Best Lob Wedges 2024

Lofty and versatile, the lob wedge is there to get you out of all sorts of trouble. Today’s Golfer reviews the best on offer from Titleist, Callaway, TaylorMade, Ping and more.

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The best wedges have to be highly versatile due to the sheer variety of shots they need to play around the course. Whether it’s a delicate flop over a greenside bunker or a full-blown swing to avoid overhanging branches, the best lob wedges are designed to keep your score on track.

The lob wedge is the most lofted club, typically 58-60°, and can be opened up even further to aid with an almost instantaneous vertical trajectory, enabling crowd-pleasing drop and stop landings. The best lob wedges will also produce some of the highest spin rates, required to help your ball bite into the green and prevent it from rolling on too far.

Best At A Glance

Best overall lob wedge: Titleist Vokey SM9 lob wedge | Buy Now – US | Buy Now – UK

Best for mid-to-high handicappers: Cleveland CBX Full-Face 2 lob wedge | Buy Now – US | Buy Now – UK

Best for creativity around the green: TaylorMade Hi-Toe 3 lob wedge | Buy Now – US | Buy Now – UK

Shane Lowry uses Cleveland RTX ZipCore wedges.

Of course, adding a new lob wedge to your bag does not guarantee that you will start chipping like Phil Mickelson overnight. Despite being highly versatile, it still requires a skilful pair of hands to open up its full potential. So assuming you own a pair of those hands, this guide should point you towards the perfect lob wedge to match your needs. To really maximize your short game, why not also check our best premium golf ball selections?

But now, let’s look at the best lob wedges available in 2024…

Best Lob Wedges 2024

Versatile and stunning wedges providing exceptional accuracy and spin

Best overall lob wedge

Rrp: $179.99

Price: $149.98
Alternative Retailers
Golf Galaxy
DICK'S Sporting Goods
Titleist's wedge guru, Bob Vokey, rarely puts a foot wrong, and the Vokey SM9 wedges are no exception. In fact, we'd go as far as to say the Titleist Vokey Design SM9 wedges are the most versatile, accurate and forgiving wedges the legendary designer has ever created.

The Vokey SM9 wedges are beautiful to look at and it's no surprise they are the most widely used wedges on tour. They provide versatility, distance control and great spin in a stunning package that can be tailored to suit any golfer.

There's an extensive range of grinds available, meaning you can find the perfect fit for your swing type (steep, neutral, shallow) and the course conditions you normally play (firm, neutral, soft). That does mean that a fitting is required to make sure you're getting the best-fitting wedge for your individual needs.

Read our full Titleist Vokey SM9 wedges review.


  • Impressive spin and trajectory control
  • A multitude of loft, bounce and grind options
  • A striking-looking wedge


  • With so many options a custom-fitting is vital to see real benefit
Highest loft 62°
Grinds <meta charset
Finishes <meta charset

A highly creative wedge that delivers maximum short-game versatility

Best for creativity around the green
Price: $172.00
Alternative Retailers
DICK'S Sporting Goods
PGA TOUR Superstore
Golf Galaxy
The TaylorMade Hi-Toe 3 features tiny, raised Micro-Ribs (they’re just 0.02mm tall and 0.25mm wide) protruding between each groove on the face. These raised ribs – which also feature on the TaylorMade MG3 wedges – create a more textured abrasive surface which interacts more with the ball, generating additional spin. They come in especially useful when tackling delicate approaches with less than a full swing.

TaylorMade has also tweaked the design to move the centre of gravity more towards the middle, providing lower launch, better distance control, and greater spin. A new sole shape makes it easier than ever to slip the Hi-Toe 3 under the ball, particularly from tight lies.

TaylorMade says their leading edges are the lowest in the industry, which means they're able to offer lots of bounce with a leading edge that doesn't sit off the ground when the club face is opened to play lofted approach shots.

Read our full TaylorMade Hi-Toe 3 wedges review.


  • Exceptional distance control and spin
  • Easy to slide the leading edge under the ball from tight lies
  • Full-face design offers good forgiveness


  • Limited bounce options available
Highest loft 60°
Grinds Standard / Low / High
FInish Chrome / Brushed Copper

Combining high spin with forgiveness, this wedge will appeal to all club golfers

Best lob wedge for mid-to-high handicappers
Price: £159.00 / $179.99 RRP
The Cleveland CBX is our first port of call when recommending wedges for the majority of club golfers. If you use cavity back irons, it makes a lot of sense to use cavity back wedges as well, and benefit from the increased forgiveness on less-than-perfect strikes.

If you hit fullish shots with your lob wedge, that is particularly important, as you're more likely to miss the middle of the face when making a full-length, full-speed swing. The CBX Full-Face 2 features the biggest face ever seem on a Cleveland CBX wedge, with 13% more contact area than the RTX Full-Face wedges.

