A shoe big on style with a focus on stability: Duca Del Cosma Orlando Golf Shoe  Review

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  • TG Rating 5 out of 5
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  • Pros
    • Drawstring carry bag and additional black laces included
    • First-class support and traction in all weather
    • Extremely comfortable
    • Easy to clean
    • Unique style and design
    • Premium materials
    • Waterproof
  • Cons
    • Can only be worn for golf
    • Styling won't be for all
  • RRP £239.00

What we say...

Can a super-premium golf shoe from a lesser-known brand justify its cost?

This was my introduction to the premium golf shoe brand Duca Del Cosma, an Italian company with a history in fashion and a mission to bring a breath of fresh air to golf courses across the globe for a new generation of golfers.

I’m bringing you the ‘Orlando’, which is the company’s most stable golf shoe to date and one right at the top end of its price range with an RRP of £239. But how does it compare to the best golf shoes from the big brands?

These shoes offer a unique style unlike anything else you’re likely to see out on the course.

We all want shoes that look good, but I was keen to find out whether this big tick in the ‘fashionable’ box could be backed up by comfort, performance, and functionality to warrant such a hefty price tag.

Let’s find out…


  • Drawstring carry bag and additional black laces included  
  • First-class support and traction in all weather
  • Extremely comfortable 
  • Easy to clean
  • Unique style and design
  • Premium materials 
  • Waterproof


  • Can only be worn for golf

Duca Del Cosma Orlando Golf Shoes: Sizing, looks, and out-of-the-box comfort

I hadn’t heard much about this brand at all before I was presented with the box containing the Orlandos.

What became instantly apparent is that their shoes are divisive as the modern Italian style isn’t one for everyone, especially those who prefer a more traditional look on the course.

I’m a fan of those brands that push boundaries and, for me, Duca Del Cosma is firmly in this camp.

I have to say that even though I love the look and styling of this shoe, I didn’t think I’d be as instantly impressed with how comfortable they would be straight off the bat.

How wrong I was to make this assumption.

It’s been a while since I’ve worn more traditional brogue-style shoes as I’ve found the more sporty offerings from brands like Nike and Adidas more comfy.

I’m a UK size 9 and I found that the initial feel of this shoe was similar to the styling – not completely old school, but not super modern either, and the sizing was absolutely on the money.

As soon as I planted my foot inside I knew there wouldn’t be any teething problems.

I could feel the edges of the shoe when spreading my toes, but was confident this wouldn’t result in my feet rubbing due to the quality of the construction and the premium materials used to craft them.

I have quite narrow feet and with other brands I’ve sometimes had to pull my laces really tight to ensure a secure fit. This has led to chafing, especially on the outside of my right foot and heel.

The Orlando’s high back combined with additional cushioning and super soft leather, ensured my heel felt supported but not totally locked into place.

If you want to stand out on the course this shoe is certainly one to seriously consider as it’s different from any other shoe I’ve seen.

The design is clean and simple, but at the same time eye-catching and distinctive.

Many modern golf shoes boast multiple materials, colors, and textures, but this isn’t the case and I’m a big fan.

I like the discreet Italian flag on the tongue and the red insole gives a nod to what’s to come when you flip the shoe and reveal the sole, which is a bold and vivid red.

This adds another visual element to the overall look, which helps this shoe stand out from the crowd.

The sole of the Duca del Cosma Orlando golf shoe

Duca Del Cosma Orlando Golf Shoes: On-course performance 

Stability in all playing conditions is the key focus of this shoe and this is emphasised in the design of the sole.

It features eight removable soft spikes to keep your feet firmly planted and provides a super solid base for your swing.

A series of secondary 5mm traction nubs also line the sole of the Orlando to offer extra stability even in the worst weather.

We all know how wet it’s been underfoot in the UK so far this year and I’ve found this shoe gave me an amazing grip even in really sloppy conditions when there’s the danger of a slip or slide.

I’ve now had the chance to play in firmer conditions and they still offer the same level of grip and comfort.

They are a joy to walk the course in and the premium quality Italian Nappa leather is among the most supple I’ve encountered in a golf shoe.

The out-of-the-box comfort also continues onto the golf course and it’s noticeable how fresh my feet feel after a full 18 holes. 

This is helped by the lightweight EVA midsole which aids comfort and even though these shoes are really secure and snug I’ve not experienced any sweating or clamminess in warmer conditions.

The support these shoes offer is also first-class.

I’ve broken all of the toes on my right foot, so I’m very particular when it comes to footwear and the support and protection they offer in these areas. 

Not only are the fundamentals in terms of support here in abundance, but these also boast features such as a TPU outsole and a toe bumper, which adds extra protection during the downswing and is a great addition.

All in all, I’d rank these among the best spiked golf shoes I’ve ever worn.

Duca del Cosma Orlando golf shoes

Duca Del Cosma Orlando Golf Shoes: Waterproofing

I’ve been impressed with the performance of these shoes in bad weather and not only have I played in some pretty boggy conditions, but I’ve also worn them in a couple of heavy downpours.

I’m also delighted to report that my feet have stayed completely dry.

Not only are they constructed with premium waterproof materials, they also boast a waterproof lining.

This is not the style or color of shoe I’d normally reach for in the winter months, but due to their performance in wetter weather, I’m pretty sure these will be on my feet when the frosts return.

Duca Del Cosma Orlando Golf Shoes: Cleaning

White golf shoes haven’t always appealed to me because I’ve always struggled to keep them looking as clean as I’d like.

This certainly isn’t the case.

These shoes are so easy to keep clean and they’ve had a fair covering of mud and dirt.

The fact that these are simple in their construction and don’t feature a host of materials and textures helps the cleaning aspect.

I’ve used only a damp cloth for cleaning the main body of the shoe and a baby wipe to remove mud from where the leather meets the edges of the sole.

The sole is a little more tricky to clean because of the combination of the soft spikes and traction nubs.

But you need no more than a brush and warm water.

The heel of the Duca del Cosma Orlando golf shoe

Duca Del Cosma Orlando Golf Shoes: Final Verdict

I’ve been blown away by the Orlando.

Not only in terms of looks and styling, but also on how comfortable they were straight out of the box.

The stability and support this shoe offers in all weather conditions is hugely impressive and I have definitely found a white golf shoe that I will be wearing all year round…something I never thought I would say.

There’s no getting away from the fact that £239 is a lot of money for a pair of golf shoes, but if you’re like me and usually fork out for a pair for the Summer and another for Winter then I think the Orlando is a purchase well worth considering.

If you want a shoe that stands out from the crowd then look no further.

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Duca Del Cosma Orlando Golf Shoes

RRP: $289 – BUY NOW US | £239 – BUY NOW UK

Sole: Spiked

Waterproof: Yes

Sizes available: Men: 6 - 13

Colors: White

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