will depend on your budget, the features you want, how much you are worried about the weight and size, and the type of operation that suits your playing needs.

If you want a trolley but aren’t sold on electric then make sure you check out our guide to the best golf push trolleys too. And whichever trolley you choose to buy, you’ll need a bag to match, so head over to our best golf cart bags guide for some inspiration.

The best electric golf trolleys 2024: A notable model from each category

Best overall electric golf trolley: Motocaddy M7 GPS Remote | Buy Now

Best electric golf trolley for storage: Stewart Vertx Remote | Buy Now

Best follow electric golf trolley: Stewart Q Follow | Buy Now

Best value electric golf trolley: Powakaddy FX1 | Buy Now

If you are thinking about switching to a trolley but have concerns over losing the health benefits of carrying your bag, you might be interested to hear that research has evidenced players expend the same amount of energy using electric and push trolleys as they do carrying their clubs. The exercise is in the walk itself!

So, without further ado, here’s our pick of the best electric golf trolleys on the market right now to help you choose the model that’s best for you. 

Best Electric Golf Trolleys 2024

Best GPS Electric Golf Trolleys

Motocaddy's most tech-packed electric golf trolley

Best overall electric golf trolley
Is this the ultimate electric golf trolley on the market? I would say so! This electric golf trolley offers absolutely everything you could imagine.

With a fully integrated GPS, remote-control functionality, and a standard 36-hole battery, there isn't anything else you could possibly want from an electric golf trolley.

The GPS is pre-loaded with more than 40,000 global golf courses. They're all viewable on the Crystal clear 3.5” LCD touchscreen display.

The Motocaddy M7 GPS Remote can be controlled either manually or via the remote control. With the remote, you can instruct the trolley to travel in all directions.

Potential life-saving defibrillator (AED) locations at the course can be found on the screen, as well as crucial CPR instructions, which is why we partnered with Motocaddy for our Drive for Defibs campaign.

The M7 GPS Remote electric trolley is fitted with Motocaddy's Downhill Control (DHC) technology which ensures the trolley maintains a constant speed while travelling downhill.

Other features of this impressive electric trolley are the all-terrain wheels that provide exceptional traction in all conditions, a removable anti-tip rear wheel that keeps the trolley incredibly stable on undulating golf courses, and Easilock compatibility which secures any Motocaddy cart bag without needing to be strapped in.

The M7 GPS Remote has a slightly larger profile than other M-Serie trolleys, but it still folds up neatly and is easy to store.

Read our full Motocaddy M7 GPS Remote golf trolley review.


  • AED locator is a fantastic addition
  • Very stable
  • Good battery life
  • Works with and without the remote
  • Incredibly clear and accurate GPS


  • Non-Motocaddy golf bags won't fit as securely
<strong>Weight</strong> 14.9 kg
<strong>Folded dimensions</strong> 650mm x 470mm x 410 mm
<strong>Warranty</strong> Two years (extended warranty available on the battery)

Powakaddy's super compact GPS electric golf trolley

Best compact GPS electric golf trolley
The CT8 GPS boasts a fully integrated GPS, accessible via a 3.5" full-colour touchscreen display, and comes pre-loaded with more than 40,000 worldwide golf courses, with no annual fees or subscriptions needed, while the Bluetooth-connected app allows for quick golf course updates.

It automatically locates your course, advances between holes, and provides fast yardages to the front, centre, and back of the green. In addition, the CT8’s new widescreen display, which is the largest seen on a PowaKaddy compact trolley, offers a range of excellent features including a scorecard, stroke index information, Active Green View to show the green’s shape, and Drop Flag technology to give accurate and precise distance measurement to any pin position.

PowaKaddy’s simple 2-fold system allows it to fold 20% smaller than the previous model, and 35% smaller than its closest competitor, while the 30v 230w motor is powerful and impressively quiet.

The CT8 has a height-adjustable soft touch handle and uses the same anti-tamper dial found in the popular CT6, along with the Automatic Distance Function, allowing you to send the trolley ahead or to the next tee.

