Improve your club-face control for better impact

TG Top 50 Coach Scott Cranfield shows you a simple drill that will help you control your clubface and create more a more consistent position at impact.

Many players struggle with a consistent impact due to the fact that their clubface rotates a lot during their swing. With this simple drill, Cranfield shows you how to practice a smoother plane for your clubface that will improve your position at impact. 

Cranfield says: “With the golf swing being a circular action, it’s quite easy for the club face to become very active during the swing. In other words, it can start to rotate too much and any time the golf club rotates on the way back, it means you’ve got to rotate it a lot of the way through – trying to get that dead square at impact with all that going on is really challenging.’

‘If I was to set-up and keep that leading arm still with my left hand (palm facing to the right), and just put my other hand up against it as if I was going to clap it but actually make a bigger swing up and down, you will feel that your trail hand really doesn’t do much. It simply swings back feeling like it’s always looking at the hand that is there then coming back ready to hit it nice and hard.’

This should keep your hands in the correct position, so that when you have a club in your hands, the club head does the same and meets the ball at the correct impact position.

Watch the video below as Scott Cranfield expertly explains the drill 

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