Is this the best golf shoe of 2024? adidas Tour360 24 Golf Shoe Review

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  • TG Rating 5 out of 5
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  • Pros
    • Superb grip
    • More forgiving heel design
    • Unrivalled comfort
    • Premium look and feel
    • Great support underload
  • Cons
    • Leather does crease easily
  • RRP £160.00

What we say...

Join me as I test the adidas Tour360 24 Golf Shoe, adidas’ premium golf shoe worn by Xander Schauffele and Colin Morikawa

Is the latest iteration of the Tour360 exactly what Adi Dassler meant when he said he said he wanted to provide athletes with the best possible equipment? For me, this could be just that. The newest edition of the Tour360 is quite simply the pinnacle of golf footwear and one of the best golf shoes on the market! Having had some trials and tribulations over the years the Tour360 hasn’t always lived up to the name but the 2024 version has put any doubts to bed.

adidas first released the Tour360 back in 2005, revolutionizing footwear for both style and performance. Some aspects of that 2005 shoe are still in place today, the 360Wrap is the support system that surrounds the midsole and is the reason the shoe has the name it does.

adidas Tour360 24 Golf Shoes

There has been some lows for the Tour360 over these 20 years but the most recent model is up there with one of the best golf shoes I’ve worn since starting out in golf. I think that a couple of decades of innovation have proved to be rather fruitful for the German sportswear giant as it is shown in the Tour360 24 having refined the design with feedback from athletes and amateurs across the world.

Having had their flagship model come under fire, what have adidas done to steady the ship and in my eyes develop what is going to be one of the most popular shoes of the year? Not only have they clearly put time and effort into R&D over the last two years but they’re finally back on the pedestal the Tour360 was once on.

Initial Thoughts

Having not had a pair of Tour360s for two years now I had eagerly anticipated the day I could finally get my hands on the latest iteration for 2024. Having been somewhat let down by the last model, despite its success, I knew what needed to change and what was lacking in features. If you were to ask me first thought was that the answer would have been, they have gone back to the drawing board, and thank goodness for that. My wishes seemed to have been granted, as soon as it came out of the box I was wowed by how different it looked to the prior model but how similar it looked to the Tour360 from 2018 with the visible 360 straps going under the shoe, the power plate in the sole and the Boost cushioning in the heel, oh do I love the Boost heel!

adidas Tour360 in hand

Despite the size and look of the shoe, in hand and on foot the Tour360 is lightweight. Although the 2022 model lacked in performance it certainly didn’t lack in quality which once again in 2024 the Tour360 knocks out of the park. As soon as you pick it up you can feel the quality of both the leather upper and TPU outsole, the shoe also looks modern and blends the look of a spiked golf shoe with an athletic style rather well. I’ve been fortunate enough to have feet where they often fit size 11 in almost any shoe but I know for many this can be a pain and adidas tend to be a culprit for that, although the toe area of the shoe looks quite narrow I can assure you the shoe fits to size and if the width is a worry, thanks to adidas’ performance last technology they aim to have consistency across models in the range, the shoe will also be offered in both medium and wide fit.

I was pleased to see that they had done away with the so-called, premium heel, which having worn Tour360 in the past I only managed to get blister after blister and wasn’t a pleasant experience whatsoever, I think they spent more time in the shoe bag then on my feet. So when I laid eyes on the new ‘T-Shape’ suede microfiber heel it was a relief. In a rush to slip the shoe on I was able to strut around the house in comfort finally, it was fixed! I was blissfully unaware of the updated arch and heel support which out of the box felt great. At first impression, the Tour360 24 is the golf shoe you want in your collection if you need it to perform every time on the course so all that was left to do was take it to the course and test it out.

adidas Tour360 24 Golf Shoes, with Boost sole


A feature that’s new to the Tour360 24 is the Torsion Bridge, we’ve seen in previous models a TPU midsole but nothing quite to the level of this. Highlighted on the hero product where the green plate runs on top of the Boost sole, the Torsion Bridge is designed to deliver maximum stability for golfers when underload so you can push and power through the golf swing. It’s clear when wearing the shoe how much it hugs your foot and can provide a solid base for your swing. With its rigid top plate and flexible bottom plate, the Torsion Bridge delivers maximum stability precisely where golfers need it most—across the mid and forefoot during the swing. The shoes also feature a 360-degree wrap which not only looks iconic but partnered with the internal straps and Torsion Bridge give the golfer a confidence-inspiring shoe that can tackle any terrain and condition.