PowaKaddy’s Plug ‘n’ Play battery is thin, lightweight, and powerful. The main plus with this lithium battery is that there are no wires to connect. The top-mounted and easy access on/off switch and simple battery release latch makes it supremely simple to use.

Alongside the standard CT8 GPS, there is an EBS (Electronic Braking System) version, priced at £50 more. The self-sensing EBS automatically slows the trolley on steep inclines and is ideal for those who regularly play undulating courses.

Both are available with standard lithium batteries or, if you like to play more than 18 holes or get more than one round out of a charge, there are XL lithium battery options.


  • Smallest touchscreen GPS electric golf trolley
  • Super compact making it easy to store
  • Excellent build quality


  • Not the securest bag straps
<strong>Weight</strong> 11.7 kg
<strong>Folded dimensions</strong> 510mm x 425mm x 375mm
<strong>Warranty</strong> Two years (extended warranty available on the battery)

Powakaddy's remote-control GPS electric golf trolley

Best GPS electric golf trolley
Powakaddy are the brains behind some of the best electric golf trolleys, and their premium model is the RX1 GPS.

The RX1 GPS is an electric golf trolley that can be controlled with a remote and features a fully integrated GPS pre-loaded with more than 40,000 golf courses worldwide.

When the RX1 GPS entered the marketplace, it was introduced as the world's first touchscreen remote GPS trolley. Equipped with a stunning 3.5” high visibility, full-colour touchscreen, the GPS delivers extremely clear and accurate distances to the front, middle, and back of the green, as well as hazards.

Slope Traverse Assist (STA) helps to keep the trolley stable on all terrains and ensures the trolley remains upright on even the most undulating golf courses.

The front wheel doesn't fold away which makes this trolley slightly larger than other trolleys of a similar standard by competitors. Therefore, it's slightly tougher to store if you are strapped for storage space.

Read our full Powakaddy RX1 GPS electric golf trolley review.


  • Easy to use and accurate GPS
  • Remote functionality makes using a trolley even easier
  • Copes superbly with undulating courses
  • One-click folding/unfolding is a doddle


  • Bag straps aren't the most secure
<strong>Weight</strong> 14 kg (without battery)
<strong>Folded dimensions</strong> 805mm x 425mm x 345mm
<strong>Warranty</strong> Two years (extended warranty available on the battery)

Best Remote Electric Golf Trolleys

Stewart's "ultimate remote machine" delivers everything you'd want and expect

Best electric golf trolley for storage
If you're in the market for one of the finest-quality electric golf trolleys, then you definitely want to consider Stewart. Stewart are known for their follow electric golf trolleys and their exceptional quality.

The Vertx Remote is Stewart's remote-controlled electric golf trolley that doesn't have the follow functionality built-in. However, that definitely doesn't make this an inferior model.

The remote control is extremely straightforward to operate and it definitely makes your round much more relaxing. The remote has a 100-yard range and an integrated stabilizer that automatically deploys and retracts when the Vertx Remote is folded or unfolded.

The Vertx Remote is available with either a 27-hole battery or a 45-hole battery and you can purchase this cart in either a black or carbon finish.

Stewart set out with the aim of producing the "ultimate remote machine", and the focal piece of technology built into the Vertx Remote is the ATC (Active Terrain Control) which is a first in a golf cart design and it ensures the Vertx Remote maintains its speed regardless of the undulation.


  • ATC ensures the Vertx Remote performs efficiently on all terrains
  • Very easy to control with the remote from up to 100 yards away
  • Carry handle makes it really easy to transport


  • Battery capacities are slightly unusual and the trolley is heavy to push
<strong>Weight</strong> 17.05 kg
<strong>Folded dimensions</strong> 540mm x 600mm x 320mm
<strong>Warranty</strong> Two years

The first remote electric golf trolley released by Motocaddy

Best remote electric golf trolley
Motocaddy entered the remote electric golf trolley marketplace with their M7 Remoye trolley, and it proved a worthwhile venture, being incredibly popular and highly praised.

