Fix your slice with drills, gear and a better strategy


Never mind the ball arcs! Get to the heart of what’s causing your slice with this simple guide to curing golf’s most hated shot

Despite the pages and pages of content written on the slice, there is in fact nothing complicated about it. If we remove strike point from the equation – yes, a heel strike can make the ball slice – there are only two things we need concern ourselves with: face aim and swing path.

The closer those two align at impact – ie a neutral path with the face square to it – the less your ball will slice. The more they pull apart, open face to an open path, the more you will slice. That’s why this article is also simple. We’ll first look at the three most common reasons golfers leave the face open, before addressing quick solutions to neutralising the path.

We’ll also look at data to reveal how costly a slice really is in terms of lost distance and dropped shots, and reveal how your thinking affects your slice. As we will see, it has to be in this order. When it comes to the ball’s path and spin, the face is king; get the face squared first, and then address the path. Otherwise, just like your golf ball, you’ll end up going round in circles. But as long as your ultimate goal is to bring face and path together, you will be literally progressing along the right lines.

Click on part 1, part 2 or part 3 below to help you. Good luck!

PART 1. The Drills To Help You Fix Your Slice

PART 2. Fault Fix: The Cost Of A Slice In Shots, Data & In Your Head

PART 3. The Gear To Help You Fix Your Slice

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