Launch Monitor Tested: Wilson Staff Model CB Iron 2024 Review

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  • Pros
    • The price is a lot more attractive than some of the competition.
    • Feel and feedback are right up there alongside the best.
    • Wilson has a serious pedigree in the forged iron market. 
  • Cons
    • A very difficult iron to fault, so long as your game warrants a modern players' model.
  • RRP £1,050.00

What we say...

The Wilson Staff Model CB is a traditional cavity back players’ iron for great ball strikers and golfers who demand ultimate feel.    

Wilson has more heritage than most when it comes to making brilliant forged blades and tour cavity irons. The company started out back in 1917, and legends like Gene Sarazen, Sam Snead, and Arnold Palmer have all played versions of the Wilson Staff Model blades since. Wilson irons have been used to win more majors than any other brand. With the current trophy count standing at 62. Impressively at least one major has been bagged in every decade since the company was first founded. Any reveal of a new Wilson Staff Model CB iron then is a huge deal to those in the know.

Wilson’s last major victory came at the 2019 US Open. An event played at Pebble Beach Links with Gary Woodland lifting the trophy. Woodland’s win while playing the brand’s previous Staff Model blades has come to mark a serious renaissance for the company. Once again Wilson has become well-known for making great quality forged irons for serious golfers. A point backed up by Padraig Harrington winning on the Champions Tour with the brand new CB model. Part of this switch also comes down to the prices of most of the best irons available rising to well over £1K a set. Wilson models though have continued to hover around £800, so despite their lofty reputation, they represent excellent value for money.

The Wilson Staff CB iron at address and from the toe

Everything you need to know about the Wilson Staff Model CB iron

Designed as a family

Forged iron families are all the rage right now within the arena of the best players’ iron models. Not wanting to be left behind Wilson has taken great care to design the new Wilson Staff Model CB iron and blade to fit together seamlessly as one family. The idea gives golfers the option of playing either iron individually or creating their very own personal combo set using both models.

The back detail of the Wilson Staff Model Blade and CB irons

Fluid feel with extreme toe weighting

Fluid feel technology has been part of Wilson’s best-forged irons for many decades. The idea removes inefficient mass between the hosel and heel of the iron and redistributes it to the toe. The new Staff Model CB cavity back area is extremely biased towards the toe. Wilson insists the new shaping helps the very best ball strikers hold the face square through impact. Which on the golf course prevents smothered shots left of the target.  

With so much weight located in the toe, the center of gravity is also placed more accurately behind the center of the face, so expect an increase in feel and improved sound.

A graphic showing how weight has moved from the Wilson Staff CB iron heel to the toe.

CNC Milled

Precision and accuracy are absolutely paramount to the best ball strikers and shot-shapers and the best way to manage tolerances when making irons is to precision CNC Mill. The Staff Model CB like the PXG 0317 T and TaylorMade P7MC has a CNC-milled face and grooves which ensures shot-to-shot consistency.

Muted sound with a softer feel

Feel and sound are paramount to very good players. Even though this version is created from the same 8620 carbon steel as its predecessor Wilson’s research shows thanks to the new shaping impact vibration and sound are deadened by 8 decibels. Essentially delivering golfers a softer more pure feel sensation.  

A graphic to show the impact difference in decibels between the Staff Model 2019 and 2024 irons

Details: Wilson Staff Model CB iron

RRP: $1199.99 / £1,050

Availability: 4 – PW (Custom Order 2 and 3 iron)

Stock shaft: True Temper Dynamic Gold Mid 115

Stock grip: Golf Pride Z Grip

7-iron loft: 34°

Category: Players’ Iron

Forgiveness rating: 2/5

Video: How does the Wilson Staff Model CB compare to other leading 2024 Players’ Irons?

Verdict: Wilson Staff Model CB 2024 iron

Wilson has a history longer than most when it comes to forged irons and since doubling down on its Staff Model franchise the brand has seen a real resurgence among ‘players’ over recent times. Bear in mind the Staff Model has been developed with input from players like three-time major champ Padraig Harrington, so if you truly can say hand-on-heart you are a consistent ball striker who doesn’t need to keep an eye on distance the new Staff Model CB should be factored into your purchase decision in 2024.

The CBs have very traditional lofts, which means in our test the model gave up 5 yards of 7-iron carry distance to our test average but also a massive 13 yards to the very longest in the category. That’s an equation that won’t work for too many club golfers. However, it doesn’t stop this model from being a very attractive traditional forged tour-level cavity back option in the right hands.

The cavity back detail and sole width of the Wilson Staff Model CB 2024 iron

I love the head shape, our test pro really enjoyed the feel but the super shiny high-polished finish is highly likely to split opinion. Even Padraig Harrington plays his set raw without a plated finish to maximize feel and spin control.