The remote function is incredibly easy to operate, and you can instruct the trolley to travel in any direction from up to 100 yards away. Should you choose not to use the remote, the M7 Remote can be controlled manually without any issues.

The M7 Remote is built with integrated Downhill Control (DHC) technology which ensures the trolley maintains its speed when travelling downhill.

No matter how undulating the golf course or how uneven the terrain, the M7 Remote will cope thanks to the anti-tip rear wheel and all-terrain wheels.

The Motocaddy ULTRA lithium battery can be charged without needing to be removed, meaning that once you collapse the M7 Remote it doesn't need to be unfolded until you next play, making storing the trolley even easier.


  • Very reactive to instructions from the remote control
  • Easy to navigate with the remote control
  • Very stable on numerous terrains thanks to all-terrain wheels and anti-tip rear wheel
  • Works with and without the remote


  • It is slightly heavier than other M-series electric carts
<strong>Weight</strong> 14.4 kg
<strong>Folded dimensions</strong> 650mm x 470mm x 420mm
<strong>Warranty</strong> Two years (extended warranty available on the battery)

An impressive golf trolley that can easily tackle any terrain

Best electric golf trolley for uneven terrains
MGI's Patented Gyroscope Straight Tracker technology is what makes their electric golf trolleys so impressive on undulating golf courses and uneven terrain.

The MGI Zip Navigator AT is extremely easy to operate whether that's with the remote or controlling the trolley manually.

With built-in downhill speed control the MGI Zip Navigator AT requires minimal thought and effort when steering the trolley downhill but it maintains its stability.

The importance of the all-terrain rear anti-tip wheel cannot be overstated, this is the wheel that ensures the trolley doesn't fall back on itself when travelling uphill.

The standard 36-hole battery is fully capable of seeing out 36-holes before needing to be charged. It's incredibly quiet and slots seamlessly into the trolleys frame.


  • Extremely stable and agile on a wide range of terrains
  • Very responsive to remote control commands
  • Super stylish and modern design


  • Not the lightest option but still easy to transport and carry
<strong>Weight</strong> 16.78 kg
<strong>Folded dimensions</strong> 711mm x 482mm x 432mm
<strong>Warranty</strong> Three years (extended warranty available on the battery)

Best Follow Electric Golf Trolleys

A very clever electric golf trolley that can follow you around the golf course

Best follow electric golf trolley
Stewart's electric trolleys are very much like Bentleys – they’re made in Britain with high-quality materials, you don’t see them at every turn and new models only come to market after years of hard work and innovation. And that’s exactly the case with the new Q Follow, or “the leader in follow” as Stewart describes their premium model.

Years of ideas and development have created the world’s most compact “follow” trolley, coming in at just 545mm high, 600mm wide, and 318mm deep when folded. It is made from a super-strong yet ultra-light new honeycomb composite material, with its production process ensuring the finish of every Q Follow is unique.

Seventh-generation “Follow” electronics mean this trolley will go wherever you go, within a 50m range, following the Bluetooth remote that attaches to your belt or back trouser pocket, adjusting to your pace and stopping when you do.

You can also use the USB-rechargeable remote to bring the trolley to you when you’ve found a ball in the rough, maneuver the Q Follow over bridges and around the green, or send it on to the next tee as you putt, adjusting the speed easily and bringing it to a halt at the push of a button.

It can also be used like a traditional electric model when required by attaching the remote to a catch above the handle and steering it manually.

The new trolley uses a specially developed stabilizer bar, meaning it won’t topple over when it follows you to find your ball after you’ve carved it into the hills or down a slope off the tee!

The innovative stabilizer, which automatically deploys and retracts during the trolley’s simple folding and unfolding process, works with the Q Follow’s low center of gravity to keep it stable and upright even on undulating slopes and steep hills.

Each trolley features a carbon fibre finish on the handle, main support, undertray, and wheel arches to add a premium touch, while a new carry handle makes the trolley easy to carry and lift in and out of the car with just one hand.

The innovative new design also allows the trolley to stand safely on its end for further ease of transportation and storage.

