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  • Pressure tactics: Improve your transition

    Thursday 18 April 2019

    Improve your transition through the ball by working on your pressure through the ground The transition – that change of direction from backswing to downswing – is a notorious weak point for the swing. But perhaps the best way to get on top of it is to consider your movement from the ground up. Work on your ground pressure shift and...

  • Justin Rose: ‘My four keys to a powerful and consistent golf swing

    Friday 25 May 2018

    Justin Rose: My four keys to a powerful and consistent golf swing  Iron play is one of my big strengths and it’s central to my status as one of the world’s top players. I’ve worked hard to create a swing that enables me to hit the ball powerfully, consistently and accurately – and I’m still working hard to keep improving today. Many...

  • What if my swing plane isn’t neutral?

    Wednesday 28 February 2018

    What if my swing plane isn’t neutral? Here’s how to figure out if your plane isn’t on a neutral plane, and how to fix it Swing plane is the angle you swing the club around your body. The ideal, neutral plane lets you move the club up and down on pretty much the same angle, which increases your chances of being...

  • Matteo Manassero: Swing with your feet together

    Tuesday 30 January 2018

    Matteo Manassero: Swing with your feet together to stop coming over the top and slicing A lot of people tend not to wait for the club to complete the backswing before they start ‘coming down’. This means the upper body starts moving too early in the downswing – before the lower body. This is the opposite of what it should be and often...

  • Fix your swing rotation with this simple drill

    Monday 13 November 2017

    Do you have trouble maintaining a good rotation through your swing? It could be a big cause of your inconsitency on the course…  In the drill below, TG Top 50 coach Simon Payne talks you through an adaption of the classic towel drill to help improve your rotation and connection between your arms and body while you swing.  Watch the video below!...

  • Find ideal movement in your backswing to stay on line

    Monday 16 October 2017

    Turn for the better: Find the ideal movements for an on line backswing  Every backswing is a combination of the arms swinging up and the body turning round. The perfect blend of the two sees the club move back on an effective plane around the body, the hands finishing somewhere over the trail shoulder. But if one of those motions outbalances the...

  • These drills can save your game

    Thursday 21 September 2017

    Grab a couple of tees from your bag and try these drills to improve your scores There are all kinds of golf swing practice aids on the market, and no doubt they can all do a job. However, they’ll also relieve you of a fair bit of cash for the privilege. A tee peg, on the other hand, is the cheapest piece...

  • Learn how to use your muscles to increase speed

    Tuesday 5 September 2017

    To throw a ball you’d plant your front foot, before driving your hips forward. The last thing to fire is your hand and ball. The swing’s speed sequence is no different… This drill will teach you to generate power by using the feeling of throwing a ball. Below, TG Top 50 coach Gareth Johnston gives you eight key points to follow. Driving...

  • How to train speed in your swing

    Tuesday 5 September 2017

    In many sports that need speed athletes train using lighter gear to promote faster movement. You can take this approach, too – by turning a club upside down. In this drill, TG Top 50 Coach Gareth Johnston shows you that by simply turning the golf club upside down you can train yourself to get a faster swing speed.  Shaft horizontal Grip your driver...

  • How to improve your timing

    Tuesday 5 September 2017

    Want to improve your ball speed and consistency over your shots? The key is in the timing. It’s vital your movements remain smooth and coordinated; it’s too easy to snatch the club back and through.  Use this simple towel drill below, as shown by TG Top 50 coach Gareth Johnston, to help imrpove your tempo through the swing. All you need is...

  • Improve your club-face control for better impact

    Wednesday 9 August 2017

    TG Top 50 Coach Scott Cranfield shows you a simple drill that will help you control your clubface and create more a more consistent position at impact. Many players struggle with a consistent impact due to the fact that their clubface rotates a lot during their swing. With this simple drill, Cranfield shows you how to practice a smoother plane for...

  • Use your feet to help your turn in your swing

    Wednesday 9 August 2017

    TG Top 50 Coach Scott Cranfield teaches you how a simple drill to help you turn or pivot better through the ball – using your feet! Cranfield says: “It’s quite easy when you think about the pivot in the golf swing, or the turn, to focus on the top part of your body because visually, that’s the most obvious thing that...

  • Fix your slice with this simple drill

    Monday 5 June 2017

    Need to fix your slice? Use this simple drill Fault: Slicing, caused by pulling the club across the line Fix: Raise your lead heel as you deliver the club The slice typically starts with the development of an out-to-in attack path. This swing path makes it difficult to rotate the club face back to square consistently, resulting in slices and pulled shots. While...

  • Instruction: The left foot drill

    Friday 28 April 2017

    Gareth Johnstone is one of our Today’s Golfer Top 50 coaches, and he is here to help you start your downswing correctly.  This video is all about creating a simple drill with your left foot which will help turn your left shoulder behind the ball and then create the perfect point for you to start your downswing. Watch the video to find...

  • Towel Swing Drill

    Monday 27 March 2017

    In this video, Gareth Johnston teaches you how to get a more consistent swing by using a long golf towel in this very simple drill.   By using this technique you will smooth out your backswing, which in turn will smooth out the transition and get your down swing started with the correct sequence.

  • Control the low point of your swing

    Wednesday 27 May 2015

    In this instruction video, TG Top 50 Coach Steve Astle shows you a simple drill (using a cane or alignment stick) to ensure the bottom of your swing path remains consistent.

  • Clubface orientation

    Wednesday 27 May 2015

    In this golf tuition video, TG Elite Professional Adrian Fryer shows you a drill to ensure your clubface orientation is correct. All you need is an allen key!...

  • Swinging on a neutral path

    Tuesday 26 May 2015

    In this golf tuition video, TG Elite Professional Adrian Fryer teaches you how to keep swinging on a neutral path for consistency.

  • George Coetzee’s takeaway drill

    Tuesday 9 December 2014

    Semi-finalist in October’s Volvo World Matchplay at the London Club, South Africa’s George Coetzee explains the deliberate takeaway rehearsal he uses before every swing. The Problem: I’m very broad-shouldered, so I often have a hard time turning my upper body correctly on the backswing. When I don’t turn properly, I compensate by either picking the club up too early on the backswing,...

  • Sequence the body parts into impact

    Thursday 7 August 2014

    Everyone wants to drive the ball further and be longer off the tee and with this drill Gareth Johnston shows you how to sequence your body movements to get more power into your golf swing. If you want to get a few more yards with the driver, take a look at this video.

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