How to improve your timing

Want to improve your ball speed and consistency over your shots? The key is in the timing.

It’s vital your movements remain smooth and coordinated; it’s too easy to snatch the club back and through. 

Use this simple towel drill below, as shown by TG Top 50 coach Gareth Johnston, to help imrpove your tempo through the swing. All you need is a golf towel – but remember to tie a knot in the end of it to give it some weight! 

Tap on the shoulder

Grip your towel like a golf club and address an imaginary ball, allowing the knotted end to hang. Swing back to the top. Wait to feel the knot hit your trail shoulder.

Tap on the shoulder

Create some lag

The weight of the knot in the towel will also help you feel so-called “lag” approaching impact, the club lagging behind you. While this is key to club speed, it is a by-product of good sequencing and not something you should try to create.

create some lag with the towel

Later Release

Now start down, using the ground-up feel you developed in the ball-throwing drill. Feel your weight plant over your front foot and your lead knee and hip start to unwind. But also, feel the towel stays on your shoulder as you start down.

New Order

Snatch the club down with your hands and arms and the knotted end of the towel comes away from your shoulder. By retaining that connection for a beat into the downswing, you ensure the lower body will lead and the hands and arms will follow.

Later release



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