Stewart’s easy-to-use 18-hole and 36-hole plug-and-play lithium batteries are both available with the Q Follow. This trolley links up with Stewart's free smartphone app which allows you to check exactly how much charge you have left and the health of your battery before you set out for another round.


  • Premium British-made quality
  • Very responsive follow technology
  • Multiple modes of operation


  • It will follow you wherever you walk
<strong>Weight</strong> 14.1 kg
<strong>Folded dimensions</strong> 545mm x 600mm x 318mm
<strong>Warranty</strong> Two years

A well-built and extremely stable follow electric golf trolley

Best quality follow electric golf trolley
Stewart originally launched the iconically-shaped trolley to critical acclaim as the X1 Remote in 2003 and have constantly evolved the product, with X3, X5, and X7 models before the groundbreaking X9 Follow was released in 2014.

Now the X10 has been fitted with significant upgrades to produce the Follow model. The X10 benefits from the EcoDrive motor technology that was launched with the Q Follow, meaning it's up to 40% more efficient than the older version. This means the X10 battery will give users 40 per cent more golf than previous versions for each charge. 

In addition, the X10 benefits from the latest electronics system that is now manufactured in Great Britain after being ‘re-shored’ from Europe last year.

The X10 Follow features the latest seventh generation of Stewart’s proprietary Follow system, featuring dedicated electronic calibration which results in the most accurate and reliable Follow experience to date.

A new electronics assembly area at the Stewart factory ensures each handset is optimized and matched to the trolley’s main electronics system using a bespoke autotuning system.


  • Extremely stable and sturdy design
  • Exceptional battery life
  • Works in three different modes of operation - follow, remote, manual


  • Being so sturdy makes it slightly rigid and heavy
<strong>Weight</strong> 17.1 kg
<strong>Folded dimensions</strong> 320mm x 660mm x 820mm
<strong>Warranty</strong> Two years

Best Affordable Electric Golf Trolleys

Motocaddy's budget-friendly electric trolley

Best affordable electric golf trolley
The cheapest electric golf trolley offered by Motocaddy is the SE electric trolley. The SE is such a reasonable price because of how simple the technology is, which makes it very easy to use.

The SE can be purchased with either a lead-acid battery or an ULTRA lithium battery. The lead-acid battery is much heavier than the lithium battery but it is cheaper.

The design of the SE is based on the incredibly popular Motocaddy S1 electric golf trolley. The trolley features a nine-speed setting along with a USB port underneath the handlebar.

This trolley is Easilock compatible and is easy to store despite only folding in half. The lithium battery version is easiest to store because the battery doesn't ever need to be removed - even for charging.


  • Fantastic value for a Motocaddy electric trolley
  • Available with either a lithium battery or lead-acid battery
  • Very popular style based on the highly-rated S1


  • Not as sturdy as other electric golf trolleys
<strong>Weight</strong> 9 kg (without battery)
<strong>Folded dimensions</strong> 850mm x 595mm x 355mm
<strong>Warranty</strong> One year lead-acid | Three years lithium

The cheapest electric golf trolley offered by Powakaddy

Best value electric golf trolley
Being a budget-friendly electric trolley isn't the only talking point when it comes to the Powakaddy FX1 electric trolley. Despite being inexpensive for an electric trolley, the FX1 features some of the technology found in Powakaddy's more premium models.

Most notably the FX1 sports Powakaddy's Plug'n'Play lithium battery which can easily be charged without needing to be removed.

The FX1 folds down 20% smaller than its predecessor in one simple step, meaning you can pack up your trolley quicker and with less effort. It also makes it easier to store with it being more compact.


  • Impressive bit of kit for the price
  • Simple to operate
  • Features same technology found in Powakaddy's more premium models


  • Not as compact as other Powakaddy golf trolleys
<strong>Weight</strong> 11.3 kg
<strong>Folded dimensions</strong> 805mm x 560mm x 346mm
<strong>Warranty</strong> Two years (extended warranty available on the battery)

A fantastic affordable electric trolley you can purchase on Amazon

Best cheap electric golf trolley
ProRider might not have that same ring to it as Motocaddy, Powakaddy, Stewart, or MGI has, but for someone wanting a cheap electric golf trolley that's more than capable of getting around 18 holes, the ProRider is a brilliant choice.

