Is this the most advanced golf shoe to date? FootJoy Pro/SLX Golf Shoe Review

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Can the latest evolution of the Pro SL advance your game to the next level? The Pro/SLX is designed to provide golfers with revolutionary traction, comfort, and control.

As one of the most trusted brands in the game, FootJoy have been developing the best golf shoes in golf for decades now. The trust and popularity of FootJoy golf shoes has stemmed from the brand’s ability to adapt and innovate as the game has moved on.

With the launch of the Pro/SLX FootJoy are embarking on a new chapter of innovation. The latest evolution of the iconic Pro|SL franchise is the Pro/SLX and Pro/SLX Carbon. Renowned as a paragon of success in the golfing realm, Pro|SL has consistently raised the bar for performance golf shoes, catering to men, women, and juniors across all skill levels.

Now, with Pro/SLX and Pro/SLX Carbon, FootJoy has amplified its commitment to excellence, seamlessly blending cutting-edge materials, advanced technologies, and meticulous construction to deliver an unprecedented fusion of comfort, traction, and control.

Footjoy Pro SLX Golf Shoe

The Tech Explained

Revolutionary Traction with PWR TRAX System

At the heart of Pro/SLX’s game-changing prowess is the innovative PWR TRAX System. Featuring a molded 3D X-Wing inspired by the stability-enhancing design found in race cars, this system dynamically redistributes energy during swings, maximizing perimeter stability and traction. The Race Trak Outsole, equipped with radial disc traction, extends into the ground, expanding the overall traction footprint. Tailored to address specific on-course conditions and walking needs, multiple traction elements ensure a grip that goes beyond expectations.

FootJoy Pro/SLX Golf Shoe

Exceptional Comfort with StratoFoam™ Midsole

Crafted for supreme comfort, Pro/SLX incorporates FJ’s exceptionally comfortable StratoFoam™ midsole. This specially tuned midsole absorbs and returns energy with every step, enhancing the overall walking experience. The 3D Molded Collar around the ankle secures the foot in place, offering unparalleled comfort and a consistent fit.

FootJoy Pro/SLX Golf Shoe

Unmatched Control with 3D X-Wing and FTF+ Foam

Pro/SLX ensures increased stability during swings and ground engagement through the 3D X-Wing. The FTF+ foam surrounding the StratoFoam midsole provides a stable platform, while an exposed heel stabilizer and side wall TPU wrap control lateral and upper movement, guaranteeing precision and control in every swing.

Pro/SLX and Pro/SLX Carbon: Features and Benefits

Worn in practice and play by renowned golfers such as Sungjae Im, Corey Connors, Daniel Hillier, and more, Pro/SLX golf shoes boast an array of features and benefits:

– Premium ChromoSkin Leather for a luxurious feel.

– Engineered cushioning and support with FTF+ midsole and StratoFoam top layer.

– Advanced traction and stability from the groundbreaking PWR TRAX System.

– Supreme comfort with the Molded X25 Ortholite Lightweight PU FitBed (Pro/SLX).

– Molded X25 with Ortholite Impressions FitBed in the Carbon model.

– Laser Plus Last for a full-rounded toe and standard fit, complemented by extra depth to accommodate a thicker FitBed.

Footjoy Pro SLX Golf Shoe testing on the course

What FootJoy say:

Champion’s Endorsement – Daniel Hillier, 2023 British Masters Champion, attests to the remarkable enhancements:

“What FootJoy have done with that extra support around the ankle has definitely made the shoe feel very stable. The comfort levels of the Pro/SLX are amazing – better than the previous iteration which is great as it combines comfort with durability and stability providing everything you want from a golf shoe. I really like the style also, it has a slightly wider base which is going to help with the traction element. I am very reluctant to ever go back to my previous shoe model now as these are so good.”

Director’s Vision – Patrick Trubiano, Director of Product Management at FJ Footwear, shares insights into the brand’s forward-looking approach

“We know the game is evolving, and we need to make sure that we are evolving with a modern golf shoe for the modern golfer. Pro/SLX will feature cutting-edge, never-before-seen performance innovation that will truly advance your game. Golfers are going to be excited about the performance of the new Pro/SLX. It’s very comfortable, it’s very stable and it looks phenomenal.”