As a lob wedge, the Full-Face version is particularly appealing as it comes into its own when opening the face to hit shots with extra height. The grooves cover the entire face, maximising spin even on flop shots where the ball tends to climb the clubface and interact more with the toe of the club.

Read our full Cleveland CBX 2 wedges review.


  • More forgiveness due to cavity back design
  • Full face to maximize spin
  • Wide sole and large sweet spot


  • Just the one grind option available
Highest loft 64°
Grinds C-Grind
Finishes <meta charset

A "spin machine" offering excellent stopping power on fuller approach shots

Best lob wedge for control
Price: £159.00 / $169.99 RRP
Callaway has always been highly focused on maximising spin rates with aggressive wedge constructions that increase bite on the green, hence the name "Jaws". In keeping with that aim, and targeting everyone from tour pros to casual golfers, Callaway calls the Jaws Full Toe a “Spin Machine”.

The altered head shape and full groove pattern are designed to give you control on all wedge shots, from chips, pitches, flops and bunker shots, to full shots into the green. That's thanks to the renowned Jaws grooves having been extended across the face to provide maximum spin regardless of where on the face you make contact.

But there’s more to the Jaws Full Toe than just spin. The new wedge offers incredible greenside versatility thanks to a combination of the full-toe shape and a specialised C-Grind. Callaway says this combo makes bunker shots, high flop shots, short pitches and chips easy to hit regardless of your lie thanks to the C-Grind increasing heel and toe relief. The straighter leading edge makes it easier to align to your target, while less offset than the other wedges in the Jaws lineup makes it easier to use and control on full shots.

Read our full Callaway Jaws Full-Toe wedges review.


  • Highly versatile for a range of shots
  • Exceptional spin
  • Easy to control on full shots


  • Just the one grind option available
Highest loft 64°
Grinds C-Grind
Finishes Raw Face Chrome / Raw Black

Offers outstanding precision and spin control on approach shots and greenside chips

Best lob wedge precision with spin
Price: £149.00 / $179.99 RRP
Originally developed in close association with then-staff player Justin Rose in 2018, Hi-Toe is designed to add short-game versatility and consistency of performance in all conditions.

A toe height that is 5mm higher than a standard wedge allows a higher centre of gravity, providing a flatter ball flight and higher-spin performance on full approach shots or finesse shots around the green, while full-length face grooves ensure consistent contact from the rough. The idea proved a hit with Dustin Johnson, Rory McIlroy and Jon Rahm as all have had Hi-Toe wedges in their bags.

There’s also a Hi-Toe Raw Big Foot version, aimed at game-improvers with an ultra-wide sole (32mm compared to the traditional 26mm) making it easier to use regardless of the conditions, but especially out of bunkers.

Read our full TaylorMade Hi-Toe Raw wedges review.


  • Full-face scoring for increased spin
  • Consistent control in all conditions
  • Very accurate


  • The raw finish might not appeal to all
Highest loft 64°
Grinds Standard / Low / Big Foot (high-bounce)
Finishes Raw

A hybrid blade-cavity back lob wedge with multiple grind options

Best lob wedge for functionality
Price: £160.00 / $199.00 RRP
We like the Ping Glide 4.0 because it’s almost a halfway step between a full-on blade wedge and a much deeper traditional cavity back. The weight is split between low and high in the blade, which increases stability, while a slightly shorter blade length than previous models improves the cosmetics.

There are four grind options to choose from, the S (Standard) Grind should fit most golfers, with trail edge/heel relief, ample bounce and a rounded leading edge. The W (Wide) Grind has been optimised for square-face and bunker shots, with a traditional full sole design and rounded leading edge. It is the most forgiving of the four grinds. The T (Thin) Grind has a high leading edge bounce, with half-moon sole shaping and an increased bounce width in the centre. The E (Eye) Grind is inspired by Ping’s famous Eye2, the high-toe design made popular by Karsten Solheim’s iconic sand wedge developed in the early 1980s. It features a blended hosel and dished sole design similar to the original Eye.

A clever addition sees all four grinds fitted with a longer-than-standard 11" grip, making it easier when choking down on the club around the greens.

Read our full Ping Glide 4.0 wedges review.


  • 17 different loft and grind combinations
  • Better looking than its predecessors
  • A longer grip gives more shotmaking options


  • Not among the very best-performing wedges on test
Highest loft 60°
Grinds <meta charset
Finishes Hydropearl Satin

A refined tapered blade design that performs as good as it looks

Best forged lob wedge
Price: £185.00 / $180.00 RRP
If you play forged irons to ensure feel and feedback consistency, it’s very likely you’ll want to play forged wedges too. The likes of Vokey, Cleveland, Callaway and TaylorMade don’t offer forged wedges, but Mizuno does.