With seven-speed settings, the ProRider electric trolley can easily navigate any golf course in the UK twice round thanks to the 36-hole lead-acid battery.

The ProRider Electric looks much more like a push trolley than an electric trolley. The sleight frame is still incredibly stable and sturdy. The minimal frame is lightweight and this helps to offset the weight of the lead-acid battery.

This trolley comes with all of the accessories you will need including an umbrella holder, drinks holder, and scorecard holder.


  • Incredibly cheap electric golf trolley
  • Easy to fold and unfold
  • Extended range battery has charge to last 36-holes


  • Not the most compact electric golf trolley
<strong>Weight</strong> 19 kg
<strong>Folded dimensions</strong> 820mm x 530mm x 320mm
<strong>Warranty</strong> One year

Best Electric Golf Trolleys: Buying Guide

Push trolleys and electric golf trolleys are considered beneficial to your performance and body.

Carrying your golf bag requires you to lift and set down your clubs up to 100 times a round, placing extra weight and stress on your body which can lead to fatigue and, in some cases, injury.

The cons of carrying a golf bag against the pros of pushing a golf trolley.

And while many bag carriers claim that carrying is better for their health and fitness, Dr. Neil Wolkodoff, medical director of the Colorado Centre for Health & Sports Science, believes the benefits are less pronounced than they might think.

His research showed that over nine holes, golfers who carried clubs burned 721 calories, as opposed to the 718 calories burned by someone who pushed their clubs.

Dr. Wolkodoff said: “People who push a cart have a lot fewer health issues and a lot less potential for issues. The golf swing is tough on the back no matter how you look at it. If you can push a cart and keep one more stress away from the back, that’s a great thing.”

But, assuming you choose to follow the doctor’s orders, should you buy an electric or push model? Let’s take a look at other factors you should consider before purchasing an electric trolley.

Mode of Operation

Purchasing an electric golf trolley isn’t massively complicated but it should require some thought. One of the first factors to consider is what mode of operations you would like. By this, I’m referring to whether you would be happy controlling your electric trolley manually, or if you would prefer controlling your device with a remote, or have it follow you around the course.

Depending on which mode of operation you would like most, this will inevitably whittle down your options and make it easier to find the electric trolley of your dreams.


Once you have chosen whether you want an electric trolley you steer, control via a remote, or follows you, the next feature to consider is whether you want a GPS device built into your electric golf trolley or not. It’s likely that most golfers will already own a GPS device, such as a rangefinder, a handheld device, or a GPS watch.

You’ll need to think about whether you would benefit from having a GPS built into your electric trolley because they do increase the value of the trolley and if you don’t think you’ll get full use out of the GPS then it probably isn’t worth investing in a GPS electric trolley. However, before owning the M7 GPS Remote, I would never have owned an electric trolley with GPS, but now I don’t think I’d be happy with anything less.


When purchasing any piece of golf equipment it’s never a bad thing to have a budget in mind. Obviously, with something like an electric golf trolley you should be expecting to spend more than you would on a push trolley. However, that doesn’t mean you have to spend more than £1,000 if you don’t want to.

It probably goes without saying, but the more technology and functionality packed into an electric trolley drives the price up. The best way of sticking to a budget is by chalking off all the products you deem to be unnecessary, this way you’ll hopefully land on an electric trolley within your budget that does everything you require.

Ease of use

It’s all well and good having an all-singing all-dancing electric trolley, but if you don’t know how to use it then it’s pretty redundant. You’ll be able to work the basics on any electric trolley, but if you can’t operate much more than that then why not purchase a basic electric trolley and save yourself some cash?

Size and Storage

Size and storage only becomes important if, like me, you drive a car with limited storage space. The other time it comes into consideration is if you have little storage space within your home. The vast majority of the best electric trolleys do fold away very compactly, but some don’t.