Elevate your golfing experience with the Pro/SLX series from FootJoy – where comfort, traction, and control converge for an unrivaled performance on the course.

Footjoy Pro SLX Carbon X-Wing on the sole of the shoe

Footjoy Pro/SLX Golf Shoe Review: Verdict

Will Shreeve-Peacock – Golf Equipment Writer

I had caught a glimpse of the shoe on TV, as a few players were gaming them out in Dubai at the start of the year. They instantly caught my eye then and in person, they did so even more. On the launch day at Royal Norwich Golf Club, we were introduced to the development team and the shoe itself, and in hand, the shoe not only looked great but felt great too. Straight away you could see the time and effort that had gone into the Pro SLX and its redesign with the premium look and feel standing out as it does with most FootJoy shoes.

After getting fit for the Pro SLX on the Fitlab foot scanner, I took to the course to start putting the miles on these bad boys, and I wasn’t disappointed. The prior versions of the Pro SL I thought looked great but sadly left a lot to be desired with their tough heels and lack of support but the Pro SLX has instantly put this matter to bed. After what I feel is a much-needed design update, the moment I started to walk down the first hole you could feel the difference. A feature modern golf shoes must have is out-of-the-box comfort and the Pro SLX had it in abundance. The higher-positioned curved heel has much more forgiving padding and thanks to the ankle collar it really hugs the back of your foot and after 36 holes I noticed no heel slippage or rubbing!

The day at Royal Norwich may be some of the wettest conditions I’ve played in underfoot, if you stood for too long in certain areas you’d proceed to see your foot sink into the turf. After a super wet 18 holes and some very muddy new shoes, it didn’t take much to get them looking fresh again. Although it is fully white, the soft ChromeSkin leather upper was super easy to clean and is 100% waterproof which I can vouch for. The ChromeSkin also worked wonders in helping my foot breathe and mold around my foot after a few rounds for a superb fit.

For the launch, I was given a pair of carbon Pro SLXs. The difference between this to the normal version is the 3D Carbon X-Wing. The aim is to provide better stability during your swing. Whether it is worth the extra cash I’m yet to decide, but for sure it was responsive and stable under load. A big focus from FootJoy was the race track outsole. As was explained to us on the day, the carbon X-Wing is built to redistribute the weight to the perimeter of the shoe much like a F1 car. In the soft conditions, you could still feel it but for sure on the range, I could really feel it gripping into the matt as I made my takeaway.

The Pro SLX is that good it may as well be spiked, you may hear it preached that more traction points are better but this certainly disproves that theory. I know it’s weird to have fewer traction points but in this case, less is more! All thanks to the design of the long lateral points around the perimeter of the sole which prevent sliding under load. And it leaves a unique look with the hollow center. I can confirm that after playing in some horrendous conditions at my home course and at Royal Norwich there were no grip issues whatsoever.

Last but certainly not least, how comfortable were these shoes? Well, if I said that I hardly noticed I had them on, would that sum it up? Not only did they fit like a glove but the Ortholite FitBed is like stepping onto a memory foam mattress. Similar to the HyperFlex from last year which I adored, the Pro SLX insole molds perfectly to your foot after a few rounds.

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Will Shreeve-Peacock is a golf equipment writer for Today's Golfer.

Will Shreeve-Peacock – Golf Equipment Writer

Will is an expert in golf shoes, GPS watches, rangefinders, and training aids.

He has a degree in journalism from Sheffield Hallam University and four years’ experience working in golf retail with American Golf where he was trained by a host of the big-name manufacturers.

A six-handicapper, Will has played golf for more than a decade and is a member at Burghley Park Golf Club in Stamford, Lincolnshire.

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FootJoy Pro/SLX and Pro/SLX Carbon Golf Shoes


Men’s Pro/SLX - Laced

RRP: £159.99/$189.00 White/White, Black/White, White/Navy/ Blue, Navy/White:

Men’s Pro/SLX - BOA

RRP: £184.99/$219.00 White/White,

Men’s Pro/SLX Carbon - Laced

RRP: £189.99/$219.00 Black/Black, White/Black/Multi

Women’s Pro/SLX

RRP: £139.99/$179.00 White/Silver/Multi, Black/White

Released: February 15, 2024 

Sole: Spikeless

Waterproof: Yes

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