Srixon Z-Star XV 2023 Golf Ball Review

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The 2023 Srixon Z-Star XV is jam-packed with new technology designed to help golfers deliver more distance and better spin.

For 2023 Srixon have released their eighth generation of Z-Star XV, one of the best golf balls in the game. The brand claim that the new generation of balls will be the most complete package yet with “unmatched” performance and feel.

Srixon say this iteration of the Z-Star XV will be the most responsive yet. With an extra thin urethane cover golfers will see more spin on the shots around the green.

Partnered with the cover, the new Spin Skin+ coating creates increased friction between the club and the ball, which results in more control on approach shots and higher levels of spin on and around the green.

Srixon Z-Star XV 2023 golf ball.

The Z-Star XV features Srixon’s unmistakable Speed Dimple, the 338 aerodynamic dimple design features across the brand’s family, and is key to the success of many of their balls.

The dimples help with the launch of the ball even in most testing conditions. Their deep dimensions produce less drag which in turn helps maintain a penetrating ball flight.

The new FastLayer DG Core is a key part of making the Z-Star XV perform how it does, the soft to firm design of the core is intended to give golfers a great feel off the face whilst delivering greater ball speeds.

A big change for the Srixon Z-Star XV

The most dramatic change to this ball may go under the radar of many golfers. The big change to Srixon Z-Star XV is that it no longer has four layers and is now made up of only three, which is consistent across the Z-Star range.

You may ask if this makes a negative difference to the ball, but we’ve seen nothing to suggest it does. The ball still has the same compression rating of 102 and the same cover thickness of 0.5mm as the previous generation four-piece dual-core Z-Star XV.

All these characteristics help the ball suit players with higher swing speeds. It delivers low driver spin and high greenside control.

Srixon Z-Star XV 2023 specifications.

New tech for 2023

The Srixon Z-Star XV is one of the best tour golf balls, you can find out which Srixon ball is best for you here. We see how the 2023 model is better than its previous versions.

FastLayer DG Core

The all-new FastLayer core is soft in the center and rapidly becomes firm around its edge, as a result, players with high swing speeds benefit from great feel and plenty of ball speed for maximized distance

Spin Skin+

Srixon’s redeveloped Spin Skin is a durable coating that digs deep into your Wedge and Iron grooves, allowing golfers maximum spin for better control and stopping power.

Speed Dimple

Srixon’s 338 aerodynamic speed dimples result in more distance and better performance in the wind, reduced drag at launch, and increase lift during descent.

Srizon Z-Star XV 2023 new technology explained.

What Srixon say about the Z-Star XV

Joe Miller, Product expert at Srixon Sports Europe

“Finding the right golf ball for your game is just as important as finding the right irons or driver.

“It’s the one piece of equipment you use on every single shot, which is why technological advances like the new Spin Skin+ and FastLayer DG Core give players confidence that their ball is going to react how it should and excel in every category that matters – more spin, bite, and speed.”

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Product Information

Srixon Z-Star XV

RRP £47.99  per dozen | VIEW UK OFFER | $47.99 | VIEW US OFFER

Construction Three-piece ball

Cover Urethane

Compression 102

Swing Speeds 100+ MPH

Launch Mid-High

Colours White and Yellow

First released: February 2023

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