The more compact trolleys do tend to be more expensive, but they’re worth it because they’re also easier to transport and carry.


Weight doesn’t really matter when the electric trolley is in use because the motor is doing all the heavy lifting. However, it’s still important to factor in weight because if you own an electric trolley that’s awkward to lift and transport then it can become tedious to actually put it in play.

Folding mechanism

Electric trolleys aren’t the most difficult pieces of equipment to navigate once you’ve folded them down and unfolded them a couple of times. However, you don’t want a model that requires a lot of time and effort in order to get it ready for your round or pack it away once you’ve finished.

Many of the best electric trolleys feature a one-step or two-step folding mechanism that’s incredibly straightforward. Some electric trolleys even have retractable parts that fold down and up when another part of the trolley is manually collapsed or erected.


There are two battery options to choose from – lithium or lead-acid. Lithium batteries are much more popular, but lead-acid batteries are used to reduce cost. Another difference is lead-acid batteries are much heavier than lithium batteries and they need to be removed during storage. Most lithium batteries can now be kept in the trolley even when charging thanks to innovative designs.

Unless you have your heart set on an electric trolley that is sold with a lead-acid battery, I would suggest purchasing one with a lithium battery.


You can pimp out your electric trolley with all kinds of accessories. Some accessories are necessary but others are much less needed. Certain brands throw in a selection of accessories with the sale of one of their electric trolleys. The most wanted trolley accessories are the umbrella holder, drinks holder, scorecard holder, and travel cover.

Sometimes you might not have a choice of which accessory is thrown in as a ‘free gift’ with the electric trolley, but other times you might be able to choose. In either situation, I would suggest you opt for the travel cover, providing it’s an option.

Best Electric Golf Trolleys: FAQs

Is an electric golf trolley better than a push golf trolley?

If you have the budget to invest in an electric trolley it will have much more positive impacts on your body and your golf game than a push trolley.

Electric golf trolleys are more expensive than push trolleys due to the additional technology, mechanics, and lightweight, super-powerful lithium batteries. While a push trolley is far more beneficial than carrying, an electric trolley lightens the load even further.

Many electric trolleys can also do things like charge your phone and receive your messages and notifications via their screens, while the likes of Motocaddy and PowaKaddy even produce models that include GPS, saving you from buying a separate Distance Measuring Device (DMD).

Do golf trolleys include all of the accessories I need?

It depends on the brand and model. Many of the best push trolleys have integrated stations with storage pouches and a holder for an umbrella, drink, and scorecard. Electric trolleys can often require you to buy the parts separately. Most brands have loads of accessories to choose from, including GPS and phone cradles, drinks and umbrella holders, rain covers, winter wheels, and travel covers.

Which golf trolley is quicker and easier to fold and unfold?

There isn’t a massive difference between push and electric trolleys. It all depends on how simple or complicated the folding mechanism is. Most electric trolleys have the battery already installed so you don’t need to worry about adding or removing the battery during the folding down or unfolding of the trolley.

Are electric golf trolleys suitable for undulating courses?

Despite being heavier than push trolleys, electric trolleys effortlessly glide around hilly golf courses. Electric trolleys are far more beneficial to your game and body than carrying your bag around a hilly golf course. Just make sure the battery is fully charged!

There’s no chance of your precious clubs trundling down a hill because all of the best electric trolleys have brakes. Certain electric trolleys feature technology that prevents them from diverting off-course on even the most undulating terrains.

Are electric golf trolleys easier to transport and store than push trolleys?

Even in the high-tech, modern world, weight tends to be less of an issue with push trolleys due to the lack of motors and having no battery. But size really depends on the folding technology. If boot and storage space is at a premium then be sure to check the size of the trolley folded down and measure your spaces before making a purchase. The last thing you want is to splash the cash and then find it doesn’t fit in your car with your clubs.

Most golf trolleys include easy-release wheels to make transportation, storage, and cleaning even easier.

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