Stewart Golf X9 Remote Golf Trolley Review

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What we say...

Stewart Golf’s X9 Remote Trolley is brilliant on the golf course – easy to set up and even mores simple to control.

What we say: Specifically designed as a remote controlled machine, the X9 Remote benefits from a low and central centre of gravity and four wheels. This balance is complimented by a world leading electronics system which allows you to control the X9 Remote from up to 50m away, using the latest in Bluetooth technology to connect the machine to the compact handset. New V3 wheels offer increased traction and the handset is now rechargeable.

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Key Features

Rechargeable Lithium Handset has been created with the same compact handset case, but integrated a large lithium battery. This can be charged via a new port on the right hand side

Complete Remote Functionality is ideal for when you go slightly off course, such as going into rough, bunkers or when you reach the green and you want to send the X9 Remote to the next tee

50m range with safety cut out: you can send the trolley up and down for up to 50m, steer it left or right and stop using it with the glide stop or emergency stop buttons. If you prefer to have your trolley in front of you, you have the option of another setting called ‘cruise control’ to set speeds to suit your walking pace.

12v Lithium battery pack complete with soft case

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Product Information

Battery type Lithium
USB Capability
Yardage calculator
Battery indicator
Distance setting

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