The most complete electric golf cart on the market: Motocaddy M7 GPS Remote Electric Caddy Review

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    - Tech-packed with more functionality you could dream of
    - easily manages 36 holes on a full charge
    - Looks very modern and stylish 
    -Highly accurate GPS 
    - Super responsive remote control but can be operated manually

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    - Awkard to carry without the travel cover 

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What we say...

Using the Motocaddy M7 GPS Remote Electric Caddy has completely converted me into a cart lover… it’s just that good!

Motocaddy are responsible for some of the best golf carts (golf trolleys in the UK) on the market, and both their ranges of electric golf carts and push carts are a common sight on the fairways.

Motocaddy M7 GPS Remote Electric Trolley with bag

If you’re in the market for the golf cart with the most functionality, the Motocaddy M7 GPS Remote electric caddy is by far the best option. This cart comes as standard with an extended-range lithium battery, allowing you to play 36 holes before charging – playing around my home course, Cleveland Golf Club (one of the best golf courses in England), I manage slightly more than 36, but I doubt it would stretch to three rounds!

I depend heavily on my rangefinder whenever and wherever I play golf. However, since using this cart, I find myself constantly taking advantage of the onboard GPS, mainly for the back or front number depending on where the flag is positioned and how strong the wind is blowing.

Motocaddy M7 GPS Remote Electric Trolley GPS display

The GPS has over 40,000 preloaded golf courses in its database, meaning you can travel globally with your M7 GPS electric caddy and receive all the information you need about the course you’re playing. The 3.5″ LCD touchscreen provides you with front, middle, and back distances, as well as hazard information. In the middle of the screen, there is a dynamic green with a pin that can be dragged into any position on the green for a specific number to that location.

Before owning this cart, I was always skeptical about GPS devices being built-in to carts – I have no idea why! After having the pleasure of walking the fairways with this outstanding piece of machinery I would highly recommend purchasing an electric cart equipped with a GPS device. That being said, the Motocaddy M7 GPS Remote electric caddy is much more than a GPS on wheels.

Motocady M7 GPS Remote can be operated with the remote or manually

Remote control functionality

What makes this cart so enjoyable is the fact it can be controlled by a remote! There aren’t many electric golf carts that have a remote control – it somehow brings out your inner child. Stewart, MGI, and Powakaddy all offer at least one remote golf cart and they are all super fun!

The remote control range on the M7 GPS is 50m, so you can continue searching for your partner’s golf ball while setting your cart away down the middle of the fairway to your 300-yard bomb. The remote is incredibly easy to use, you can move your cart forwards, backwards, left, and right, as well as reducing and increasing the speed.

The best feature of the M7 GPS Remote is that you can control this cart with or without the remote. If for whatever reason you forget to take your remote with you (something I DEFINITELY haven’t done), the cart will still work exactly as it would if you had the remote.

Obviously, the first thing I did when I took this cart out on the course was donuts – apologies to the greenkeepers. Sadly, the turning circle is absolutely fantastic so the donuts were pretty poor.

Wheel technology

The wheels on the M7 GPS are all-terrain DHC (Downhill Control) fitted with an anti-skid tread to deal with any ground. The front wheels are fixed into place and rotate a full 360° which is what makes the turning circle incredibly tight.

The two rear wheels can be taken off and inverted to make the cart more compact for storage and it makes it easier to fit the cart into the travel cover which is well worth purchasing to keep your car clean.

Ultra lithium battery

The standard battery sold with the M7 GPS is Motocaddy’s 36-hole battery. The battery slots in seamlessly to the base of the cart and can be charged without needing to be removed. It wouldn’t be a major hardship having to remove the battery for it to be charged but it’s a lot more convenient that it can be charged in the cart.

One thing to remember with the purchase of any Motocaddy golf cart is to always register it with the manufacturer the minute you get it home. By registering your new cart with Motocaddy you will get an extended warranty on the battery for no extra cost. The warranty then becomes five years on the battery and two years on the charger and frame.

Smart features

Certain golfers prefer not to have their phone handy during their round, whether that’s to minimize distractions or from an etiquette perspective. With the M7 GPS, you can pop your phone in your bag and still receive any important notifications. This does require you to download the smartphone app but it’s incredibly easy to set up.

If you need to charge your phone on course you can do so thanks to the USB charging port situated underneath the display screen.

Another amazing perk of investing in an M7 GPS is that upon receipt of your purchase, you are entitled to a free 12-month Performance Plan trial which allows you to dissect your game in the Motocaddy GPS app – which is free to download. Once your free trial ends you can continue reaping all the benefits of the Performance Plan for £49.99 / $69.99 per annum.

Motocaddy M7 GPS Remote Electric Trolley folded

Some small issues

This is the most complete cart on the market, there’s nothing the M7 GPS doesn’t offer. Any feature you can think of that should be on an electric cart, this has it. However, that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. Sadly, I do have a few negatives of this cart. None of them hinder my opinion that this is the best cart on the market but it definitely brings it back to the pack.

My major gripe with this cart is that it weighs 31.00 lbs (14.9kg), but doesn’t have a carrying strap. Carts aren’t the easiest items to carry given their unusual shape and size when folded. Therefore, it would be much appreciated if it was fitted with a strap or fixed bar to make transporting the cart from home to the course a little bit easier.

Motocaddy M-Series Travel Cover

The Motocaddy M-Series travel cover is an absolute must-have with this trolley because without it, in order to take the cart out of my car and put it back in my hands would be positioned in places that would be much dirtier if I didn’t play links golf – far from ideal. However, the travel cover makes carrying and transporting the cart much easier and it minimizes the transfer of any dirt from the cart onto you or your vehicle.

It would be nice if the travel cover was thrown in as a free gift with every purchase of an M7 GPS Remote as standard, but if you either don’t have the option or can choose a free gift I would strongly recommend investing in the M-Series travel cover.

Another component of this cart that could be improved is the stabilizer wheel. I have zero complaints about the stabilizer wheel while the cart is in motion. The stabilizer wheel is an absolute godsend while walking the fairways, it allows you and your cart to roam freely anywhere on the course – apart from if you guide it into a bunker!

Unlike other brands that have carts with stabilizer wheels, the stabilizer wheel on the M7 GPS needs to be removed for the cart to collapse properly. This might not sound too difficult (which it isn’t), but it makes it easier to lose than when it’s constantly attached. It wouldn’t be as much of an issue if there was somewhere specific to store the wheel when it’s removed.

Both of these problems I’ve encountered with the M7 GPS Remote electric caddy are minimal and don’t hinder my opinion that this is a fantastic bit of kit. One thing this cart does that not many others do is provide a lot of enjoyment – who’d ever have thought a golf cart could do this?

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Motocaddy M7 GPS Remote Electric Caddy

RRP £1,449.99 - VIEW OFFER UK | $1,899.00 - VIEW OFFER US

Weight: 31.00 lbs (14.9 kg)

Folded dimensions: 25.59" x 18.50" x 16.54" (650mm x 470mm x 410 mm)

Warranty: Two years (extended warranty available for the battery)

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