I don’t usually wear adidas in my day-to-day casual wear but when it comes to training or playing sports they’ve always been my go-to brand, especially anything with Boost. I’ve had it in my golf shoes for years and in my Ultraboost gym shoes, which you can now buy in golf form, for anyone who wants a casual golf trainer for the summer months they’re perfect. Having trained with Boost soles for years I’m full of nothing but praise and when I see it in a golf shoe I know how well it will perform. The Lightstrike and Boost midsole combination make this shoe unbelievably comfortable and great to walk in. The Lightstrike midsole is popular throughout the adidas range and most popular in shoes such as Solarmotion and ZG23.

In previous iterations, we have seen the Boost midsole throughout the shoe but for this model having it located in the heel not only works wonders for energy return and support underload but it also makes walking the course a breeze, you quite literally bounce down the fairway. There is no wonder then why combining the Boost in the heel and Lightstrike in the forefoot ensures such a perfect balance of cushioning and stability across the shoe, enhancing comfort and confidence with every step.

adidas Tour360 24 Golf Shoes, with spikes and TourWrap

Having tried and failed with certain designs I think this year adidas have gone back to what has proven to work. After the last generation sported the less-than-impressive Spikemore system, where the spikes were injected directly into the sole, this years system didn’t have much to do to beat it. The Thintech 7-spike outsole features spikes that are now replaceable and the secondary traction points have all been finished in high gloss to reduce clogging, it seems much more thought has gone into this with simplicity prevailing for sure. I found the Tour360 to provide ample traction in various conditions and terrains, I love the addition of the extra spike now in the toe for extra grip and improved ground interaction. If I’m being honest, at times, I forgot I was wearing a premium spiked shoe as they did their job so well it was certainly the unsung hero of the shoe how good the traction was.

This was a big one for me and many golfers who have owned a pair of Tour360s previously, the so-called premium leather heel that used to feature has now been replaced with the ‘T-Shape’ suede microfiber heel which is durable and most importantly no blisters! Its construction offers a blend of softness and abrasion resistance, ensuring long-lasting performance while maintaining comfort. adidas have got the shoe just right with comfort straight out of the box, no time is needed to bed them in you can walk the course instantly with no more rubbing on the heel. The suede wears well and is fine with both long and short socks making them an ideal shoe to wear all year round.

adidas Tour360 24 Golf Shoes

Modified for Tour360 24, the INSITE 2.0 insole features an updated arch and heel shaping to improve fit and stability. This was something I noticed after just a few holes, how the shoe cushioned your foot and supported it in all the right areas. It still isn’t perfect but coming from prior models of the Tour360 this is much an improvement and works hand in hand with the midsole to create an underfoot sensation when on the course.

Leather uppers on shoes can take some looking after and after a few rounds creasing does appear, the soft supple upper is built to last as long as you maintain it. It is hard-wearing and softer than you would think it is when you first touch it, my great takeaway was how it formed around my foot after just a few rounds and certainly didn’t restrict any movement during the swing. The upper is also fully waterproof with a 1-year warranty, I played in some wet and rainy conditions so can vouch for that also with no trouble on the course. The leather was super easy to keep clean too, just a few wipes with a leather cleaner or even just some water it worked perfectly fine.

Final verdict

At the price point, the Tour360 24 is everything a golfer could want, it is certainly at the premium end and is well and truly worth it as it surpasses expectations. It goes without saying that I’m a huge fan of the Tour360 24 and it is safe to say it is one of the best shoes I’ve tested since working at TG, this will now become my go-to golf shoe if I’m ever not testing anything else. It combines practically everything you need a golf shoe to do in one neat, lightweight package. The design team seems to have left no stone unturned in the process of making this shoe and the result bears fruit as this will take some beating to be knocked off its pedestal in my opinion.

Also consider

If you’re a fan of adidas but the Tour360 doesn’t quite match what you’re after then, there are many cheaper options available. The adidas S2G is a superb budget-friendly golf shoe that offers tonnes of features you want including the one-year waterproof warranty. If a similar tour-proven alternative then the adidas ZG23 is a good choice and is worn by Ryder Cup star Ludvig Aberg. You can also check out our guide to the best adidas golf shoes.

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Product Information

adidas Tour360 24 Golf Shoes

RRP: £160.00 / $220.00

Colors: White and Green, White and Black, White and Blue, or Black and White

Sole: Spiked

BOA: Yes

Waterproof: Yes

Fit: True to size


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