G/FORE G/LOCK Gallivanter Golf Shoes Review

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G/FORE have brought Softspikes stability to the Gallivanter range with the G/LOCK.

G/FORE is a luxury lifestyle brand for golfers aiming to stand out on the course. The brand have designed some of the best golf shoes in the game for a few years now, and are always striving to bring fresh ideas to the table.

For 2024 they’ve announced an update to the already successful Gallivanter range with the G/LOCK. The Gallivanter has been a fan favorite for quite some time and with the introduction of G/LOCK we will be seeing Softspikes introduced for more stabilization. 

The G/LOCK Gallivanter is already amongst the best G/FORE golf shoes and is perfect for the traditionalist looking for increased traction and torque. As the name suggests, it offers optimal locked-in precision while nodding to golf’s illustrious heritage.

G/FORE G/LOCK Gallivanter Golf Shoes

The G/LOCK combines the familiar style of the Gallivanter with the superior ground control of TourFlexPro Softspikes. The G/LOCK is designed for the player seeking serious on-course grip in all types of weather. According to Macneill Engineering, 82% of tour players wore softspikes and 94 of the last 100 championships were won by players with them in the past year.

Closer look at the G/FORE spike system

Built to withstand the harshest of course conditions, the G/LOCK is the ideal partner in crime for any occasion. With center stingers and flexible expanding legs on the spikes, the shoe provides high-level stability for the golfer. This is certainly a golf shoe fully equipped to make a difference in your game. 

G/FORE Gallivanter Features


No need to wear them in

Lightweight design and cushioned interior allows for out-of-box comfort leaving little to no break-in period

Quality Waterproofing

Premium full-grain waterproof leather upper allows for extended wear even in the rain. It is available in a range of styles and additional designs to keep the shoe looking fresh year-round

Unreal comfort

Direct, under-heel comfort and odor control with removable and washable insoles that feature dual-density molded heel cups. Comfort system footbed nubs allow for maximum airflow while providing a wonderful underfoot massage.

Tour-level traction

Removeable TourFlexPro Softspikes with a center stinger and flexible outer legs provide unrivaled grip. With increased spike dispersion thanks to ten-point contact with the ground.

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A six-handicapper, Will has played golf for more than a decade and is a member at Burghley Park Golf Club in Stamford, Lincolnshire.

Product Information

G/FORE G/LOCK Gallivanter Golf Shoes

RRP: £195.00/$245.00 

Released: January 25, 2024 

Sole: Spiked

Waterproof: Yes


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