• Get a better roll

    Written by Gareth Johnston on Monday 9 August 2010

    So often when putting, we make what we believe to be a good stroke, only to look up and see the ball bobble on its way to the cup, thus causing it to pull up short of the hole. Bobbles on the green are often caused by forces out of our own control, such as spike marks or divots in the...

  • Putt better from mid-range

    Written by Nick Clemens on Tuesday 27 July 2010

    Are you frustrated by hitting loads of greens in regulation but not converting these solid irons shots into birdies? Then your mid range putting skills could probably do with a brush up. In this video tip from Scoring Zone Instructor Nick Clemens, we show you what you need to be looking to achieve in your stroke when putting from 15 – 25...

  • Hole short putts

    Written by Nick Clemens on Tuesday 27 July 2010

    Missing short putts is one of the most frustrating errors in golf. We can often knock it on the green from 200 yards away but when faced with a 3-foot tap in, nerves sometimes get the better of us and we’ll look an idiot in front of our mates as we take three to get the ball in the hole. If this situation...

  • Short putts drill

    Written by Adrian Fryer on Friday 9 July 2010

    There’s nothing more frustrating than when our long game is on top form, our chipping is the best it’s ever been, but we just can’t get the ball in the hole from three feet! The key to holing from short range consistently is to be instinctive. As TG Elite Teaching Pro Adrian Fryer explains in this golf video tip, being positive...

  • Hole more short putts

    Written by Adrian Bishop on Monday 21 June 2010

    When putting from short range, pace is just as important as line. If you hit the putt too timidly, the ball is given the chance to be affected by spike marks or any other imperfections on the green, especially late in the day when a lot of traffic has passed through. Hit short putts too hard and an entry into the...

  • Putting Alignment Drill

    Written by Rob Watts on Thursday 4 March 2010

    A great way to control the alignment of the putter face to your intended target on the greens is to draw a cross on your golf ball. As TG Elite Teaching Pro Rob Watts explains in this golf video tip, you can hole putts more consistently with this simple practice drill. With one line on the ball pointing to your intended...

  • Aim The Putter Correctly

    Written by Nick Clemens on Monday 1 February 2010

    We all hate missing putts. But what’s the main reason this irritating occurrence weaves its way into our rounds so regularly? Poor alignment is a sloppy mistake to make on the greens when the distance to the hole is so small but it happens frequently among amateur golfers. In this golf video tip from Today’s Golfer Elite Teaching Pro Nick Clemens,...

  • Roll your putts on line

    Written by Kiran Matharu on Monday 7 December 2009

    Do you suffer from… 1. Putts hit frequently off line. Why does this happen? You’re hitting putts off line because you have an inconsistent putting stroke. Your body is too involved and you have too much hip rotation and head movement. To combat this, your hands tend to become active to try and square the clubface. The Fix: 3 checkpoints – grip, stance and stroke. Grip...

  • Learn What Straight Is With Rory McIlroy

    Written by Rory McIlroy on Tuesday 8 September 2009

    I spent some time with putting coach Paul Hurrion recently and that has been very useful. We broke my stroke down to the basics and then just tightened everything up, working on my core stability. I like to set my palms square to the target line before gripping the club, so that my forearms are parallel. You don’t want one forearm...

  • Accelerate To Hole Out With David Leadbetter

    Written by David Leadbetter on Wednesday 2 September 2009

    On short putts, amateurs tend to have too long a backstroke and then decelerate through impact. This causes inconsistency in the stroke’s rhythm and tempo and a lack of control over distance and direction. For putts of, say, six feet and closer, your general rule should be to make a short, accelerating stroke. Experiment with trying to halve the length of...

  • Should You Forward Press With Phil Mickelson

    Written by Phil Mickelson on Wednesday 2 September 2009

    Although the forward press in putting is a matter of preference, it has always been my style to use one, and I recommend you give it a try. By nudging your hands toward the target a couple of inches before starting your takeaway, you’ll find it easier to return at impact with your hands ahead of the ball — a...

  • Stop your left wrist breaking during the putting stroke

    Written by Scott Cranfield on Friday 26 June 2009

    A common fault with golfers on the putting green is allowing their hands to do too much of the work during the putting stroke. One of the main reasons for this is bending the left wrist when striking the ball. This means your stroke isn’t integrated with the rest of your body and results in inconsistency on the greens. If you suffer...

  • Perfect Your Putting Stroke

    Written by Dan Frost on Thursday 18 June 2009

    When it comes to putting, we’re all looking for great new ideas to knock a few putts off our round of golf. This drill is one of the simplest, but also one of the most effective. All you need to do is set out an alignment grid using some clubs pointing at the hole on an area of flat putting green.

  • Flag Putting Drill

    Written by Dan Frost on Thursday 18 June 2009

    If you’re a player who finds it very difficult to keep your head still during the putting stroke then this is a great putting drill for you. Simply address the putt and rest the flagstick against your head. Then try to make your putting stroke back and through without the flag dropping to the green. TG Top 12 Teacher Dan Frost demonstrates...

  • The Fundamentals Of Putting

    Written by Dan Frost on Thursday 18 June 2009

    Hands up if you’ve ever taken a golf lesson to improve your swing? Now hands up if you’ve ever taken a putting lesson… …the chances are the majority of you have not tried the latter. Yet the putter is the one club we can save the most shots with. We use it three times as much during a round of golf...

  • Cardboard Putting Drill

    Written by Adrian Fryer on Friday 12 June 2009

    Are you struggling for inspiration on the putting green? Do you find putting practice tedious and unproductive? An empty cardboard box offers the solution. All you need is the straight edge of the box to practice your stroke, rolling the putter straight back and through along the side of the box. TG Elite Teaching Pro Adrian Fryer demonstrates how this simple cardboard...

  • Align Your Eyes Correctly For Perfect Putting

    Written by Adrian Fryer on Thursday 11 June 2009

    If you’re missing a lot of putts and not too sure whether it’s your aim to blame it may be because you don’t know how to align your head and eyes correctly to view the putt. Let’s not forget that our eyes are designed to look straight ahead at the horizon and not look straight down as required for putting. To make sure you...

  • Remain Solid Over Putts with David Leadbetter

    Written by David Leadbetter on Wednesday 27 May 2009

    The biggest reason amateurs miss putts, say from six feet and in, is excessive head and upper-body movement as they look anxiously to see if the ball has gone in the hole. Usually it hasn’t! This extra motion on the through-stroke causes inconsistencies in speed and face position. To repeat an accelerating stroke with the putterhead traveling square down the...

  • Spider Putting Drill

    Written by Adrian Fryer on Friday 22 May 2009

    Do you struggle to visualise the line of your putts? A great little tool you can use to help decide the line is the one I call a ‘Putting Spider’. Just draw some spider’s legs on a compact disc and position the head at the point where you think the ball will break into the hole. Then practice making putts aiming for...

  • Basic Putting Stance

    Written by Adrian Fryer on Friday 22 May 2009

    The purpose of the putting stance is to provide stability, so that the upper body can rock the putter back and through with no movement from the lower half. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, bend over from the waist with a little knee flex and tuck your elbows into your sides. The eyes must be positioned over the ball.

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