The Mizuno T series wedges were developed with input from short game maestro Luke Donald, and the T stands for teardrop, in reference to the high toe and flowing head shape so treasured by the Englishman.

Compared to previous models, the T24s are slightly more compact, with an extensively beveled top edge so the head appears thinner at address. There’s also a tapered blade design which positions extra mass higher in the blade to deliver more spin consistency, as well as a penetrating flight irrespective of where shots impact the face.

Read our full Mizuno T24 wedges review.


  • Good range of grinds and finishes
  • Consistent level of spin
  • Fairly forgiving for off-centre hits


  • Compact head not as confidence inspiring as some
Highest loft 62°
Grinds <meta charset
Finishes <meta charset

A high-spinning, classically shaped and grooved lob wedge for the purists

Best for classic shape with spin

Rrp: $179.99

Price: $149.98
Alternative Retailers
Golf Galaxy
DICK'S Sporting Goods
Where the TaylorMade Hi-Toe pushes what’s acceptable in terms of a wedge shape and full-face grooves, the Milled Grind wedge family has always been about classic and traditional wedge shapes.

This version – thanks to raised micro ribs on the face and an optimised thick-thin design – pushes backspin and CG placement to the optimum.

If you're not sold on the Hi-Toe head shape and the look of full-face grooves, the TaylorMade Milled Grind 3 should suit you down to the ground. It was one of our highest-spinning wedges on test in 2022 and one of the best at preserving distances on mishits.

Read our full TaylorMade Milled Grind 3 wedges review.


  • High spin rates
  • Consistent distance performance
  • Traditional shape and groove pattern


  • Not as versatile as other models
Highest loft 60°
Grinds <meta charset
Finishes <meta charset

Cobra's deepest and sharpest grooves for maximum spin generation

Best value lob wedge
Price: £129.00 / $149.99 RRP
The Cobra King Snakebite wedge features wedges that are 11 per cent bigger and 40 per cent sharper than previous models, producing greatly increased spin rates. Cobra has achieved this, in part, by replacing cutting tools more often.

The 56º-60º Snakebite wedges feature wider and shallower grooves that cover the entire face, maximising spin on shots hit with an open face, where the ball is more likely to make contact with the high toe area. The faces and grooves are CNC Milled on each wedge to create the most precise face and groove shapes for optimal spin and trajectory control.

Cobra continues to cater to golfers favouring one-length irons, so the Snakebite comes in a 37.5" One Length option as well as the standard. The Cobra King Snakebite comes in a choice of three grinds: Versatile is perfect for medium to firm conditions; Classic grind suits neutral to steeper swings on a variety of course conditions; while Widelow grind is a low-bounce, wide sole option designed to prevent the leading edge from digging. It's also great from soft sand.

Read our full Cobra King Snakebite wedges review.


  • High spin generation
  • Very forgiving
  • Performs well from soft sand


  • The satin option might be too shiny for some
Highest loft 60°
Grinds <meta charset
Finishes <meta charset

Super sleek and wildly easy to wield say PXG about their 0311 forged wedge

Best lob wedge for feel
Price: £149.00 / $169.99 RRP
Having taken it upon themselves to create a super-premium iron and wedge market, PXG are now exploring ways to satisfy the demands of golfers who won’t entertain paying more than the market average for their golf gear.

The 0311 Forged wedges are hit three times by the forge, squeezing each head into shape, and compacting the metal's grain structure. If you play premium forged irons then of course it makes sense to have a similar feel for short shots around the green too. 

Versatility is the name of the game when it comes to wedge play, and PXG says their new moderate sole taper from heel to toe ensures the 0311 Forged face can be opened whilst leaving the leading edge sitting low to the ground. PXG say their design has a higher MOI and because the centre of gravity location is perfectly in line with open-face shots, golfers get greater impact consistency, feel and predictability.

Read our full PXG 0311 Forged wedge review.


  • One of the few forged options
  • Modern high-toe shape
  • Good shot stopping power


  • Only one grind available
Highest loft 62°
Grinds Standard
Finishes Chrome / Xtreme Dark

A forged lob wedge with a spin rate of over 10,500 RPM

Highest spinning lob wedge
Price: £80.00 / $79.99 RRP
Ben Hogan wedges have been firm favourites here at TG for several years now. They’ve always represented excellent value for money, and have consistently been among our top-performing wedges for backspin each year.

The Equalizer II fills the shoes of its older sibling beautifully. Our data has it down as not only our test pro’s highest spinning wedge of 2022, but also our leading model for carry distance consistency, which of course will help with accurate scoring on the golf course.

