How to use the bank to slow the ball dow

Stop worrying about hitting it through the green and learn how to slow the ball down by using the bank or fringe of the green 

In his second chipping video (see first here), European Tour professional Paul Waring instructs you how to keep your chips lower and use the fringe or bank for more control. 

I’m going to use the bank to show you how to slow the ball down. Sometimes you’ve got a bit of fringe grass in front of you, and sometimes you’ve got the pin caught on a little slope the other side of a bank, which makes it easy for the ball to get away from you.

The standard shot from here would be middle of the stance with the ball, rock the shoulders and pitch it up there. It’s always quite difficult to add loft in to a shot, especially for golfers that don’t play every single day – instead the easier way to hit shots sometimes is to take loft off.

To do that, move the ball back in your stance, more off your right heel. From there I’ll lean the club forward, with the top of the grip pointing almost up at your left hip. It’s the same technique as any sort of chip shot, it’s really an elongated putting stroke really – then you attempt to knock it in to the fringe to take the speed off the golf shot.

Watch the video below as Paul demonstrates how to hit a short in to the fringe.


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