See 1-2-3 for Strong Irons

Use this 1-2-3 sequence in your set-up for stronger irons

Many of golf’s mishits can be traced back to poor sequencing and timing. Known as the kinematic sequence, the ideal chain of movement sees energy passed from the feet through the legs, hips and torso into the shoulders and arms, wrists and ultimately the clubhead. This is the magic sequence that allows the clubhead to arrive at the ball on a powerful, slightly- descending arc. Here’s a great way to picture and promote a better delivery.

Numbers Game

Imagine there is a large number one on your lead hip, a number two on your lead forearm and a number three on the clubhead. These are the three key parts that create impact, and they need to move through the ball in this order.

1: Lead Hip

During the downswing, as you feel your weight shifting forward over your lead foot, your lead hip drives the move into impact by rotating and clearing. This motion makes it the first part to move through the ball.

2: Lead Forearm

That hip rotation unwinds the shoulders, which pull your hands and arms through. Your arms are basically passive, simply responding to your body’s rotation. So after your lead hip, picture your lead forearm is the second part to move past the ball.

3: Clubhead

In the ideal impact there is no “throwing” of the clubhead at the ball; instead, swing forces created by the ideal body-arms sequence release the wrists and club naturally. Allow this to happen and the club will arrive at the ball third, compressing the ball powerfully.

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