4 Steps to a better backswing

Four steps to… a better backswing

Here is a four-step drill that makes it easier to find good shape at the top. Repeat it until the position you find begins to feel familiar… then use it as a reference for your top-of-the-backswing position during the swing itself.

1. Take Your Stance

Play the ball just forward of centre. Make sure your lead ear is just behind the ball; this will help you pivot just behind it as you make your backswing.

2. Load The Wrists 

Hinge the club vertically upwards, past your trail ear, and let it rest on your trail shoulder. Keep your elbows close to your sides. Note how this action effectively cocks your wrists.

3. Back To Target

Now rotate your torso through 90-degrees until your back is facing the target. This pivot, troublesome to many club players, becomes easier when your arms are tucked and relaxed.

4. Push Your Hands To 10 O’Clock

Finally, push your arms out to 10 o’clock to add width and extension. You are now rotated, with your wrists hinged and your weight positioned powerfully to move into impact.

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