Treading on the toes of the best? Our J.Lindeberg Range Finder Golf Shoes Review

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  • TG Rating 4.5 out of 5
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  • Pros
    • Clean, unfussy aesthetics with an understated style
    • Excellent level of comfort
    • Good level of traction for golf
    • Highly versatile for use on and off the course
  • Cons
    • Will likely be too casual looking for some
  • RRP £170.00

What we say...

The Swedish active lifestyle brand continues its foray into the world of golf shoes with its next offering – the Range Finder. But is it another step forward?

J.Lindeberg exists to inject style and energy into golf, bridging the worlds of fashion and sport with sophisticated, edgy, and comfortable products for a modern and active lifestyle. This vision is encapsulated in the cleverly adjoined ‘JL’ logo for those who like to know that sort of thing!

If you’ve been following the PGA Tour over the last few years, you’ll have done well to miss a certain Norweigen called Viktor Hovland, making waves with his scoring, but so too with his flamboyant apparel that bares that J.Lindeberg hallmark.

The Swedish trailblazers now appear to be carrying that swagger to the big boys of the golf footwear market, first with the Vent 500 shoe, and now with the slightly confusingly named Range Finder shoe. My review finds out if the shoe lives up to the brand’s billing and can mix it with the best golf shoes.

J.Lindeberg Range Finder golf shoe from side

What the brand says

J.Lindeberg says the secret to comfort and performance is in their Otholite® Foam Technology incorporated within the Range Finder. The soft, breathable, Spanco-lined insole boasts moisture-wicking properties to ensure your feet stay fresh and odor-free throughout your round. The EVA midsole has been designed to deliver excellent shock absorption and cushioning, whilst the long-lasting rubber outsole offers reliable traction for secure grip while you swing away on tricky terrain. The Range Finder’s premium synthetic upper offers guaranteed 360-degree waterproof support.

First impressions

You can’t wear shoe boxes, but if you could, I reckon the classy-looking J.Lindeberg packaging would be my choice. I know it’s neither here nor there, but paying north of £150 for a pair of shoes is a big investment in my book and these details show how seriously brands value the whole customer experience.

I’ve never owned a sneaker-style pair of golf shoes or an all-white pair of sneakers for that matter, which is perhaps why this was not love at first sight for me. That said, I need to embrace change, and I’m pleased to say the aesthetics are growing on me. There’s nothing offensive and the JL branding is fairly subtle. If you’re a fan of all-white sneakers, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed and if not, J.Lindeberg also runs this model in a blacked-out design or with a blue trim.

Unboxing the J.Lindeberg Range Finder golf shoe

On course performance


For me, this is where the Range Finder comes into its own, and I would put it right up there alongside the Ecco LT1 for comfort and cushioning. J. Lindeberg’s Otholite® Foam Technology really does deliver the outstanding comfort it promises in my opinion. I can vouch for this having worn these shoes for the best part of the day both on the course/clubhouse and also throughout a regular working day in the office/running errands etc.

The Range Finder is lightweight and very well balanced with no notable differences in cushioning across the outsole which makes for a super comfortable walk. I particularly like the cushioning in the tongue foam which wraps the top of your foot in comfort to match the experience of the rest of the shoe.


The multi-directional spikeless lugs appear to have evolved from the JL-shaped ones incorporated into the brand’s first offering – the Vent 500. I took these shoes out on a dry day, although underfoot conditions were still pretty damp after a week of rain, but experienced no issues with instability when taking a stance on a variety of terrains and slopes.

J.Lindeberg Range Finder golf shoes grip


The seam-sealed synthetic material that covers the whole shoe from the heel cage to the toe cap offers guaranteed waterproofing and peace of mind that your feet will remain dry and comfortable in wet conditions. It also makes the shoe very easy to clean – which you might find yourself doing a lot if you plump for white.

Unfortunately, there is no BOA option available here, and if I had to be picky I would say the laces are a little on the thin and flimsy side despite not experiencing any issues with tightening and my feet securely into place.

J.Lindeberg Range Finder golf shoes from above

Off course versatility

If it wasn’t for the lugs on the outsole, I’m not sure you would recognize these as golf shoes at all. The Range Finder is ideal for those who prefer to dress more casually on the course or like the freedom of being able to transition between the course and social life without having to change footwear.

My only comment would be that the lugs protrude a little too far for my liking on hard surfaces. It doesn’t particularly affect comfort, but you might start to become aware if you are off the grass for a prolonged period of time. I almost stacked it walking downhill on a wet pavement! That said, these are golf shoes first and foremost and you have to make a compromise somewhere to maximize on-course performance.

J.Lindeberg Range Finder golf shoes in black

Final verdict

This is a fantastically versatile and high-performance golf shoe in my opinion which delivers in bucket loads when it comes to lightweight performance and comfortable style. The Range Finder comes in toward the high end of the market which means you should demand high standards, and in my opinion, this product has reached them. I consider this to be another step forward for the brand and anticipate getting some decent mileage with them across the summer months.

If you like the sound and looks of the J.Lindeberg Range Finder then you may also like to consider other sneaker-style spikeless options including the Payntr X 002, New Balance 997 SL, or Puma GS Fast golf shoes to name a few, all of which can be found in our best spikeless golf shoes guide.

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Product Information

J.Lindeberg Range Finder Golf Shoes

RRP: £170.00 / $185.00

Colors: White, Black or Blue

Sole: Spikeless


Waterproof: Yes

Fit: True to size


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