Also don’t fall into the trap of thinking weaker lofted players’ irons launch shots higher, as that’s not always the case. Our data highlights how thanks to the lack of offset the center of gravity is further forward and thanks to a heavier lower flighted shaft this model peaked shots out lower and hit the green at a shallower angle than our test averages. Definite food for thought.  

Data comparison: How does the Wilson Staff Model 2024 compare to leading competitor players’ irons?

Iron7-Iron LoftBall SpeedLaunch AngleBackspinHeightDescent AngleCarry DistanceCarry Distance Drop OffShot Area
PXG 0317 T32°125 MPH (1)15.6°5343 RPM32 YDS45.1°182 YDS (1)6 YDS118.2 SQ YDS
PXG 0317 CB33°122.8 MPH16.6°5568 RPM32 YDS45.7°179 YDS (T2)7 YDS142.1 SQ YDS
Vega VDC31°124.4 MPH (2)14.8°5703 RPM30 YDS44.4°179 YDS (T2)8 YDS236.8 SQ YDS
Srixon ZX7 MK II32°122.9 MPH (3)16.7°5757 RPM32 YDS46.1°178 YDS7 YDS57.4 SQ YDS
Sub 70 659 CB32°122.8 MPH15.3°5683 RPM30 YDS44.2°178 YDS8 YDS70.4 SQ YDS
More MOD 132°121.5 MPH15.9°5370 RPM30 YDS44.1°178 YDS2 YDS (1)48.4 SQ YDS (2)
Ping Blueprint S33°121.3 MPH16.7°5498 RPM31 YDS45.1°177 YDS9 YDS188.1 SQ YDS
Titleist T15032°122.6 MPH17.5°5686 RPM34 YDS46.8°177 YDS4 YDS (2)53.6 SQ YDS (3)
Takomo 20132°122.6 MPH15.7°6070 RPM31 YDS45°176 YDS9 YDS119.7 SQ YDS
Cobra King Tour32°120.9 MPH15.4°5534 RPM29 YDS43.1°176 YDS9 YDS253.8 SQ YDS
TaylorMade P77033°122.3 MPH17.8°6143 RPM34 YDS47.5°175 YDS9 YDS200.7 SQ YDS
Mizuno JPX923 Tour34°121 MPH16.2°5704 RPM30 YDS44.6°175 YDS9 YDS171 SQ YDS
Vega VSC31°121.7 MPH15.2°5943 RPM29 YDS43.8°175 YDS14 YDS387.8 SQ YDS
Callaway Apex 24 Pro33°122.4 MPH16.2°6026 RPM27 YDS43.3°174 YDS7 YDS128.1 SQ YDS
Callaway Apex TCB34°121.9 MPH16.6°5189 RPM32 YDS46.1°174 YDS5 YDS (3)46 SQ YDS (1)
Mizuno Pro 24332°122.2 MPH16.6°6035 RPM32 YDS46.3°174 YDS18 YDS387 SQ YDS
Ping i23033°121.3 MPH16.4°5821 RPM31 YDS45.7°173 YDS19 YDS248.9 SQ YDS
Sub 70 639 CB32°122.3 MPH15.4°6584 RPM30 YDS45.4°173 YDS13 YDS266.5 SQ YDS
Callaway Apex 24 CB34°120.6 MPH16.7°6235 RPM31 YDS46.2°170 YDS9 YDS151.2 SQ YDS
Takomo 301 CB34°120 MPH17.3°6410 RPM32 YDS46.4°170 YDS7 YDS152.6 SQ YDS
TaylorMade P7MC34°119.5 MPH18°6226 RPM33 YDS47.2°169 YDS11 YDS135.3 SQ YDS
Wilson Staff Model CB34°118.6 MPH16.3°6221 RPM29 YDS44.8°169 YDS6 YDS76.8 SQ YDS
Titleist T10034°118.1 MPH17.3°5677 RPM31 YDS45.4°169 YDS8 YDS107.2 SQ YDS
Ben Hogan PTX Tour33.5°117.9 MPH16°5767 RPM28 YDS43.5°169 YDS11 YDS335.5 SQ YDS
Titleist 620 CB34°117.9 MPH17.9°6127 RPM32 YDS46.5°167 YDS13 YDS274.3 SQ YDS
Average121.4 MPH16.4°5853 RPM30.9 YDS45.3°174.2 YDS9.1 YDS174.3 SQ YDS

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Product Information

Wilson Staff Model CB Iron

RRP: $1199.99 / £1,050 

Availability: 4 – PW (Custom Order 2 and 3 iron)

Stock shaft: True Temper Dynamic Gold Mid 115

Stock grip: Golf Pride Z Grip

7-iron loft: 34°

Category: Players' Iron

Forgiveness rating: 2/5

Visit the Wilson website here

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