Unfortunately, Ben Hogan Golf Equipment closed down due to economic challenges and the impact of the pandemic. That said, the Equalizer II can still be found if you dig around, and we think it will be well worth your effort if you are in the market for a high-spinning, low-cost lob wedge.

Read our full Ben Hogan Equalizer II wedge review.


  • Our highest-spinning wedge on test
  • Promotes solid contact from tight lies
  • Confidence inspiring face


  • Difficult to get hold off
Highest loft 62°
Grinds Standard, Texas Grind
Finishes Chrome or Black

Best Lob Wedges: Buying Guide

Before you jump in and purchase one of the best lob wedges, let’s quickly cover the biggest questions when it comes to the highest lofted wedges, their uses, and what you should look for when making your choice.


With anything below 58° falling into the sand-wedge category, there are not a huge amount of loft possibilities for lob wedges from manufacturers. You will find 58, 60 and 62° as the most common options available and if you can get one of these lofts to perform well from the sand, it may remove the need for a sand wedge, freeing up an extra space in your bag for something else.

Bounce / Grind / Finish

If you’re the type of player who wants to explore sole grinds and bounce, seek out a trusted fitter. The Vokey Design SM9 wedges, for example, come with six different sole grinds plus low, mid and high-bounce options, so things can go seriously wrong at this hurdle.

Generally, there’s a shift to higher bounce wedges, yet many golfers choose lower bounce models which dig aggressively into the turf. We like how darker finishes disguise head shape and would always recommend that you consider finishes that don’t glare in sunlight. 

Cavity back / Blade

With good cavity back wedge options available, it’s daft to start your wedge-buying journey without deciding which type will suit your game. If you play cavity back irons then it’s likely similar wedges will be an excellent accompaniment, as amateurs don’t suddenly become pros when pulling a wedge from their bags.

By opting for slightly bigger, more forgiving cavity back wedges, some of the confusing choices around bounce and sole grind are made for you, which can simplify getting the right set-up for you.


Most major brands now have higher toe options in addition to their regular wedge line-up. Hi-toe models have a taller face height in the toe area, and this extra mass draws the centre of gravity up the face.

Brands say golfers get slightly lower launching and higher spinning shots from hi-toe models, which of course means there’s an additional performance on offer – as long as you can stomach their shape.


In recent years, a number of manufacturers have released “full-face” wedges. The shape of these wedges is often tweaked from the standard version, but the most noticeable difference is that the grooves cover the entire clubface.

This is to ensure you get maximum grip and spin, even when playing a variety of shots around the green, which may involve opening the clubface and making contact more towards the toe. The look can take a bit of getting used to, but it makes a lot of sense and the performance benefits make it well worth a try.


On tour, wedges are now regularly fitted with shafts a flex weaker than a player’s irons, as so few shots are hit full-out with a speciality wedge. It makes a lot of sense to think about doing something similar; the idea maximizes feel and stopping power.

With brands such as KBS also now offering four or five different wedge shafts, it’s well worth taking the time to find one that works for you and not just settling for a heavy stock wedge shaft that bears little or no resemblance to your irons.

Best Lob Wedges: FAQs

What is a lob wedge?

A lob wedge is typically any wedge with a loft of 58° or more. They generally top out at 64°, but a few lesser-known manufacturers have released wedges with as much as 70° of loft – these are sometimes known as “ultra lob wedges”. A lob wedge is the most-lofted golf club in your bag, generating the greatest height and the least distance.

What is a lob wedge used for?

A lob wedge is ideal when you need to hit a shot with plenty of height that stops quickly on the green. But the best lob wedges can be surprisingly versatile. In fact, a lot of players choose to use their lob wedge for every short shot, having developed the skill to hit low bump-and-run shots with their lob wedge as well as floaty flop shots. Short game wizard and 2019 Open Champion Shane Lowry is one of many tour pros who use their lob wedge for every shot around the green. Many golfers also use their lob wedge for greenside bunker shots, as the high loft helps get the ball up and out of the sand.

What makes a good lob wedge?

Ultimately a good wedge needs to inspire confidence and make you believe that any short-game shot is possible. The exact degree of loft, grind, grooves and finish all come down to personal preference, however, one non-negotiable is that a lob wedge needs to produce plenty of spin, enabling your ball to dig in its heels on the green and roll up to the pin.

What’s better a lob wedge or a gap wedge?

Lob and gap wedges are designed to serve different purposes. Gap wedges are typically 50-52°, making them 6-8° less lofted than your typical lob wedge, and therefore more commonly used for approach shots into the green as opposed to more delicate chips from the fringe. Tour and high-level players will usually carry a full complement of wedges (pitching, gap, sand, and lob) to provide them with all the tools they need to execute every type of shot.


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