Titleist Vokey Design SM9 Wedges Review

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  • TG Rating 5 out of 5
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  • Pros

    – Impressive spin and trajectory control

    – A multitude of loft, bounce and grind options

    – A striking-looking wedge

  • Cons

    – Not a huge leap forwards from SM8

    – With so many options a custom-fitting is vital to see real benefit

  • RRP £159.00

What we say...

Titleist Vokey Design SM9 wedges are the most versatile, accurate and forgiving wedges the legendary designer has ever created.

Bob Vokey’s creates arguably the best golf wedges. They are the most played on the PGA Tour and Titleist say SM9 offer offers the “Ultimate in Optionality” thanks to its seven grinds and lofts ranging from 46º to 62º.

Titleist Vokey SM9 wedges.

Vokey’s years of research and experience have helped him determine that the optimum wedge strike position is between grooves two and five, which produces a lower, more consistent flight with higher spin. Shots struck above launch higher and fly shorter with less spin.

Titleist Vokey SM9 wedges.

The SM9 further improves upon the groundbreaking Progressive Centre of Gravity (CG) design concept originally introduced with the Vokey Design SM8 in 2020.

The forward CG has been raised vertically by adding weight to the topline, where a tapered pad at the back of the toe helps align the CG properly without being visible from the playing position.

Progressive hosel lengths also help raise the CG in the higher lofts.

How the Titleist Vokey Design SM9 golf wedge compares to the SM8.

SM9 Wedge Grinds

Vokey’s seven tour-proven sole grinds – F, S, M, K, L, D and T – allow for more creativity and consistency, giving players of any level the ability to create multiple shots into and around the green. They allow all golfers to be precisely fit for their swing type (steep, neutral, shallow), shot-making style (sweeper, digger) and course conditions (firm, neutral, soft).

F Grind: An all-purpose grind particularly suited for full shots and shots hit with a square face. Ideal for players who prefer a traditional wedge sole. The F Grind is the most-played sand wedge on Tour.

M Grind: The M Grind is Vokey’s favorite and is designed for players that like to rotate the club face open and closed to manufacture shots around the green. Ideal for players with a shallower, more sweeping swing type who play shots from a variety of clubface positions.

S Grind: Narrow and versatile for a faster feel through the turf. This grind is best for neutral to firm conditions and for players that like to control loft with their hands ahead or behind the ball.

D Grind: The D Grind blends versatility from a heel, toe, and trailing edge grind and forgiveness with its high measured bounce. It is ideal for players with a steeper angle of attack who play shots from a variety of clubface positions.

K Grind: The ultimate in soft conditions. The K Grind is the highest bounce wedge in the lineup and is the ultimate bunker club. A wide, full sole wedge with enhanced camber, the K Grind is forgiving from a variety of softer sand and turf conditions.

L Grind: The L Grind is the lowest bounce option in the mix. The heel, toe, and trailing edge relief allow for maximum greenside versatility. This club is perfect for firm conditions and designed for precise players who have complete control at impact, allowing for maximum shot-making versatility.

T Grind: One of the most popular grinds on the PGA Tour, the T Grind is the lob wedge choice of Jordan Spieth, Justin Thomas, Cameron Smith, Will Zalatoris and Cameron Young. It is perfect for players looking for low bounce and a narrow sole that hugs the ground. With maximum heel, toe, and trailing edge relief, it allows for ultimate shot-making versatility, in any condition.

The grind options in the Titleist Vokey Design SM9 wedges.

New groove cutting process

Titleist Vokey Design SM9 uses a new Spin Milled cutting process, which tightens allowable tolerances and produces consistently sharper grooves for higher, more consistent spin.

Micro-grooves are individually cut in between grooves, which maximizes spin on partial shots, while a proprietary heat treatment is also applied to the impact area to create uber-durable grooves without impacting feel.

All of the grooves are individually cut based on loft and finish, with the lower lofts (46º-54º) designed with narrower, deeper grooves and the higher lofts (56º-62º) with wider, shallower grooves.

Available in brushed steel, chrome, jet black and raw, the SM9 comes with a True Temper Dynamic Golf S200 shaft and a Tour Velvet 360 White grip. It can also be customized with six unique toe engravings, a variety of stamping options, and custom paint fills on the loft, bounce, grind and Vokey wings markings.

How the Titleist Vokey Design SM9 golf wedge compares to the SM8.

Verdict: Titleist Vokey SM9 wedges

Vokey wedges like Scotty Cameron putters and Pro V1 balls are the go too choice for many decent players. As lovely as all three products are the decision to play them often comes down to trust, reputation and perception, much more so than real tangible performance gains.

And we say that as over the numerous years we’ve been testing equipment, just like Cleveland wedges, Vokey have never quite been out and out top performers in terms of spin on a spreadsheet. But as we’re all aware the game is not played on spreadsheets.

Don’t let that put you off, the SM9 are a lovely shape, they feel great and now as we enter the second-year of their product cycle there’s an absolute ton of options to go at.

At 9367 RPM the model produced 319 RPM more spin than our best wedges test average (8th highest), but also hit shots into a 104 SQ YDS area, that’s 50% bigger than average. At this price if you’re buying Vokey wedges in 2023, we’d seriously recommend committing to a full family and cover off all your needs in one hit.

Just make sure you get a proper fitting, with decent golf balls, when you do.

What Titleist say about the Vokey Design SM9 wedges

Bob Vokey, Master Craftsman

“It sounds simple, but having the correct wedge and knowing when to use it has a direct impact on scoring performance.

“The most important thing for golfers at every level is to know when and where to use the variety of wedges in their bag. That can be achieved by being properly fit based on swing and style of play, and understanding the roles for each.”

“It is important to fit your wedges to your swing type, style of play and course conditions. That selection process should begin by determining the proper grind for the shots you hit most. The correct grind provides the best turf interaction, contact and shot performance.”

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Product Information

Titleist Vokey Design SM9 wedges

RRP £159 (steel) / £173 (graphite) | VIEW US OFFER | VIEW UK OFFER

Launched March 2022 (T Grind March 2023)

Lofts 46º-62º

Grinds Six options (F, S, M, K, L, D, T)

Finishes Chrome, brushed steel, jet black, raw (custom only)

Stock Shafts True Temper Dynamic Gold S200, KBS Tour Lite, Tensei AM2 Red

Stock Grips Tour Velvet 360 White, Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 White Flat Cap U58R (ladies)

Availability Right-handed and left-handed

Customization options Six unique toe engravings. Stamping options – 10-character Straight/Freestyle stamping; 15 characters around the toe; and two lines of 10 characters each. Custom paint-filled. Loft, Bounce and Grind markings and BV Wings logo.

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