Is this the perfect summer golf sneaker? Under Armour Phantom HOVR Shoes Review

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    • Excellent choice of colors
    • Great for on and off course style
    • Superb comfort from the running shoe tech
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    • Ankle rub without the proper length sock on
  • RRP £125.00

What we say...

I review the 2024 edition of the Under Armour Phantom and whether this is now the perfect golfing sneaker for on and off the golf course

The modern golfer (and I’d include myself in this category!) when the weather is nice, wants a golf shoe to walk out the door in to go and shoot 100, as well as be comfortable wearing in the clubhouse, relaxing with a beer after the round. With many of the best spikeless golf shoes competing for this title, it has become a saturated market so standing out from the crowd is hard. 

They may not be the flagship model in the UA collection, but they stand out as one of the best for sure. They don’t quite live up to the Drive Pros and the swing support system, but the Phantoms aren’t too far behind. Not only do they look and feel great but are one of the most versatile shoes money can buy. 

When the Phantom launched back at the start of 2023, it was a change of scenery for UA’s golf team as they took some inspiration from their running department. The athletic look and feel of both the Charged and HOVR running shoes can be seen all over the shoe itself. Built for life on and off the course, the functionality of the shoe is just what UA needed to bring to the market. So it’s time to find out if the new Phantom has improved on an already excellent golf shoe.

Under Armour Charged Phantom Golf Shoes

Initial Thoughts 

Having gone out to Aphrodite Hills in Cyprus last March, I eagerly anticipated the new and improved 2024 Phantoms. For sure I wasn’t disappointed. There are some things from the previous model I’d have kept in this shoe that are no longer there anymore, like the low sock liner and the traction points on the outsole. but other than that I think this is a welcomed update! 

The base of the shoe is very similar, with the breathable knit upper and the lightweight waterproof membrane. But there are some subtle changes to the look which I think has really elevated the golf shoe. The athletic and sleeker look of a running shoe has made this more of an everyday sneaker; whether you’re at home, on the course, or heading to the gym, I think these shoes are perfect for that. 

The harder coating on the upper looks and performs much better than the previous model which was just knit and wasn’t the most protective on the course. The new membrane is more durable and very easy to clean. The one improvement I liked most was the molded heel cup. It provided a good level of support which the last iteration was sadly missing.

The highly-breathable knit upper of the Under Armour Phantom HOVR shoes.


The prior iteration was comfortable, but it lacked that underfoot softness on offer in many of the best golf shoes on the market. Thanks to the Speedform, the insole is much softer and gives a great underfoot sensation. The Charged outsole is also another great product, but I do prefer this year’s HOVR outsole not only in the way it looks but it is also extremely comfortable. 

The padding around the ankle is also much improved and not as flimsy as the original Charged Phantom. Partner that with the new molded heel cup and it works wonders with providing extra support on the course under load, which is where I think the previous model slipped up, with lots of focus on the sole and not enough on the upper support. 

I don’t know the exact measurements but, unfortunately, the high-heel sock liner can be frustrating! You need longer socks as mine kept rubbing with ankle socks. It seems much higher in the heel than last year’s pair as I still wear them now with the same socks and have no issue whatsoever. 

The shoe has plenty of traction that’s for sure, maybe not as much grip as the original Charged Phantom. But I think this new more minimalist and less aggressive sole design makes the shoe more practical as an everyday sneaker. 

The Under Armour Phantom shoes have Gum Sole traction

All the tech is often a façade; what really matters is how it looks and feels, as that is often all anyone thinks about. The shoe fits the foot very well and looks sleek, sporty, and athletic which makes the shoe go great with a pair of the best golf shorts. Thanks to the focus being on the sneaker look and feel, it means that the Phantom is great for about anything. Not to forget the White and Gum colorway I tested looks fantastic.

Final verdict

It goes without saying if you’re a golfer who’s looking for an everyday sneaker that you can wear to the course, and spend the rest of the day in, the Phantom’s offer just what you need. As I still wear last year’s model I think it’s quite telling what I already thought of the shoes and they’ve just got that little bit better. The shoe has certainly improved for me with a sleeker look, more underfoot comfort, and enhanced stability. The design team seems to have left no stone unturned in the process of making this shoe. It is one of the more expensive offerings in the spikeless category but due to its versatility and performance, I’d say it justifies that price tag.

Also consider

If you’re a fan of Under Armour but the Phantom isn’t quite what you’re after, then maybe something like the Drive Pro is more up your street. The Drive Pro SL offers tonnes of features you get in the Phantom with the benefit of a little extra to help you on the course, like the Swing Support System. If you want the tour-proven alternative then the Under Armour Drive Pro is a good choice and is worn by major champion Jordan Spieth. You can also check out our guide to the best Under Armour golf shoes.

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Product Information

  • Under Armour Phantom HOVR Golf Shoes

    RRP: £125.00 / $140.00

    Colors: White, Black, Gray, Navy, Sand, or Blue

    Sole: Spikeless

    BOA: No

    Waterproof: Yes

    Fit: True to size


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