How to train speed in your swing

In many sports that need speed athletes train using lighter gear to promote faster movement. You can take this approach, too – by turning a club upside down.

In this drill, TG Top 50 Coach Gareth Johnston shows you that by simply turning the golf club upside down you can train yourself to get a faster swing speed. 

Shaft horizontal

Grip your driver up by the head, and hold the shaft horizontally out in front of you. It’s much easier to create and experience speed when making a flat, baseball-style swing.

Find your speed limit

Swing the club around you, keeping the shaft horizontal. Simply try to create the loudest swish you can achieve. Feel how, the faster you try to swing the shaft, the more your entire body wants to engage.

Find your speed limit

Baseball hit

Now flip the club the right way round. Your goal is the same – to  find your loudest swish. This will come when you allow your lower body rotation to pull the club forward, your hands and arms arriving later at the ball.


Speed of sound

Finally, with that feeling of speed fresh in your muscle memory, take your posture and swing the club normally. Take that freedom from the baseball swing into this action and you’ll hear that later swish… and more speed at the right time.

Speed of sound swing

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