Maintain posture in your swing

Get golf fit and learn how to maintain the posture in your swing with this simple drill 

One of the biggest differences between the typical amateur and professional golf swing is the ability to maintain set-up posture until after impact.

Look at the spine angle and head level of the tour pro through the ball and they are virtually the same as at address; the amateur on the other hand often straightens up as the downswing gains speed, a move that throws the club o the ideal delivery path and compromises the transfer of power from the lower to the upper body.

We can trace the ability to maintain posture to the pelvis. If your pelvic muscles are weak or lazy you will always struggle with your ability to retain posture, however hard you try. This test will reveal if they are.

Find A Neutral Pelvis 

Place your arms across your chest and take your regular 5-iron posture. Place your attention on your back; feel you are creating only the natural spinal curves, as if you were standing vertically, the small of your back neither arched or rounded.

Tilt Your Belt Down 

Having established that neutral pelvic tilt, increase it as much as you can. Without changing the position of your chest and head, tilt the angle of your belt down as much as possible. You will feel the subtle natural arch in your lower back increase.

Get The Belt Level

Now go the other way. Keeping your upper body stable, tilt your pelvis back till the belt is level. Can you tilt your pelvis through this range of motion comfortably? Any stiffness or shaking reveals the lack of strength and control that causes straightening up during the swing.


Create Your ‘Cable’

Form two fists with your hands. Place your lower first against your belt buckle – representing your lower body – and the upper against the bottom of your rib cage – representing your upper half.

Plug In

Imagine the two fists form the male and female connectors of a power cable. You need to plug them into each other, which you can do by taking your golfing posture.

Maintain The Connection 

Rotate back and through. It’s your job to keep the power cable connected right through to impact; the only way you can do that is to maintain your posture throughout. 

Power Drain 

If the two fists begin to move apart, you know you are moving into what’s called early extension – in other words, you’re straightening up. Unplugging your power cable will ruin your sequence and cost you club speed and control.

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